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  1. I'm kind of a book freak. If I know I am cooking a recipe I'll merely photocopy it and only take the copies to the kitchen. When I cook from the book, it stays in the dining room covered with a layer of Saran. I would never write in a book under any circumstances although I do have post it notes in some books. My cookbook collection is here: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/terila ..
  2. Of the two, Rory has the most formal culinary experience. Rory attended and graduated from the CIA and additionally went to the culinary university Johnson and Wales. She worked in her father's Italian restaurant from age 15 and was added to the cooking staff at 18. At 22 she bought and ran a three storey restaurant in NJ with 3 bars. She is building a restaurant now in TX. Amy said she went to an obscure French cooking school. One of the fellows at Ruhlman's said he hires chefs for years and has never heard of it. Other than that Amy herself says she is a "freelance caterer". OK, Rory may be a ditz but her credentials are stellar compared to Amy's. And Amy flubbed until the last two episodes. Frankly, I'm shocked that the FN couldn't find people who are more qualified anyway. ...
  3. Everyone has a different POV. I hated snobby Amy and her greasy hair! She was a wreck emotionally and before the cameras. I don't know why JAG made it this far considering his poor temper. I'll be voting for Rory but it's doubtful I will be watching the winner whoever she is. ...
  4. Very funny!!! I love how the sushi chef wipes the cutting board with the towel, uses the same towel to completely wipe down his sweaty face, then uses the same towel to wipe the knife he is using. "Gari" ... nobody knows what it is. Subtle humor.
  5. OK, you're not going to believe me but I used to order this several times a week on my way to work over 20 years ago. It was a triple decker toasted BLT with egg. And the place that made it was a stand in the car wash!!! Great minds ...
  6. Without quoting, those who have not read Anothiny Bourdain's latest review of TNFNS on Ruhlman's blog should do so [he likes it] ... and, if it is to be believed, someone calling herself Rory says to watch on Sunday as there is something really shocking coming up. So shocking she said she herself was surprised. I'm guessing either a major on-screen meltdown by Amy or Jag ... maybe even involving his military service. Maybe they swap Paul back in although that would be a bit much. Bourdain is cheering for Amy.
  7. I used to eat sushi with my brother a lot and not only was he a big man, but also almost totally blind. I told him it was perfectly acceptable to eat sushi with his hands as he had big problems with chopsticks. He did get looks but, frankly, I feel that the people who don't know it's acceptable are the ones who are displaying their ignorance and there is no reason to feel self conscious.
  8. And I noticed this thread came up on TasteSpotting tonight. Post #2649. http://www.tastespotting.com/ TS is fast moving ... ...
  9. You might also be interested in the mosaic "Broken Glass Jello" from Hawaii: http://onokinegrindz.typepad.com/ono_kine_...n_glass_je.html ...
  10. I wish I knew as there is an extensive series of DVDs on Indian cooking. I have yet to try them. You might enjoy Indian home cooking with Manjula Jain. She has 29 short YouTube videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Manjulaskitchen ...
  11. Oh yes, the hand cut lamb sandwich at Phillipe's, the hand cut pastrami sandwich at the legenday Langer's in McArthur Park, the red tomato & escarole sandwiches I make on a crusty hazelnut sage baguette, the long departed Ship-Shape hamburgers on sourdough dread [RIP], and my all time favorite ... Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon, fresh ripe tomatoes, escarole, homemade mayo on Buona Fortuna bread. Yes, the BLT is my fav!!! I think sandwiches are divine. Having said that I don't get to go out for lunch so sometimes I buy from the guy who brings around fresh made salads and sandwiches. My favorite is the "Antipasto Sandwich". Made on ciabiatta bread it is filled with classic antipasto items, salami, coppicola, peperoncini, archichoke hearts, olives, mayo and romaine. Another one I like that he brings around is the "Chicken Caesar Sandwich". The baguette is split in half and grilled until it is compltely toasted and charred a bit, it is filled with moist sliced chicken breast, a brush with an anchovy flavored mayo, parmesan shavings and a couple of whole romaine leaves. Yum! The key is high quality bread & good fillings not piled too high. And Subway ranks near the bottom ... sugary bread that is squishy with NO crumb, lowest quality meats and EVERY sandwhich slathered with the most hideous ballpark yellow mustard ... even tuna salad! Bad.
  12. My favorite is Boar's Head in the natural casing. The runner up is the just released Nathan's in the natural casing however they are hard to find ... even in L.A.
  13. Hmm ... if I had to guess the last two would be Rory and Paul. We already know Amy has had an emotional breakdown and came within a pinch of asking to be booted off so she could return to her family. Does the FN really need a "star" who is that flighty? JAG was outed has having lied about his military service. While it doesn't say anything about his cooking ability it does say something about his character. Does the FN need someone who has boasted falsely about their military background? And boasted falsely about graduating from a culinary school? I'm surprised Paul is still around since he goes through manic episodes. Maybe he's got them under control. Not sure. Rory's smile is ... Rory's smile. Frankly, some of the others would be hard to look at week after week too. The FN is a let down given the fact that they broadcast almost 20 hours a day. I'd like more ethnic food shows ... not European ethnic. I understand they will have a Latin food show coming up next week but it looks like another Giada clone!!! With all the fabulous chefs out there I can't believe they can't come up with something better unless they are trying to pinch pennies by getting an unknown. One pet peeve is the Ace of Cakes. Not only is that guy annoying but all the cakes with that awful fondant means I've never seen one thing on that show that I would like to eat. Grumble ...
  14. They are very much like jujube candies. Remember them?
  15. A couple of dozen podcasts on various aspects of Singaporean street food: http://www.makansutra.com/foodcast.html ...
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