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  1. Oh, my, you guys come to my house in NJ ANYTIME for m'jeddrah...it's a dairy thing, because you serve it with sour cream or yogurt or (triple yum) buttermilk. It's like eating tiny coins and the rice is always around for Rosh Hashanah. It has so many meanings to me, that you will always have meals with family and friends during the year, that you'll have bounty. You simply make lentils and rice with a little salt and separately you fry some onions to serve atop it or mixed in. There's always the contingent who wants their onions 'soft' as opposed to 'crisped', too. When you eat it, you put the dairy on top. Add some salt if you really want to be naughty. It's delicious. I usually serve it with salad and pita, carb overload!

    OT WARNING>>>>>>>>

    I'll tell you a little story about my love for m'jeddrah. It's not considered 'company' food, it's something you eat on Shabbat or during the week for lunch. Well, my stepmother Rachel is the world's best Syrian home cook, and I LOVE her m'jeddrah! She never made it for me though, in the 20+ years that we've known each other. I've always been a bit 'company'. She's wonderful to me, but it feels kind of sad not to be 'family', you know? Well, a few months ago she made m'jeddrah for me when I visited for lunch! I'm family! And to cement it, a few weeks ago she had us for an early Shabbat meal (so we could get home to light our own candles in NJ before Shabbat, she's observant), and she brought out a ladle and said, " It's OK that I'm using this kitchen ladle because you're family, I'd never do this around 'company'." That is one of the happiest moments in my life.

    Edited because believe it or not, I SHORTENED this post!

  2. Sweet potatoes. I supposed as a kid that it was the proximity to US Thanksgiving, which was my dad's favorite holiday, but now I think it was the sweet nature of them! Also, my mother would serve this mountain shaped dessert of a kind of hard cake balls soaked in honey. I don't think it was common, because I haven't seen it anywhere else during the holidays. I recall it would sometimes have candied cherries interspersed, and I was the only one who ate those! Of course, pumpkin items, carrots 'coin cut' and sweetened and pomegranates... and pancakes with honey for breakfast! UUrrggh, I've been down with the flu all week, spending too much time on eGullet........ I also remember that we would have prickly pears... because you're supposed to have a fruit that's new for the year.... and Dad loved those, yum! Also, m'jeddrah... lentils and rice... especially with the onions crisped and oh so sweet! Well, nothing exotic there, I'm sorry not to be a better help, but if you know what that funny mountain multi-cake is (and as a professional I'm sure you do!) please let me know! I haven't seen it in a long time. I think it was tag ah or something. Well, it's been *mumble* years! It wasn't Sephardic, I know that.

  3. I really wanted to like those JBz, but I just couldn't do it! Maybe you're right about the flavors. I ate a few licorice/chocolate ones and a buttered popcorn and just didn't see the charm in it. Now, graham cracker, caramel, cinnamon and mint? I need to find these again and do another round of tasting. Oh, and those new M & M's? I can't wait to get some. I always eat my candy coated chocolates one at a time, and kiddle and I were thinking about sizing up a few years ago, a big one sounds delish!

  4. Oh, wow, I just found this topic and it takes me back. It was 1981 and my rock singer beau came to the house to pick me up. He was wearing jeans so tight that he had split his zipper during the ride over. His choice of cover? A Crown Royal bag from the bar in the back seat of the car. My father almost choked. Poor *anonymous*, he had to go to the local mall and buy a new pair of pants and RETURN to pick me up. My dear oblivious dad, did he think that he was being tough? To this day I wonder at my father's seeming naivete about some things. The driver thought Dad was crazy to begin with, and I must admit, he is. Actually, a dear old friend just reminded me that the reason Dad probably allowed him a second chance was because his concerts hadn't been scathingly ripped in the news that week and he didn't have a safety pin in his cheek! I can still see *anonymous* standing in the doorway with the CR bag in his hand and the flowers he'd brought. Too bad I don't have a photo, I feel an eBay moment there! Haven't thought of this memory in years, thanks eGullet!

    edited because a friend reminded me of the ribbings I got for dating outside of my punk circle! Hey, a cute boy's a cute boy, right? duh.

  5. I just thought about it. ULP. NOT ENOUGH AND TOO MUCH! Actually, kiddle and I spend more money on food at home than in restaurants. We tend to go out of our way to try new out of the way places, though I DO admit on the cheap! We go for lunch instead of dinner and we eat lots of small orders instead of meals. I'm recovering from a big illness over the winter, and haven't worked since February, so we're really on a budget, and kiddle, being a teenager, needs new clothes, often! I see people eating in expensive places and seemingly knocking it back to the tune of fifty, a hundred and much more, and I feel no envy, my kitchen is full of fantastic meals and memories thereof!

  6. Cracklin' Oat Bran is delicious but really dense nutrition. Grape Nuts! I LOVE'em. Last night I finished off a half a box of Kashi Go Lean Crunch while playing Neopets. Yum, but wow, a LOT of calories! and that was after eating my delicious onion carrot broth!

    I still miss that vanilla Cap'n Crunch....oh, gee, Cap'n Crunch, here I go again. The pizza in the oven holds no charms comparitively. Even with NJ tomatoes!

  7. Here is my latest poem, an ode to my lover, whom my daughter has cruelly forbade me.

    Ode to the Cap'n


    O my Cap'n!

    Why can you not be

    Full of fiber

    So as to sustain my being,

    My sweet Cap'n! O my Cap'n!

    4 grams is the minimum allowed

    And your sweet nature

    Would serve to dispense

    Such measure

    In pleasure

    Each day.


    How you've teased me with your empty sugar loving

    Cap'n Crunch.

  8. THAT'S IT. I have got to try this Hamburger Helper. I've read it mentioned in so many posts, I just MUST. Where do you find it? It's driving me crazy, wondering if it's good for my tofu nights. As an aside, to remain ON topic, I adore commercials, unfortunately I never buy the products in the ads, and I wonder who does!! Has anyone else noticed that everything that you buy in a package or from a fast food place is incredibly salty or sweet or greasy? ACK, choke, splutter.

  9. Hey, we love YOU, but have you ever had to deal with a number of unasked for faxes to your number? It's more than a nuisance, it's time and paper consuming, and it ties up your fax from other calls. Maybe you can make a mailing, I'd suggest a small start by putting out a post card with a coupon, so you get an idea of usage.

  10. I really enjoy ice cream, all kinds, except Haagen Dazs style or that Stone Cold Creamery stuff, the premiums brands are actually TOO butterfatty for my tongue! I like Breyers, but my childhood indulgence was Howard Johnson's Strawberry or actually, Publix brand Strawberry! I never realized how difficult it is to make a great strawberry ice cream untilI attempted it myself! I really do prefer the plebian stuff, it's just icey, milky and yummy, but these days I swear, I get sick from the taste of most corn syrup containing foods, and I have to avoid so many ice creams that I used to love!

    If you're in SOUTH BEACH you MUST visit THE FRIEZE. They're on Michigan and 16th. Amazing, is all I can say.

  11. I worked at Polar Cup during the summer in between high school and college. I chose to work there because I loved the product! Polar Cup was a frozen lemonade slush. It was made with whole lemons, lemon juice, sugar and water. Nothing else, amazing! I ran the window. The owner hired me because there were no women there at all, and he wanted to 'soften up the place' and make the drivers behave more civilized. The place was a converted gas station, and they really never expected people to come to the window, but it kept happening, so he needed someone to run it. He used my hiring as the excuse to make a code of behavior for the company. After all, we can't be swearing around the nice 16 year old! Mostly trucks went out around town, like ice cream trucks. I got my first taste of marketing there, I saw a lot of guys coming during lunch with their sandwiches and burger bags, and I talked the owner into selling hot dogs at the window with the slushes. Why should he lose that business? We did very well, and he gave me a huge bonus at the end of the summer as a thank you. Ah, Polar Cup, I do miss that lemony sweet goodness!

  12. OK, this is VERY easy, because I have no idea how to do things properly.... I was searching for something that would have a shrimp taste without having shellfish in it, and saffron and garlic gives you that quality, for some reason! I boil the water for the pasta with about 12-15 stamens of saffron in it, at least. I make 2 pounds of spaghetti, al dente. Drain it, put it into an immense bowl. Toss it with 2 pounds of completely thawed frozen peas, 8 to 15 sliced cloves of garlic (really, it depends on YOU), some more saffron stamens, a good lashing of olive oil and salt to taste. Toss it really well, I give this job to my kiddle... it really needs a good long tossing...... at least a full minute. Than, we grate a good large hunk of parmesan reggiano for it, and we take it to table with the cheese alongside and fresh cracked black pepper for those who like that. It really tastes delicious, and it's cheap chic, in my humble opinion. If you've eaten shrimp, you'll 'taste' the shrimpyness of this dish. Aren't I a terrible narrator? Sorry, but it really is delicious.

  13. Well, as a child I made "healthy" brownies by putting a bottle of vitamins into the batter. Does that count? Lovely chewy brownies with a terrible 'one-a-day' surprise in each piece! Thank goodness, no one I know remembers!

    And, my first married Friday night dinner? I put honey in or on EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! And, LOTS of it, too. My ex husband was so in love with me, he ate everything, even had second helpings! I ate one bite. Literally. UGH. Honeyed, peas, honeyed carrots, honey roasted potatoes, honey roasted chicken....UGH. I still shudder at the thought.

  14. One cheap, quick and easy side dish/vegetarian main dish that is unusual enough to memorable is peas and pasta with saffron. Although saffron is expensive, it should still be a fairly inexpensive option, and we've found that when we bring it to the table everyone loves it! We make it with fresh raw sliced garlic, olive oil and parmesan reggiano mixed in..... you could skip the parmesan reggiano for vegans. The original recipe contained butter, but we avoid THAT, little fatties that we are!

  15. Here's what I ate for brunch yesterday, and it was AMAZING! An omelette made with 4 egg whites and one yolk (I'm a member of the whisk it with some water brigade), filled with fresh sliced tomatoes sauteed with a sliced yellow onion and a huge fistful of fresh flat leaf parsley, then sauced with buttermilk! Oh, MyMyMy, it was too yummy! I ate a hunk of rye toasted in the oven, too. But that's another thread. So, my final addition to this thread is: Eggs with buttermilk!

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