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  1. Trotters was the first restaurant I planned a trip solely for the purpose of visiting; and was the impetus for many trips after.
  2. Ding Dong the witch is dead....
  3. Hell hath no fury like a Mad Korean woman...just ask my mom
  4. Looking forward to Mean heather getting thrown under the bus.
  5. The OWL I've been to is at Bloor W and Clinton?
  6. Owl of Minerva is a great spot and on my short list, Thanks! As far as Cooksville - a possibility but hoping to stay close to the hotel on Bloor, thanks as well
  7. I did catch that online but wasn't sure how fresh the info was. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Good Day All, Taking my folks to TO for the weekend so they can IKEA shop. The Best Korean I've had is my mom's but I'm looking for a traditional, non-fusion style place she would enjoy. She's not much for trendy, fancy, etc but appreciates house made kimhcee, panchan, etc...Bulgogi and Kalbi as such are nice but we do ours over charcoal as a rule. Thanks in advance for recommendations.
  9. Of the choices, I would have dinner at Le Bernardin or dinner at Le Bernardin.
  10. The Best Restaurant in the Canandiagua are would be Warfield's in Clifton Springs. A short ride from CAN with a great wine list and excellent food.
  11. If MG is your thing, try Origin/Coleborne Lane. Origin may be looking as the head chef Steve Gonzalez is departing for his own place. You should just ask your friend to put you in contact with someone currently working. The type of info regarding openings is largely word-of-mouth.
  12. Pooling tips works well in smaller establishments. It promotes a team effort and does not short anyone taking care of the smaller jobs. One of my favorite spots has a server running food once a week and one serving as host/hostess. They all, incl the bartender, share equally nightly and rotate busy/slow positions. As far as slackers, they don't last very long anywhere. Not places I dine and not places I've worked. Especially back when I bartended. FOH justice is swift
  13. When is it permissible not to tip? When the server draws blood or breaks a bone of someone dining at your table. When the restaurant becomes engulfed in flames. When the restaurant is robbed and your wallet is taken. These are the only cases, otherwise, a standard tip is as much of the check as the food you eat. You've stated the reasons why it may happen, is it perfectly just? Maybe not but what is these days. I started dining out at a young age - I was sat at lousy tables, waited maybe longer than most, and other stuff. What did I do? I was polite, I ordered what I could afford, and tipped a little better. Soon after, I was a preferred customer - not because I was spending a lot at the time, but I was appreciative and it went both ways. If the hyper focus of the meal is how long you're waiting for bread, have another glass of wine and relax. It's dinner, it's supposed to be enjoyable.
  14. The difference is that of a high school amateur golfer and a professional tour player. Even the amateur has a superior understanding than that of the average joe but is miles apart from the top level.
  15. A bad cook is someone who prepares food without generosity or concern for their guest's preferences .
  16. Considering Chefs in general, there are a few CMC's and CEC's in town working figurehead positions in various food companies and country clubs where this would apply. I have plenty of first hand experience unfortunately.
  17. I find Dano's and Simply Red both perfectly acceptable given their theme and lack of restaurants in the area.
  18. I would second a stop at Danos' as a must visit. What cities are you planning to eat in and for what meals?
  19. That's pretty expensive. How much for sweet vermouth? A somewhat acceptable substitute in my book.
  20. Kensington Market has great little ethnic pocket restos throughout. The names escape me but you can peruse the area while you shop. Mexican, Jamaican, Indian, A great bakery and cheese spot, a spice market, etc.
  21. Yet another culinary obstacle course. I've yet to see any of the chefs really show us what they're capable of. How ridiculous is it to chide them over details given the theme of the challenge, I mean.....really? C'mon. Oh, and Oseland is a snob in case I forgot to mention it a third time. Is it possible to double-cancel a magazine subscription?
  22. I'd say WD50, Apiary, Lupa, or Ciano for a little more casual vibe.
  23. oseland, master of Emulsification....pffffft
  24. Sodam or Young's are good choices. Seoul Garden hasn't been above "decent" for a while.
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