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  1. Oh, for goodness sake, you big silly! Just make it a nice little ritual for your visits. You love you parents and you want to offer them something special, so YOU bring a small selection of beans, a pot's worth of a few different selections isn't too dear for a visit to the parents. (Not too dark a roast, mind you! We must compete with DD good grief.)

    And we take it from there. It is your LOVE your parents which prompts this, BTW. NOT your personal dire straits, capish? "It is so much trouble to clean a machine, Ma, I will do it for you right now! Don't worry, it's like meditation for me, honest!"

    After cleansing the machine, YOU grind the fresh beans, and then you make a decent pot of drip brew. "Dad, how is this blend to you? What do you think of this compared to the one we made this morning? I would love to know which one you end liking the best. I wonder if we'll end up liking the same ones. What? No, it isn't a test, Dad, I swear, they're all excellent beans, it's like good cigars, personal preference."

    Don't come to this subject from the place of hurting their feelings. The reason you can't hurt their feelings is you are not going to do this out of your own frustration, but to SHARE this lovely habit of yours with them, to PLEASE them, not to denigrate their taste, and certainly not to TEACH them anything.

    You only have their pleasure in mind while you do this. You are giving them a present of your time, effort and affection! Look! He's brought all of those beans for us to try. He's a nice kid, after all. Weird, but an OK guy. :biggrin:

    You ask them their opinions of the various beans you've brought, you tell a funny story or a small bit of intriguing fact about the beans to them, you ask your parents when they began drinking coffee, they will tell you stories about college or kitchens with aluminum percolators. Stories about paper cups of swill drunk in offices, dates that were prolonged with pots of weak diner coffee. Whatever they tell you, it is NOT about the coffee, but becomes about their lives and winds onto how they feel about their own memories.

    So. You enjoy your cup of coffee, and you allow yourself to enjoy your parents memories, and then when you leave you get back on your laptop and you write us a nice piece all about it, so that we can be touched as well, by your wonderful visit.

    Or, just suffer, and you'll have a funny story to tell folks when you are older.

    Edited by me to add this: I've just read your last thread on this subject. Dear boy, I hope you're not the family trouble maker, 'cause THAT will make executing my plan all the more difficult! If that's the case, I'd suggest passing the instructions along to sis. Be :raz: cause, well, maybe she's their favorite? Heh, heh.

  2. Someone brought a Delicious Orchards blueberry pie to dinner and my 12 year old niece made a sugar free Jello um, sculpture(for want of a better description) but I ate another plate of turkey with trimmings. It's Thanksgiving and I'M grateful for turkey with trimmings!

  3. You're going to find that some of those kosher gelatins leave a slight fish taste to your foods. I can never remember which ones are which, because I use them so rarely, and never know if I'm getting the more fishy stuff until it's too late for me! I seem to be the only one who really notices, though. Everyone else eats up whatever the batch is. Now, if only I coul find out which one the kosher Haribo gummies contain, that's the best ever.

  4. My sister broke so many glass press pots that I finally got her one made of Lexan. It's encased in a steel cage for travel, but it just travels from her sink to her counter and back. I also got her a stainless steel travel mug sized one, for when she has to be at the gym and needs her caffeine. Guess what happened? She uses the travel mug press all the time lately! So, now she has 2 presses sitting on the already busy counter... :blink:

  5. But I look both ways to ensure I'm not spotted by any coffee cognoscenti when I pop into Starbucks for a frappuccino affrogato on those really hot summer days. 

    Mr.O! And I've been thinking you might be stuffy. Silly me. Now I think you're perfect! :wub:

  6. There are these little round savory rings we eat called Ka'ak. They are hard and crisp but not really a cracker.... my stepmother says they're easy to make, I don't know, since I've lost my Deal cookbook. (marked for his own by an otherwise sweet puppy years ago). Anyway, back to the topic, they're great with espresso or black coffee. Now that I think of it, cheese is boring. Jalapeno cornbread muffins, now that's great OK. I'll take a martini now... but actually, I'm having a glass of rum. And asking my date for next month to bring me some papas rellenos from Miami when he visits!

    edited because I don't 'think' very well right now, but I don't 'tinhk' for sure!

  7. My favorite savory is papas rellenos, which is basically a ball of mashed potato filled with a picadillo(ground beef seasoned nicely) and rolled in breadcrumbs, then baked(or fried!). Then I also can devour a few lachm'a'jin.. a small round of pizza dough topped with a Syrian spiced ground lamb/onion/pine nut/tamarhindi mixture... heavenly! At our house we make savory breadsticks from quick yeast dough recipes and different seasonings or cheese mixed in. They're like portable seasoned chewy bread, so good!

    But, of course, tarts are good, too. Onion tarts, especially divine!

    Croissants, well, they're so messy, I always have to eat them with 2 napkins! I dislike that in a coffee shop, all those flakes~ Look, Ma, my food has dandruff!

    Of course then there are Greek Spinach turnovers, those are nice, but spinach in your teeth! All right, I'm done for now. If I smoked I'd need a cigarette after this bit. :blink:

  8. OK, folks, here's today's report. I left my doctors at 2:30 and drove around until 4:10. I saw a lot of scenery, it was fascinating, especially the nice old homes in Bound Brook, Dunnelin, Metuchen, Piscatawney etc. etc. but I didn't get to eat a thing other than the apple in my purse BECAUSE I GOT LOST. And everyone I stopped for directions sent me in another fun direction! I never found anything of real interest, well, maybe the tiny town that had a second hand shop and a Mexican place, and there was some place that said Texas hot dogs, but I had a hot dog already this week, and I NEVER found OAK TREE ROAD! I finally found I-287 and headed home. :wacko: I'm nutty to go anywhere in New Jersey without a map or a chaperone!

    Tonight we're having an appetizer of black bean/garlic/oregano/criollo adobo/soft cheese spread on cucumbers and NJ plum tomatoes and the main course is fresh steamed spinach with sauteed mushrooms and onion, served atop brown basmati rice steamed with saffron. I eat pretty well at home, so I'm forgiving myself for the long trek to nowhere today. See you in Metuchen next week, on Wednesday!(lucky MD is going to the Galapagos)

  9. Bagels, huh? You know, I just realized that I've only lived on the East Coast of the USA for my entire life, I've always had access to good bagels. How quickly and economically can we ship them to France, I wonder? I mean, you've been so good to all of us...... and a bagel, it's a pity to do without.

  10. Wegman's is good, it's like Starbucks to me. I adore it, but I don't go there exclusively. Besides, I've written to everyone about Wegman's, about my Saturday night visits with my nieces to the "wall of candy", my search for kosher blue cheese, because I'm allergic to the regular stuff; I need some new material!

  11. At least you didn't get five pounds of the little devils. Not that anyone WOULD do that, unless they were considered nutty. Yes, I admit it. I did just that. Kiddle talked me into it for a dinner party we had, she adores tiny onions. No Wild Turkey for Mommy, and kiddle was NO HELP peeling. I cooked them separately, because I wanted to retain the color in the 'purple' ones, but they were quite faded. It took me FOREVER to get them peeled! Still, a big hit at dinner! I served them alongside a gorgeous humongous rice pilaf (bunch of vegans that night, kooky artists :blink: ).... so good! We had steamed whole carrots at the table as well, and everyone decided to call it the dinner of sticks and stones! :laugh:

    Gee, wish I had known about the hard cider bit, that sounds delicious!

  12. I'm visiting a medical center in Metuchen weekly(no, I'm still not all better, dagnab it!) for the next few months and I'm looking for interesting places to eat or buy food stuffs. Got any? I'm completely new to New Jersey and last week I drove through the parts of town that have cute old cottage homes....very pretty! However, I found nothing of note to eat other than take away Chinese (I chickened out and didn't go in) and a very low key bakery with fatty tasting pastry, next to a steamy laundromat...thanks in advance, my fellow eGulleters!

  13. http://www.fedstats.gov/qf/states/34/34025.html AND http://www.visitmonmouth.com/econdev/video.asp

    Here are two links you can start with for your research. I really believe that this area is ripe for the picking. There are a lot of people with good amounts of disposable income and there is no world class bakery offering nearby. I know a number of people who order cakes from NYC for occasions, what a shame that they have to go to such lengths to have something wonderful. Wherever you end up, we'll all be rooting for you!

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