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  1. Glad to see this topic bumped back up; I've gotten very lazy and succumbed to my rice cravings :sad:

    I have made that cauliflower gratin and like it too (but I always cook the cauliflower more). Last time I tried it with purple cauliflower and wanted to gag......

    The past week has been very hot so I've been eating cold cucumber soup and sliced tritip. Roasted a chicken and have been munching on that.

    Apparently I need inspiration ! :wink:

  2. the palates of the twenty or so "testers" they are always talking about

    I'm not totally sure if this is what you mean by testers but I'm actually a "Friend of Cook's Illustrated" i.e. a recipe tester. I get recipes in my email every few months, try them, and fill out a survey. Anyone can do it, I read about it on the forums over there once upon a time. Just imagine if we got more eGulleters on the test force!

    I'm one , too. Fun. I tested recipes for Sam Gugino's COOKING TO BEAT THE CLOCK cookbooks, too. I really enjoy that.

  3. I've had one of these doorstops sitting in my freezer for a few months, thank goodness for this thread!  I went from not knowing what to do with it, to now having a hard time narrowing down my options!


    I had such wonderful results cooking a tritip from frozen a la this thread:


    that I'd give it a shot just like that. I might even freeze it specifically FOR that reason !

  4. Maggie~

    I love that book, too. ('Course, I'm a big David R. fan anyway...) but haven't cooked a whole lot from it. I'll need to pick it up again !


    I get the feeling that there's gonna be a BIG order from my house to Amazon within the week. Thanks a lot, man ! :hmmm::wink:

  5. Lisa - applause, applause, applause!!!  Just beautiful lasagna!  I almost never make it because it's a PITA and it's hard to find thin pasta sheets (I hate fat sheets) and I don't make my own pasta (one of my life list of things to do when I retire), but you've inspired me!  Maybe I'll find some thin pasta sheets at the fresh pasta store and do that soon!  One question: no ricotta?  or was it in the bechamel?


    I'm not Lisa but there is no ricotta in this type of lasagna bolognese. Just ragu and bechamel (and Parm, of course !)

  6. I love that many of these are not complaints about people we think are neurotic, but analysis of our own quirks. Also comforting is that so many of us share (or at least understand) these foibles that we have (hidden) from the 'general public' for years. Not weird here! Meet your brothers and sisters !


    I feel much better visiting this thread. :smile:

  7. Maybe blue food is OK when it is sweet (blueberries/blackberries) but not so much savory? I made Thomas Keller's Cauliflower Gratin (made before, love it!) with purple cauliflower this weekend (for a giggle)...

    :wacko: Tasted OK with your eyes closed but not when looking at all those little purple/blue nuggets of cauliflower essence........swimming in a pale lavender sauce.....

    :sad: I threw most of it away; we couldn't eat it !

  8. Last night was my last meal for a few days.. From now on its tea, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.. But last night we hit up Casa Mono.. 1)Razor clams a la plancha,2) duck egg with truffles, serrano and fried potatoes.. 3)Pork pate with truffles, spreadable sopressata, and boiled ham leg.. We then ate 4)fideos and clams, and a few other things..

    The party is over..


    are you dieting again? :hmmm:

  9. Bit by bit, I'm working my way through Tom Colicchio's "trilogies," which are featured in his book Think Like a Chef. These are groups of three ingredients, like pasta, peas and lobster, or duck,  root vegetable and apples. There are four variations on the former; three on the latter. Despite sticking to very basic components, the mixtures of flavors an textures are varied and surprising.


    that sounds interesting; I love that type of approach. Would you recommend the book?

    I'm trying to find time to work up a proper report on it, but the short answer is that though it's not for everyone, it's one of the best cookbooks I've worked through in the last couple of years.

    Sounds like a fun approach for a cooking club.

  10. Susan~

    nice to "see" you !

    Made short ribs last night with a ginger lemon polenta, radish/celery/parsley salad.....and Thomas Keller's Cauliflower gratin. Delicious under most circumstances, but I made it with a purple cauliflower that I bought to try and it was so......BLUE....that I couldn't eat it ! :wacko: I love the recipe and could eat it if I closed my eyes but savory food that is purple is NOT RIGHT !! :hmmm:

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