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  1. Other than my sister and cousin's wonderful chicken soup with matzoh balls, my favorite soups are pureed vegetable soups. I've loved them in vegan (Sally's), vegetarian(Here Comes The Sun) and nonvegetarian(Da Leo) restaurants. However, since leaving Miami and moving to NJ I have only had them at home, I wonder where we can go for those around here?

  2. We're going to my sister's (snow and Allison are the reasons we've moved to, ugh, NJ) this year. What does my sister serve? She tells me this "A bagel spread and take out Chinese food, deal with it!".... I love my sister, and she is a very good home cook, Rosh Hashanah was wonderful. I'm trying to watch it since gaining so much weight during my illness this year, I only ate her amazing chicken broth and wonderful composed salad. I'll eat my steamed veggies and some sable and bring a fruit or vegetable salad of some sort...... I wanted meatless stuffed grape leaves, maybe I'll bring those, too. If I lemon them up, she'll probably let ME finish the wine. :biggrin:

  3. Smucker's Marshmallow topping SEEMS vegan by the ingredients...HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, SUGAR, CORN SYRUP, WATER, CORN STARCH-MODIFIED, CONTAINS 2% OR LESS OF: TITANIUM DIOXIDE (COLOR), CELLULOSE GEL, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, CELLULOSE GUM, POTASSIUM SORBATE (PRESERVATIVE), BLUE 2. But, on close inspection, it's Kosher Dairy! Must be those artificial flavors.... still, this got me thinking about the different kinds of recipes for marshmallows that I've seen. There is the corn syrup version, the brown sugar version, the rice syrup version... and then I remembered...Ricemellow! It's a really tasty marshmallow creme ala Marhsmallow Fluff. I don't know how to put up an eGullet friendly link to it online, so you'll have to search a little. I've had a few different vegan marshamallows, so I know it's do-able, I just don't know the logistics of it. Must be cellulose gum or agar agar. They were pretty good, too.

  4. A few years ago my mostly erudite boyfriend of 20 plus years decided that kiddle and I MUST be exposed to every food he deemed "normal' to an American family. Thus, she and/or I have now eaten in many American chains that I never attempted as a child or young adult (Burger King!), and I have eaten some branded foodstuffs and casseroles made with weird toppings which my family never had.

    The macaroni casserole made with Velveeta was pretty good (kiddle says "mmmm, Velveeta").... the grill plate made with Spam was the single most AWFUL thing I have ever attempted... if he had forced me to swallow it, I swear, I would have vomited. VILE, and I don't care what you do to it, it smelled disgusting and the nibble I tried was beyond terrible, worse than Jello, which I at least can stomach the odd tastes of.

    How can people liken it to scrapple and ham products.... it is really horrid. I thought it smelled putrid but he said that is the normal smell. And I've eaten bugs, folks. Which, by the way, can be pretty good. He's forgiven though, because he also took me to a family Easter supper, and I got to try a home glazed ham. Plus, there's the opera named Rebecca, I can be skinny or fat- he adores me both ways, and I always get as much sashimi as I care to stuff in my mouth at dinner, he's totally forgiven.

  5. Omelettes made with leftover stir fry vegetables and tofu from last night. Well done turkey bacon alongisde. Feh. I'm sick of egg whites, but kiddle has been craving omelettes lately. Mine I doused with hot sauce.

  6. OT, but I can't help it!

    For as long as I can remember, my dad always came home from work, went into the kitchen, and made himself a salad... dad's salad...

    I could never figure out why he ate those...with such relish...  To be honest, I still don't get it...

    My mom was an amazing cook, really. Dad on the other hand... strange concoctions were his specialty, to be nice about it. Of course, we always thought he was amazing, with his messes and his 'special' cast iron skillet. It was usually a great, greasy and junky treat when he would visit the kitchen.

  7. My father (when he went into the kitchen he made a big deal and a big mess) used to make a mixed salad. He used an immense punch bowl, it was a huge undertaking. He used iceberg lettuce, scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, anchovies, blue cheese and carrots. Everything was chopped incredibly small, and he always peeled the cucumbers and removed the seeds. To this huge mix he added Good Seasons dressing, I kid you not! My mother actually allowed it in the house for the salad. Gee, I loved this salad! I haven't had that dressing in maybe 25 years. Now I probably couldn't stand the saltiness of it. And iceberg lettuce, we only use it for soup, to line pans during the baking of stuffed vegetables and shredded for tacos these days.

  8. Gee, I dunno...maybe because I'm from South Florida, vegetarian restaurants always seemed normal to me. In fact, I had a few great meals at this little dive in downtown Miami last year, all raw foods, and I never even guessed the place was vegan and raw until my third visit. I mean, I eat so many vegetables and fruits normally, it didn't even dawn on me until I went with a new gang and they actually read the entire menu! Duh. No wonder the strawberry tart had a nut crust! Of course, the place had no name and the menu was hand written on some post cards, so I just always asked what was fresh. Maybe up North the vegetarian food tends to be bland, I haven't found it so as yet (we've only had Indian and Israeli here in NJ). In the area I grew up in vegetarian food tends to be more spicy than regular. Especially when I was a kid (a lifetime ago!). I remember a particular place that made REALLY spicy sesame seed dressing for the salad, and they also had these crunchy onion toppers for things that could scorch your tongue. Yum. Gee, I'm going to experiment this week. Anyone's welcome for spicy vegetarian fare Monday night.

  9. We just sat down to egg white omelettes with mild cheddar cheese, onions and plum tomatoes, homemade carrot/bread crumb "sausage"(it's vegan, yum!) and plenty of hot sauce. Dessert? Mendoker's yellow birthday cake with their idea of buttercream, kiddle eats the icing, I eat the cake. We're a great team! I have two ripe pears waiting as well. Happy New Year!

  10. A friend in South Beach had a molasses pie on his menu. We agreed, a strong french press was the best taste with it. The pie overwhelmed epsressos and drip brews. I eventually preferred a strong pekoe tea with this pie, the astringency was a nice contrast. I'm not a big fan of molasses, though, I admit.

  11. oh my, "the rape of the cuisine"...

    this is like when someone says white chocolate is my favorite chocolate, or do you like a good piece of meat well yes i eat KFC all the time...

    treat good coffee like you would any other ingredient, don't bastardise it...

    :blink: We've secretly replaced Humblekin's post with Folger Crystals, let's see if anyone notices! :laugh:

  12. I prefer my Cuban coffee with white sugar and some espressos the same. I really love the taste of a good African bean that's been VERY roasted, then put into Abrahim the ibrik and cooked with some Florida Crystals Sugar. That stuff is the bomb of taste, in my book!

    Sugar in my coffee

    Sugar in my tea

    Sugar in my oatmeal

    Sugar, lots for me!

  13. I am also allergic to tomatoes and have found that I am allergic to all nightshade plants and lilies as well. Yes, onions and garlic are in that bunch! How about your brother? Has he noticed problems from ingesting, say, potatoes or eggplant as yet? I've found that as a few years pass, the allergies have lessened, perhaps because I abstained for so long, and now eat those items sparingly. Very difficult for a Syrian girl!

  14. I thought about this a few years ago. I would be a boniato. There are so many reasons! People may not like me when they skim my surface, but if you get thorough that to my center I'm perfectly good in every way. I'm unusual and complex to many, when I should be considered common and simple, I'm easy to cultivate but thought of as difficult by some. I'm tropical but grow and thrive anywhere I'm planted. I had a record company a couple of years ago, and named it Boniato!

  15. breakfast burritos (I had to use up the last of the flat bread I made Friday morning), lovely fried egg whites with leftover salsa and lots of chopped red leaf lettuce. mine had hot sauce, kiddle's had fresh chopped tomatoes. Second course, Ibrik coffee, lots of cardamom and sugar!!!! Kiddle also ate a few strings of Syrian string cheese... smelled so good! That was at 10am, we're still too full to eat another meal!

  16. I have mentioned elsewhere that my partner absolutely loves Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni, so there's usually some of that on hand.

    I've been to Shop Rite and FoodTown here in the Marlboro/Freehold area now and can't seem to find this stuff! I can't stand it! What, exactly, is Hamburger Helper? Where is it located in the food stores? I've just got to get some and try it! I feel like an idiot, today I asked the nice man who was stocking the canned fruit, he looked with me, but neither of us could find the stuff. WAH!

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