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  1. I'm sorry, I think it is bland. I can't tell if it is pinot whatever or Grenache and something--we get it for $7 and it is overpriced. Bad eateries sell it for $25.
  2. Jay McInerney, author of seven novels including "Brite Lites, Big City", and Lettie Teague, the gifted former executive wine editor and columnist with Food & Wine, were named as the new wine comunmists for the WSJ. Jay likes Bordeaux but is moving toward Burgundy as his favorite wine. Lettie favors Loire Valley whites and Riesling--from Germany, Alsace, etc, etc and finally gets around to Washington and New York. It was a short interview, but no mention was made of California, Italy, Oregon, Chile, Argentina, or Australia. I'm sure they will be part of the column in the future. I'll look forward to them filling the big shoes of Dottie & John. Good luck Jay & Lettie--welcome to the WSJ, I'm a loyal reader and look forward to your contributions.
  3. I see in todays Chronicle she is now the food critic.
  4. Is she still at the Houston Chronicle? Looks like they have a new food editor.
  5. The best meal we have had this year was at Veritas in Bryan last Friday nite. It was a grilled Hawaiian Sea Bass--very moist and delicious--related to Chilean Sea Bass, but not overfished. We started with a spicy carrot soup, also delicious.
  6. This is a place to tell all where to eat based on your experience. This topic creates great exchanges on other regional threads so I thought we could try it here.
  7. I don't cook sweet onions--they fall apart. Use yellow onions, add salt and sugar--the sugar will caramalize without adding much sweetness--the only way to go!
  8. Our friend Thirty one knots is head bartender here. Mixed drinks are classic. Wine list is rated by Wine Spectator!! The food is bistro, great at lunch and dinner--wine reasonable-they have wine maker dinners by reservation--very surprising for Bryan/ College Station. Med. & French with a Pacific Rim flourish--try it!! Very friendly!!
  9. I like Burgundy, pinot noir, and nebbiolo based wines out of a "Burgundy " glass, other reds out of a cabernet style glass, both thin crystal . No other varieties are needed. Whites are not really involved, except I do enjoy a light crystal glass for all, and a flute for champagne.
  10. That is what I asked, Cynar should not be followed by wine with dinner. A martini can. If you are having wine with dinner, dont start with a Cynar cocktail. Sorry, I didn't mention the wine in my original post.
  11. I like wine with dinner--I find the Cynar aftertaste unpleasent with a dinner with wine. Should you just drink it thru dinner or go to something else other than wine?
  12. Everything sounds interesting, but does anyone eat savory food after these "cocktails"--???
  13. Mallet Bros BBQ--Navasota, Hwy 6 Loop- Everything is good!! Brisket, ribs, pork, slaw, potatos. pototo salad, The whole family will make you happy. Nice building too!! Small sign, so don't miss it-if you do exit and come back--it's worth it!!
  14. I have been buying whole strips and ribeyes graded choice "Angus". We have a fine local butcher who dry ages it for me for 28 days and then cuts into 1 & 1/4 inch steaks. I will keep doing this--excellent results!!
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