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  1. I thought it was obvious Do you know aprox. address of Wu Liang Ye or GSI? Thanks.
  2. Ooh, I'm loving the responses, and it's really helpful to include either the address or the phone number so that I can plan out my route. Thank you and keep 'em coming !
  3. Yeah, I know. I was hoping, however, for recommendations beyond the obvious. I'm going to be there the whole day so I wanted to check out the neighborhood stuff, too. Thoughts? Especially for cheap but good breakfast/brunch/lunch/snack places? Any cool ethnic restaurants?
  4. Hey Guys, I'm going to NYC on Saturday for fun - am definately going to Museum of Modern Art and wanted to know if there are any great places that stick out in your mind around that area in terms of food. I don't have any particular plans, other than the museum, so any and all suggestions are welcome. So...recommendations?
  5. try listening to your morning news and hearing the traffic reporter mention that there is a "jamm-o" on the road.....
  6. I made this a couple of weeks ago but finally got around to figuring out how my camera and the egullet image thing works This is the Concorde from Pierre Herme's Chocolate Desserts....umm, the plate looks dirty because that was my second slice... This is three layers of meringue with chocolate mousse. He recommended to freeze the cake overnight and defrost in the fridge to give the meringue a chewier texture. I had it about 30 min after i took it out of the freezer and four hours later...it is really amazing how much the meringue texture changes because of the freezing/defrosting technique. What was very dry and crumbly became chewy and more moist....though I did prefer it more after the shorter defrost time as I thought the contrast of textures was sharper. Anyway, this was both my first Pierre Herme recipe, and the first time making meringue, as well as my first time eating raw eggs in the mousse (no small feat for the germaphobe that I am )....I must say it was not the best looking cake, but it tasted pretty damn good!
  7. Got the California Estate Extra irgin Olive oil at trader joe's today. Such a bright grassy first note! Thanks for the recommendation, it's definately an improvement over the stuff I use now.
  8. I went to Trader Joe's to buy some olive oil and after spending ten minutes pondering what i should get, decided that I'd better ask So, what's your favorite olive oil? I'm talking about the kind you can get at a good supermarket - Trader Joe's and Whole Foods count too - and that would be good to drizzle over food but is reasonably priced. Extra virgin, regular, etc, whatever you think is a great bargain for the money and the taste. Thanks!
  9. NOOOOOOOO! That was my favorite ice cream line. And the vanilla was soooo good - just sweet enough with such a smooth, pillowy (i know that's not a word) texture! oh, that just totally sucks
  10. a while back i heard the shirley corriher was coming out with a book on baking...anyone heard anything further on that?
  11. not sure what my exact count is, probably somewhere in the fifties, but had to share my recent find - Gold Medal Flour Cookbook, published in 1908! I can't believe it survived and i can't believe I bought it for $3.50!
  12. i like the design, the way the utensils are kind of rounded at the top...they also look as though the part of the handle you would hold when using them, is nice and smooth...nothing worse than great looking utensils that hurt your fingers when you're using them!
  13. Gruzia

    Wormy Fish

    my microbiology teacher back in college said that it's fine to eat sushi and not to worry too much about worms as long as you chew thoroughly, thus masticating the worms into little dead bits
  14. Alina, I'm so excited about this blog and congradulations on your pregnancy! Zhelayu vam vsevo lychshevo! So, I have a request: I'm from Kiev so i don't know if it's the same in Moscow, but one of the things I missed most when we came to US was the bread! Could you do a little photo/visit or something to a bakery and show some bread? Extra points if you find Ukrainian chernyi xleb! And, bybliki!!!
  15. i can't believe someone beat me to the punch! that was the first thing that came to mind when i read the title of the thread. Salo is not smoked but it is cured in some way and is basically just the fatty part of bacon...sliced thicker and very delicious with some fresh bread, salt, and green onion! ← Yes! A kind of buterbrot. Are you Ukrainian and a lifelong eater of salo or a later-in-life fan like me? ← i was born in ukraine so i grew up eating it, but i haven't had it since living in america...have tried some stuff in russian stores but it doesn't compare to the stuff in ukraine
  16. i can't believe someone beat me to the punch! that was the first thing that came to mind when i read the title of the thread. Salo is not smoked but it is cured in some way and is basically just the fatty part of bacon...sliced thicker and very delicious with some fresh bread, salt, and green onion!
  17. my favorite are sour cherry vareniki - ukrainian/russian dish, think polish pierogies but stuffed with a filling of sour cherries and a bit of sugar. Serve with sour cream and sugar....mmmmmmm
  18. thanks everyone for all the advice...next time i wont be so lazy, and will trim that cake!
  19. Terra chips and Pita chips...i've yet to have them last more than a day and a half, so crispy, crunchy, and salty, yum! Lay's Salt and Vinegar potato chips...you know you have a problem when your tongue hurts but you just cant stop eating....same thing for sprees and sour skittles!
  20. I can't figure out how to do the multiple quote thing, so here are the answers to your questions: chiantiglace - i didn't trim the cake...i was impatient to get to the eating part! dejaq - the actual cake layers baked fine, no tunneling, it was getting them to stick together with the whipped ganache filling that was the problem. alanamoana - i put the cake into the fridge and let it sit for three hours, i sliced it out of the fridge, and after it sat for a while, but had the same problem. btw, i'm not sure if this is relevant, but one thing i noticed about the cake layers is that when i took them out and cooled them down, the top was very sticky...i touched it and a thin layer of the cake came off onto my finger...if this is a possible reason for the separation problem, what would cause the stickiness?
  21. I made the Tribute cake from Alice Medrich's Bittersweet...it's three devil's food cake layers (baked in three pans) and whipped chocolate ganache filling with a chocolate glaze. The cake was really good...chocolatey but not heavy. However, when i slice it and put it onto a saucer, the cake layers separate! For some reason, the whipped filling and cake layers don't stick together. Anybody have any ideas as to why this happened and how to fix it?
  22. an array of New Holland Brewery beers..Zoomer Wit, Black Tulip Trippel Ale, Mad Hatter IPA, and Pilgrim's Dole Barleywine Ale the Zoomer Wit is the sort of beer a nice sunny day with blue skies and a breeze cals for - wheat, a bit of acidity, incredibly refreshing...followed the suggestion on the the bottle and had it with a squeeze of lemon. The Black Tulip is amazing - fist off, the thing is 9%alc but tastes like its 4 or 5percent - incredibly smooth. Then, it has this tart note initially that mellows into a lactic kind of creamyness and a clean aftertaste...i could buy a case of this and not get bored...like two or three different kinds of beer seamlessly melded into one...i know i'm waxing poetic but try the beer and you'll see what i mean Mad Hatter IPA - really nice nose...like a bouquet of flowers, nice and hoppy, a good kind of bitter on the finish The Pilgrim's Dole was the only one that was just ok...compared with Stone Old Guardian, it was a bit rough all in all, it was a very tasty beer night
  23. Gruzia

    Top Chef

    i think that stephen was drunk, or at the very least, buzzing, toward the end of the show! that was actually quite amuzing and made him seem a lot less of a pompous ass. also, you've got to give him credit for the apology...i think watching himself may have shown him how ridiculous he can be. the dave and tiffani thing...i actually liked dave before this episode, but he seemed so intent on getting on tiffani every chance he got, that now my opinion of him has changed. yeah, she's a self-proclaimed bitch, but she does have a point - she's there to cook and be competitive, not to please everyone. admitedly, her style of competition is abrasive and not one that people like, but i don't think she deserves nearly as much hostility as she is getting. it seems to be hard for her to find the middle ground between letting her guard down and being herself and being a professional completely focused on winning something that is clearly really important to her. also, the whole dave crying-i-really-love-this-competition-and-cooking-and-you shtick is getting to me.
  24. chole - chickpeas in spicy tomato sauce a tandoori masala type spice mix to sprinkle over grilled corn, maybe?
  25. forgot to add: there is more chance of curdling if the yogurt you use is low-fat, so try a full-fat version.
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