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  1. I've been lemming the Jura Capresso Impressa F9 Espresso Machine for a month. I wanted the Francis Francis X1 and looked at the Illy deal as well but just didn't want that much coffee lying around the house. now, I love coffee but even that was quite a bit of coffee for me (I am the only consistent coffee drinker in the house). I took a class at Williams-Sonoma on espresso machines and believe it or not, I learned quite a bit. I currently have a Moka pot, which I do love but this Jura Capresso won me over. It was easy to use and clean and the espresso was...out of this world.
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    I can't be of any help here but I can't wait to see the things that show up. Great topic!
  3. Marvelous! I did a search for cupcakes on this board and even went into the recipe section! Thank you! Yes ma'am - Atlanta (Sandy Springs/Roswell).
  4. The topic on chicken stock woke my brain up. What are the staples of cooking in your kitchen? What are the handful of items that you think every cook should know and should know well? I remember Natalie Dupree years ago said on her show that she had a young wife come in and all she wanted to learn how to do was saute onions and garlic. Natalie said she didn't understand it but she taught her and asked her why. The young wife/bride said that when her husband came home after a long day at work and smelled onions and garlic - he would automatically think that she had been in the kitchen all day. This made me think as well...what are the main stays of a kitchen? What should everyone know how to prepare/make? I just thought this would be interesting.
  5. Let's face it...it is easier for me to have cupcakes instead of an entire cake on my house. The kid is off at college and I tire easily of the same things so...cupcakes it is. For Valentine's day I ordered a dozen assorted cupcakes from an up and coming young lady here in Atlanta, who I touted (to myself) to be Atlanta's answer to Magnolia Bakery in NYC (I LOVE THEIR CUPCAKES). I was sorely disappointed. I gave eight of the remainng cupcakes to our daughter - who is a college student and 19 - they will eat anything. She and her friend described the cupcakes as...awkward. I later went to Williams-Sonoma and picked up Sprinkles (Magnolia's "rival" on the west coat) mix for cupcakes and made them. Not bad - good consistency but a bit to sweet for my tastes (and with the overabundance of frosting...I used it on semi homemade cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning). This has thrust me into a quest for a nice, cakelike, not too sweet all purpose cupcake - one I can add lemon too or chocolate, etc. I normally use Magnolia Bakery's cupcake recipe but the quantity is massive, it isn't "my recipe" and I would like to try something different. Any takers?
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    Le Creuset

    I bought my partner a LC large dutch oven for her birthday last year - only becasue she wanted one (and I am the cook of the house). We have cookware from All-Clad to Grandmother's cast iron to my first set of cookware (the one that you had to start off on medium to low heat first) and I must admit that I am a fan of LC! Oh wow! What a difference it makes in stews and soups. It heats and warms like a dream. I can do everything from simmer to stew to even saute in it. I really like how it heats evenly and it doesn't scratch. I scored this in red at Marshalls for approximately $120 or so...worth it.
  7. I agree...I recall in the late 80's looking for an item that I had seen perhaps in a larger city (D.C., NYC, LA, etc.) that was common place there but not in my hometown. The face of the grocer has certainly changed.
  8. Tony has a cast iron stomach! That man (whom I adore) also has guts - I wouldn't touch that stuff he eats with a 10 foot pole. I realize that I am just NOT that adventurous. Love to watch him, he's got personality and I bet he would be a hoot to travel (and drink) with.
  9. Ditto on the Wusthof. I had no idea how much I would use them. In other sets I had - I always ended up using the shears for other things but these...HOLY GRAIL! I've had them four years - in excellent shape. I use them on chicken, turkey, beef, pork, you name it. Impeccable. Worth the money! I always think about the old saying "Buy cheap...buy twice" when it comes to my kitchen. (Disclaimer - this by no mean is to imply that inexpensive items can't be good).
  10. More like...who comes up with this information, who tries and tests it?? This came from a friend in D.C. she sent it out on a onelist...thought it was interesting fodder.
  11. There has got to be something to this. My Mother, who turns 80 this year, refuses to drink coffee out of anything other than a fine china/thin-rimmed porcelain cup. She carries it with her and I bought a set of cups to match her wedding china to keep at my house for her visits. My Mother is a serious coffee drinker...I recall in the early 70's when we traveled she carried her coffee pot with her (this is beofre hotels had complimentary coffee makers in rooms). I always drink out of a mug - one I "borrowed" on vacation in Ptown five years ago (SMILE) - and out of all the mugs I have, I am drawn to this one! Could be the taste...
  12. I rather enjoy using the chicken feet - took me a minute getting used to it but it does impart a rich flavor. I have made stock by roasting or cooking the bird first and I find that I have the best luck if I roast it first - or I cheat and buy a rotis chicken. The raw chicken just doesn't impart enough richness for me. I usually keep a baked hen/chicken in the fridge and we eat off it for a few days and what is left is my base.
  13. Thought this was interesting... 1. microwave a lemon for a short time or run under hot water to double the juice content 2. keep Saran wrap in the frig for ease in tearing off 3. on an oven spill use 1 part cinnamon to 6 parts salt 4. to ripen fruit or to preserve bread products (cakes, muffins, etc) place an apple in a brown bag with the product to be ripened or preserved 5. never keep tomatoes in the frig - the best place to keep them is on top of the refrigerator on a paper towel - as the vibration from the refrigerator motor will keep the chemicals active and prolong life 6. do not use soap to wash produce as the soap chemicals will stay on or in the product 7. microwave acorn squash 4 min before cutting for ease in cutting, then hold the knife steady and rock and squash back and forth 8. wrap yams in saran wrap to preserve and never refrigerate (or white baking potatoes but not the light skinned white potatoes) 9. always wash packaged greens even though they say they've been double or triple washed and rebag them along with a damp paper towel to retain freshness 10. slice garlic and let sit in olive oil for 15 min before using 11. peel bananas from the opposite end we think of peeling them and there will be no strings to remove 12. mushrooms are grown in manure boxes and cannot possibly be rid of it all when packaged - a brush will not remove the traces - so remove the bottom stem and at that end begin peeling with your thumb. A thin skin will peel off. Then to slice mushrooms use an egg slicer. 13. cut avocados with the peel on - lengthwise in half - for ease in removing fruit (by spoon) It will detach in one piece. 14. most organic produce is not truly organic because it has come in touch with non-organic produce at some point from picking to the grocery shelf 15. produce on the grocer shelf is at least 5 days from picking, even if picked locally because all produce has to be shipped to a distributor for repacking and shipping to grocers
  14. Contact the restaurant and advise them of the particulars. They will no doubt ask if they can do something for your inconvenience. Lawsuit for this is not an option - now...I am sure you can find an attorney that will take this case (as my colleagues are a bit...over the top at times) but I don't think the outcome will be worth the fees. Did you incur any medical expenses? Was this fatal? I probably would not want a meal there after what happened but perhaps you could be compensated financially for what you spent on the meal. Hope this helps.
  15. Marlene, will you marry me? I love your organization...impeccable. We use Glad products - stack like with like and put the matching or like with like lids in a huge ziploc bag. I don't like Rubbermaid ones...they warp and lose their shape. I have picked up some brand new larger containers at Value City (a thrift store of sort here in Atlanta) for flour and sugars - and they are categoried like Marlene's (cake flour, wheat flour, all purpose flour, etc.) and it saves me a lot. I buy my spices from The Dekalb Farmer's market and they are already in neat plastic containers that have labels.
  16. I spent most of yesterday with partner looking for kitchen appliances. The refrigerator was the easy part but I am confused when I am selecting a range. I am favoring the KA Stainless Steel | KERA205PSS but am open. I cook quite a bit and I currently have a GE and am only upgrading because of new home and we want stainless. I don't have thousands to spend on a stove and unfortunately, I have to stick with electric (I really wish I could have a gas oven)...maybe next time. Right now my budget is around $1,500 - can I get anything good for that? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  17. Ditto on what Tino said. I've had mine for years - think I just picked it up at bed bath and beyond about 6 years ago after a pampered chef showing. I wasn't really "in to" these so I bought an inexpensive one with the rack. I tossed the rack. I leave it in the bottom of my oven and it aids in cooking time and I will toss a piece of toast on it (for what we call "oven toast") or warm up rolls on it. It really turned out to be more functional than I thought it would be.
  18. You can always do like my Mother - buy it and "doctor" it up.
  19. I too am in the market for range. I have some limitations in the new place - I only have 30" and it has to be electric. I cry to the food God and Goddess that one day...I will have gas. I don't particularly care for the glass top surface but I am not havign much luck on stainless models with burners. I also don't want to spend $3K yet. Any suggestions! Thanks in advance.
  20. Any bleu is alright with me! Gorganzola, Stilton and Maytag are my faves!!!!!!
  21. I am a fan of Wusthof and the Santoku as an all purpose knife
  22. i have a KA Professional 6 and I hate making bread but when I make it using the KA...HEAVEN! I've not had any issues with overheating.
  23. Greetings! My partner gave me a membership to a wine club in NYC and I received three bottles of wine per month. I have been a member for a while and have only opened one bottle (and it was excellent). My supervisor gives me wines as well. Now, I would love to drink the entire contents but I am seeking guidance. How will I know which wine is a keeper? Meaning - one that will age (and age well) either increasing its value or not. How long do I age the wine? Is there a website that offers this type of information? Thank you.
  24. Ice tea! Yum! Any kind with the exception of Earl Grey - that bergamot is just way too overwhelming and has a hair grease reminder (long story...as bergamot is used in hair "grease"). As long as it is ultra sweet (a simple sugar syrup preferably), iced with lemon and/or mint. I am in heaven. I keep a pitcher of ice tea at all times. I have purchased teas from adiago tea online and from a tea shoppe here in Atlanta and NY with great success.
  25. I love the Spicy Lemon tea from adagio teas. They have discontinued it as they are reformulating it. I also love making my own Chai by using the loose ginger tea from Dekalb Farmer's market.
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