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  1. I have a le crueset and love it--you can actually cook in it. I think the clay ones are for display or serving and low heat warming.
  2. I treat them like asparagus--clean, steam or boil. serve with butter, salt & pepper ,hollandaise sauce , tarragon butter, use in a salad with dressing, experiment with a cream soup--any of these will work and what a striking presentation for guests!!!!
  3. Bill Miller

    Flat-Iron Steak

    I grilled a flat iron steak Sat nite. I used salt, pepper, and garlic powder on both sides and then put a thin coating of Helmans dijonnaise on both sides. Kept in fridge 6 hours and then grilled. Slice across the grain and serve--delish!!
  4. We are hosting a dinner (sit down) party in May with an Italian theme. We are trying to think of something like a classic Italian candy to give the guests to take home. Anybody out there--We need help.
  5. Water gravy? Do you add water to the pan juices? Or are you referring to some other technique? ← I add flour and water to the pan juices--removing some grease if it is too much--wonderful thick brown gravy--balance all ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. All our gravy is homemade. I prefer milk (white) gravy on chicken fried steak and brown (water) gravy on everything else. Red eye is for biscuits.
  7. Let's not forget that tomato "emergency room" commercial. The ethical treatment of tomatoes has been totally ignored. The have feelings too and don't like to be squeezed. I'm basically tired of all this touchy feely stuff. We are at the top of the food chain unless we swim in the water with sharks. Puck is too Hollywood for me.
  8. These things are hard to find!! I have 4 and need 4 more. Saw some on eBay for $38 each and a used set of 7 stainless for $75. Anybody know where i can find some. My 4 are silver plated but am willing to mix.
  9. We bought several pounds at $1.99---my Jane made 10 jars of pickled asparagus.
  10. Mark's is great, Simposios is great Italian, Capital Grill for steaks, Cafe Annie for southwestern,--try DaMarco's for lunch, Zucchini's in the Galaria for lunch and Kinney & Ziggys for Deli.
  11. Go to Recipe Gullet and look at my Longhorn Ancho Chili.
  12. After subscribing for a couple of years I bought all the back copies. I really like it--Fine Cooking and Bon Appetit are good too. My favorite is Saveur though.
  13. The last time we were in NYC we discovered Becco's--great pasta and sauce--reasonable wine list--reasonable prices--great location.
  14. I'm anxious for your results too. Thanks
  15. This is the name brand--they have a website--www.Himalania.com It is Himalayan.
  16. I've known about this salt for awhile and just broke down and picked some up at Williams Sonoma. (It's about $4/lb.) It is delicious!! I've had it on melon, tomatoes, asparagus. It has a distinct flavor--a combination of minerals I can't identify. Salt is NOT just salt--this stuff is wonderful.
  17. Bill Miller

    broiling steak.

    I agree--but--I'd sear 2 min/side on a 2 inch steak and put in the oven 4 min at 350. I'd have to have a sauce on a filet--maybe a tarragon butter.
  18. I love them in many ways and many guises as long as I can taste their liquor and the sea---and hear them scream "eek eek" as I crush them with my molars. Beautiful things, oysters.
  19. This weekend the WSJ did a story on Cafe Annie (Houston) and the "power" tables there. They have done a few of these and they are quite interesting. This time they picked one of my favorite resteraunts so I paid more attention. I wonder how the journal select its subjects--obviously geography, clientele, quality, rating--I think it would be coup to be reviewed.
  20. I'm glad to hear that--too good to go downhill.
  21. If you are in Navasota try LaCasita--great Tex-Mex--Carne Guisada is as good as any and great fajitas. Also Cafe M Bloomers is a tea room serving great soups, salads and sandwiches-both are on the Hwy 6 bypass. Top notch garden store at Martha's Bloomers too.
  22. One of my daughters is attending UT Austin and working at Central Market in the cheese department. Fortunately for me she has a friend (Michael) in wine. He suggested this wine as a gift--she is low on funds as are most in her situation but found enough to buy me this "poor mans Barolo". He knew I was fond of nebbiollo. It was delightful with steak au poivre, pommes anna, and an iceberg wedge with garlic & herb & blue cheese crumbles. I am sending a wonderful Willamette valley pinot --Bella Vida '03-- for them to enjoy. I don't think it is sold at Central Market and should be a real treat. I just wanted to share a wonderful Christmas experience--that's what it's all about.
  23. I agree here--I get the whole city peppered ham--I've already had two for parties this season--best I've ever had.
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