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  1. I couldn't agree more-undercooking is the only way to make inferior produce acceptable but the glorious vegetables still sometimes to be found in Spain and Italy effortlessly deal with traditional techniques.
  2. I have a great passion for cassoulet and have made and eaten it every which way. In the end it's about the beans-and I prefer for myself a pared down version made with pork belly and extra rind, a little slightly rancid cured belly, aromatic vegetables, duck fat and good stock as the only additional ingredients. All those extra delicious meats ultimately just distract from the real business for me-though I only serve this version to family.
  3. There used to be a bar here that kept bottles of Tanqueray into which had been introduced a tiny quantity of vermouth in the freezer, and served the result as a Martini. Demonstrating convincingly that a tiny amount of dilution is required.
  4. I'm not sure I want to taste your mac and cheese if you're only going to spend a pound on it!
  5. I used to love their chamberyzette, flavoured with wild strawberries, but found a bottle recently after a gap of many years and found it artificial tasting and oversweet. Tastes change, I suppose.
  6. I've been twice, the first time as brilliant as the second was mediocre.
  7. The 'external only' oil is what you need. You'll be fine-though it's certainly an acquired taste it's one that millions are addicted to.
  8. Me, if they are made with vegetable oil. Quite vomitously revolting.
  9. that must be adventurous within the realms of modern euro 2*/3* as specialised by ramsay corp, as the meal i had MW the other week was one of the dullest foodie experiences ever, perfect execution but not very interesting to eat. not a patch on LCS/Hibiscus etc for 'adventurousness' claude served us lambs testicles don't think you'd ever see them at MW! ← Curious-the Mangal at the end of our road serves excellent testicles, but I don't think it's about to get any stars. Though thinking about it the food is more honest, more enjoyable and cooked with as much skill as either Wareing or Hibiscus.
  10. The traditional English batter is quite thin, and made with flour and water. It can be superb done with skill. A 'special self raising flour' is available from Chinese shops which does particularly well here.
  11. You can make beef stock without meat, but I don't think it's really worth the effort.
  12. Not a terribly good basis ← If it makes you feel better, I also checked out Dos Hermanos, who also gave a very positive review. Sarah ← True, and they are jolly good.
  13. Obligation, of course. Sometimes it is not polite to reveal one's true thoughts to friends and colleagues.
  14. Not a terribly good basis judging by the previous review on the site, of the Crooked Billet in Oxfordshire. I've unfortunately been many times and it represents everything bad about British food culture, just appalling. She loved it.
  15. Yes-coarsely ground fatty pork, dark soy, salt, sugar, five spice, chinese wine, cure#1. Fill into sheep casings, twist and tie and dry for about a week.
  16. I'm looking forward to the restoration of waiter service, generosity and second helpings rather than the persistently nauseating, self-regarding and parsimonious pictures on a plate that are the rule these days.
  17. I find these greens very, very irritating when I'm trying to eat my lunch.
  18. I thinnk there's not really anything to worry about until the media start talking about the problems of finding enough to eat instead of endless diet and exercise regimes to deal with overabundance.
  19. This morning's Sunday Times has a stupid puff piece on Aikens without even mentioning the liquidation.
  20. Maybe you should try to eat meat again given your fish and flour problem.
  21. Almost empty both at lunchtime and in the evening. If you want to go, go soon, preferably not on an empty stomach, by all accounts.
  22. Does anyone have a UK source for this-in bags of less than 25kg?
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