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  1. Steven, Taste of Home doesn't have any ads, which is probably why it's not audited. They don't have to report to anyone really. The top circulation is mainly for advertisers to know where to put their money, as you most likely know! Ms. Ramsey, you can find Taste of Home at Barnes & Noble for example. I don't find the look of the magazine appealing, but it is easy to see why it appeals to such a vast audience. A lot of the recipes are sent in by the readers as well. They also go to food-related trade shows.
  2. Thanks Helena. That's what I thought, but for some reason it wasn't coming up in my search. I may have printed it at the time of publication. A bit of searching through my office may locate the actual article. Edited because I did find the article: "Taste of Home also claims the highest circulation of any food magazine, about 4.5 million, which is more than Bon Appetit, Food & Wine and Gourmet combined." It was published in the March 22, 2002 issue of the NYT.
  3. I thought it was Taste of Home. I've tried locating the article that said that on Google but couldn't. Anyone else?
  4. Thank you for participating in this Q&A Alexandra. I would like to buy a good vegetarian cookbook, as well as a tofu cookbook. What are your recommendations?
  5. swissmiss

    Reputation Makers

    Somewhat Thai as well. I make a chicken/butternut squash green curry that has everyone begging for the recipe (an adaptation of Nigella's seafood/pumpkin curry). On the sweet side, a Linzertorte, but a pithiviers is quickly catching up!
  6. Somewhat related: when I moved to Louisiana from Switzerland I pronounced all the first and last names of French origins the way I would have at home. No one understood me because that wasn't the way they pronounced it. So I adjusted my pronunciation to suit theirs, even though it sounds wrong for me to say muh-rie instead of mah-rie. But it was their names, thus their way.
  7. swissmiss

    Throwing it away

    Maggie, why do you throw away honey? It keeps forever. Do you simply get tired of it?
  8. Thank you so much for the recipe Lesley; it was very kind of you to type it all. I will make sure to post the results if I end up making them.
  9. Lesley, I don't have a densimeter, but I'd be interested in seeing the recipe if it's not too much trouble for you. I usually buy them or receive them, but I'd love to give homemade ones to my father, as it is one of his favorite treats.
  10. I've been thinking of making some marrons glaces for the holidays. Does anyone have a recipe? I read on a site that chestnuts should be wrapped in tulle and soaked in a sugar/vanilla syrup for seven days. Is this a correct method? Is there any way to make them in less time? Thank you!
  11. Your cookbook looks fantastic and would love to hear about your experience creating it. What (or who) convinced you to write it? Were you approached by publishing companies or did you send proposals around? Did you enjoy the experience? Is there any part of the publishing process that you would do differently if you had a choice?
  12. A combination of food, service, and location, definitely. I like a place where I can be pleased by the same dish over and over again, but where at the same time I can find new and intriguing dishes that I just have to try. The service must be friendly and attentive, while unobtrusive. And the place must be convenient enough that I can just go in at the spur of the moment (that excludes the places that require reservations a month ahead of my dinner). A fantastic chocolate dessert is also a definite plus. Thank you so much for your participation to egullet.
  13. swissmiss


    I didn't like honey at all growing up, but now it's one of my favorite foods. I have a few jars at all times, including (these days) blueberry, avocado, linden (leftover from this summer) and a cheap, generic honey. I've started using honey for cakes, and the avocado honey in my chocolate-orange loaf tastes wonderful! Other uses include in tea, on tartines, on turkey breast sandwiches and salad dressing. Honey production is a fascinating topic and I cannot learn about it fast enough.
  14. Malawry, in general are you satisfied with what you have learned so far? Has it been worth the investment of both your time and your money? I would understand if you don't want to answer or feel that it is too early to say. Thank you for all these wonderful entries that I eagerly await each Wednesday and Sunday. Will you keep on posting while externing?
  15. Dave I love the idea! Thank you so much! If I end up doing it I'll send you a bottle!
  16. Jason, how long can you keep such a sauce? Do you have to keep it in the fridge?
  17. Or cooking with too high a flame. I did that for the longest time, and burnt many a meal!
  18. Steve, my email was requesting a Herme pastry department, not just the chocolates, don't worry! Maybe I'll respond to that email and specify pastry again. By the way, are we doing an "official" (i.e. by egullet members, not an official egullet-sanctioned) email campaign?
  19. Here is the email I received from Wegmans:
  20. NL's recipes do work, and are easy to make. She is a true inspiration, because she makes no fuss about cooking and keeps it enjoyable. The only thing I don't like is when she puts her finger way down her mouth (Tommy please don't use this opportunity for x-rated comments!) to taste some batter, as if she had food stuck in her teeth. I find that disgusting. Rachel Ray is absolutely obnoxious. She bubbly and sweet in a blue Pepsi kind of way. I used to watch 30 minute meals but too many reruns of $40/day, even though I only see a couple of minutes before realizing what I'm watching, have made her unbearable to me. And I agree with Kerouac: if you're going on vacation it's not to be counting every penny you're spending on food.
  21. The December issue of Gourmet offers a recipe for candied citrus peel. I anxiously flipped the pages, but the actual recipe takes about two days to complete and seems unnecessarily complicated. Would anyone with more experience care to comment on it?
  22. I just sent them an email requesting the Pierre Herme patisserie. I'll let you know if they write back. The feedback form says that each comment/question is read by a "real person!"
  23. Simon this sounds wonderful. Stupid question, but should any sugar be added?
  24. VivreManger, Cointrin (Geneva's airport) is not that big, so it will take you less than 10 minutes to walk at a steady pace from the arrival hall to the train station, once you have gone through customs. Going through customs shouldn't take that long, especially with a carry-on. I've also noticed that most flights arriving in Geneva in the morning tend to be early, so it is well possible that you'll land closer to 8:30, 8:45. Trains to Lausanne depart about every half hour, so you will be there with time to spare before lunch! You can find the train schedule on the CFF's website: click here Enjoy your stay in Switzerland!
  25. Thank you for mentioning the non-traite factor Bux. I will buy organic oranges, which should be the same, as nightscotsman indicated. My grocery store has a (small) selection of organic fruits.
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