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  1. I made my take on "Remy's Ratatouille" last night, and it was one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth !

    In the bottom of a 9' tart pan, I put a layer of tomato sauce, seasoned, thick.

    In a spiral I layer 1/8" eggplant, yellow squash and zucchini. Seasoned with s/p, a little onion and garlic powder, smoked paprika, thyme. Topped with thin sliced tomatoes, drizzled with good olive oil.

    Into the oven at 375', uncovered, for 1 hour.

    Served with polenta.

    Unbelievably simple and fantastic ! (I am not a fan of jammy...........)

  2. I need some beef broth/stock for a few upcoming dishes, but I've no time to make any. What do you recommend in the way of a prepared broth/stock, preferably low sodium. Thanks!


    I'm not sure about the beef stock, but the Wolfgang Puck chicken stock is about the only one that I find has any flavor at all, so I use it exclusively. Maybe the beef is worth a try?

  3. I never saw it in SoCal but here on the Central Coast I can find it, but never in the "mainstream" markets, just Food-4-Less. I think I pay $3.49/lb. but find it very tasty and pretty tender. I usually do olive oil/s&p and then into a hot cast iron skillet, finished in the oven(400') , topped with butter and lemon juice. I'll try the butter next time, sounds delish......

  4. jgm~

    And that, especially in today's economy, is the way it is.

    Thank you for that sobering reality check. I hope things are MUCH better for you now. The fact that you had ANY concern for others, let alone a great concern, during that time is inspiring.

    In the cosmic scheme of things, frozen scallops won't matter. But I agree with chefgregory that these things are offensive and soul sucking.


    get out ASAP. Don't look back, I'd say, don't even look for a rec since the people you are trying to impress probably know what goes on there.

    You cannot work for long in that sort of atmosphere without it taking its toll. Keep the job to pay your bills, but get out .............

    Please keep us posted. The lines between good and bad tend to get blurred during economic downturns. It is what it is, and you have to take care of your family. It WILL get better.


  5. I hope you'll not only take pics, but show them too  :raz:

    And for some of the techniques, step-by-step pics would be great.  I would also like to hear about your timing related to prep and serve related to the MG courses.

    very funny, Rob...............been one of those days. I misspelled my own last name !


  6. I second the request, isomer. I tried searching online but haven't had any luck .

    Abra, your savory cherry soup sounds awesome. I love the thought of cherries and sage, and happen to have some cherries in my fridge right now. Could you elaborate?

  7. What did Richard ever do with his frozen Tabasco?  I don't think he ever used it.  But it sure was cool seeing Chef Riepert  learn something from him.

    I remember reading about this before on a blog that was reviewing his restaurant 'Home" last month (I think).

    We sampled a good bit of the menu that evening. A delicious basil martini took the edge off of the drive there in Atlanta traffic - driving in Atlanta is often a character building exercise. We started off with a group of starters. The fried green tomatoes with Ranch ice cream was typical Blais - savory ice creams are something he excels at. The Tabasco "dippin dots" on the raw oysters were eye-opening, both in their novelty and their heat. The deviled duck eggs come topped with changing toppings - ours were salmon tartare, short ribs, and pickles & cornichons.

    All sounds good to me but the oysters with Tabasco dippin' dots sound especially fascinating.

    I'd be thrilled to eat at either one's restaurant and was happy to see two class acts get their due.

    Congratulations, Stephanie ! :smile:

  8. That looks beautiful and delicious ! I am not a fan of fruit sauces with meat but I'd gobble that up in a minute :laugh:

    I have taken to buying tritips on sale, seasoning and freezing them just to have for this technique. I've probably made 5 or so (I like having a cooked one in the fridge to nibble one) and have never been disappointed. Thanks, PamR for the idea !

  9. I really liked the guest chefs a lot, thought their comments were well made.

    No question Spike=snark.

    I hated looking at him almost as I hate looking at Lisa (a lot !) I don't watch 'Survivor' and think this has very little to do with that type of mentality; it is about who is the best in cooking, organizing, planning, motivating a team.....right?

    :sad:RIGHT ?

    How many are needed for the final? How many are left?

  10. One book that I really love that no one seems to have heard of is Eric Ripert's and Michael Ruhlman's A Return to Cooking. Really good read, great recipes (a good mixture of "cheffy" stuff and simple home cooked stuff) and, just overall, really well done.

    I love this book in concert with "Happy in the Kitchen" and "Bouchon". Lovely to look at but also excellent to cook from. I guess I like cookbooks that

    #1 are a bit unusual

    #2 seem to tell a story, of sorts, not throw down a handful of recipes

    which brings me to


    One Palate's Journey Through the World's Greatest Dishes, David Rosengarten

    those who pay attention know that it broke my heart when Taste went dark, and I've never gone back (to Food TV) but this helps, a little. Love the conversational tone, good recipes, too....

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