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  1. I thought part of the function of the banneton was to leave the imprint of the slats on the loaf and form the shape of the loaf. The imprint is made on the bottom in the banneton but after the flip are on the top. (And the fabric cover was to mute the slat lines when they are not wanted.) If you are getting the seam on the bottom of the loaf in both the baking pan and banneton you must be doing a slide and not a flip out of the banneton. Is my understanding of the banneton incorrect?
  2. Edward Dekker

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    camelcamelcamel notified me of one deal (a good price for an m.2 ssd drive) I would have missed it if I didn't get the notification. None of the dogs were holding an ssd.
  3. I have cooked burgers on the Cuisinart pan with the rack. The pan catches the drippings the rack holds the burger allowing steam to get to the bottom.
  4. The Silpats I have came with instructions warning not to cut them and to dispose of them if abraded. They have fiberglass inside and it is not good to eat or breath the glass fibers.
  5. Low temperature steaming should be a lot like Sous VIde cooking. Cooking at 130 will not get past medium. SeriousEats and AnovaCulinary show medium well is 138 to 144 and well done is 145 to 155. If you want well done your steaming time and temperature should allow the center to come up to temperature.
  6. I do not have access to Modern Bread. What are the highlights of the MB procedure for the CSO?
  7. What size Banneton is most useful with the CSO?
  8. CSO bread came out an hour ago. I used the no-knead recipe with half AP flour and half Bread flour and a tablespoon of Malt Vinegar added for flavor. I preheated the pan (Lodge L8SKL 10.25 inch pan) to 450 on convection, and cooked for 40 minutes on bread. The temperature was 205 F when I removed it from the CSO. I expected more rise. Next time I will tent the loaf to prevent the crust from burning. (And I will be better resisting the urge to taste it warm.) I like it.
  9. I received the L2SP3 from Amazon today. I don't know what its primary use will be yet. It looks like it will be useful. From Amazon USA it was $24.99 including prime shipping. It looks like I will spend more on accessories than I spent on the CSO. So far I ordered the L2SP3, L9SKL, L8DD3, the Wilton 10 x 10 pan and supplies. I see 8 x 4 loaf pans, a Banneton, ... in my future.
  10. Yesterday I made a Roast chicken in the CSO. 1 4 pound chicken 1 pkg Tuscan Chicken Seasoning 1 Lemon The result looks good but did not taste as good as my first CSO Roast Chicken. I suspect that chicken was "better" . This chicken was a managers special at Market Basket for $0.69 per pound. The sodium content of this chicken was a quarter of the sodium of the first chicken. I am guessing that the first was brined or injected. Brining this chicken may have given an improvement.
  11. The photos show the Lodge L2SP3 2-Quart Serving Pot It will fit in the CSO with the lid.
  12. Looks like a hacksaw may solve the problem by trimming the tip of the handles. With the L8SKL on the shelf in the bottom position is there enough height for the cover? Has anyone tried the Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven in the CSO? This model appears similar to the L8SKL but has loop handles on both sides of the lid and base.
  13. The GoSale.com site has reported good deals on the CSO over the last few weeks. An offer for a new oven for $173 just expired an hour ago. Gosale also alerted me to my unit on ebay ($132.49 including shipping. I added the Assurant 1 year service contract for another $7.49.) See https://www.gosale.com/5856938/cuisinart-cso-300n1-steam/
  14. After reaading this thread I found a used CSO on eBay at a good price. I have a question for CSO owners. Does your CSO have a fan noise in convection mode lowder than the other modes? My CSO is just as quiet in convection as it is in bake. Tonight I made a roast chicken. I cooked it Steam Bake with Victoria Taylor Tuscon chicken spice mix and a lemon. It was one of if not the best roast chicken I have ever made. Next time I put all the spices under the skin to avoid the burned spices on top. Otherwise the chicken was perfect.