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  1. OK, for New Year's I am going to try to cook another rib roast. This one is 5 lbs, and was dry aged for 5 days before being frozen. Luckily it doesn't matter too much how accurately I can predict when it will be done but it'd sure be nice to have SOME idea. Since my 3 1/2 pounder took 3 hours, I am thinking this will take 3 1/2-4 ? I wonder if the aging will affect it?

  2. I was puzzled by this for a couple of reasons. For starts, hadn't any of them ever SEEN that book before? They all looked so surprised. Geez.

    And then, it appeared (to me) that many of them thought their job was to duplicate the recipe, not make ther own take on it. Can you imagine if that had been the end result (if they'd not thrown in the soup thing) ?? Tom would have gone through the ROOF !!!


  3. OK, here is where I got mine


    I've only used it a couple times and may need to get the book on cooking with it 'cause it IS different. However, I have liked it for breading chicken and shrimp. I've not made a sweet with it yet, but most of the recipes I find for it ARE for sweets. For example:


    It has a light but unmistakable coconut fragrance and taste (which I love!) Not at all sweet. It is low carb and gluten free so I'd like to learn much more about working with it.


  4. Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese. Easy and quick just let the rice cooker do it's thing with the macaroni, chicken broth, and cream then toss a bunch of shredded cheese on top and hit the cook button again and bam easy delicious dinner.

    Big Dan~

    You throw the cooked pasta in, right?Or does it cook in the rice cooker? Sounds so easy !

  5. OMG, this was the best yet !

    2 rib roast, 3.36 lbs., frozen solid. Rinsed, seasoned and seared, plunked in a 325' oven uncovered at 5:20. Checked 1 hour later, the core was still frozen. :shock:

    Checked again at 7:45, the center measured 127'. Kept it in for a few more minutes, took out and rested until 8:05. 134'.................perfectly pink, incredibly tender, juicy but not much spilling out. Oh man.................... :wub:

    So this one took almost three hours, for some reason, but SO worth it!

  6. how about:

    Sophia's Layered Salad

    Fresh Spinach broken into pieces

    salt, pepper, sugar

    1/2 # crumbled fried bacon (optional-not!)

    4 to 6 chopped hard boiled eggs

    chopped lettuce

    Thawed uncooked peas

    sliced sweet onion

    mayonaisse-Hellman's of course

    Coat top with mayonaisse like frosting.

    Top with either cherry tomatoes or strips of cheese

    Refrigerate for several hours

  7. Very cool ! Let us know how your wine turns out. What fun !

    We visited Grey Wolf, Turley, Lone Madrone, Villacanna, Wild Coyote, MItchella, Firestone, Vina Robles, Eagle Castle, Castoro Cellars, lots of cool places. :)

    Quite a range of styles there; what did you like best? BTW, how was the La Quinta?


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