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  1. I just have to add my worthless opinion here, as service work and the pay thereof are very dear subjects to me. From my own personal experience in food service and in other service industries, I say, BRAVO to Per Se, and I'm sure that after the change has become routine, the pay will be where it was before, if not higher, for the heightened sense of team work it will bring.

  2. Yep, it's a fryer container with clips on the top insides, to hold the 'stick' while the dog is frying. YUM! I dream of a kosher dog wrapped in corn bread batter, but it will probably never happen. I really like the batter, but the dogs could use some 'help'.

  3. I still miss Food Sticks (or Space Food Sticks).  I loved the peanut butter flavored ones.

    Space Food Sticks! They're still around. I bought a caseload a couple of years ago and ate one package. The rest went onto ePay. Peanut butter was my old favorite, too, but they only had chocolate available at the time. If someone would tell me how to put up n eGullet frinedly link to a supplier, I'd be glad to.

  4. I use chick pea flour to make crackers mostly. Kiddle doesn't care for the distinctive taste, but I do. I'm going to try it mixed with potato flour for a pizza dough, it tends to have a spiciness that I think will lend it to pizza favorably. Pam, I agree with you about rice flour, and it has much less nutritive value than other alternative flours. I just skip it completely.

  5. OK, I'll try... tonight we ate a salad of the only vegetables left in the house... 1/2 a head of red cabbage, a cucumber, 1/2 a tomato, 1/2 an onion, some steamed broccoli and some steamed cauliflower, all tossed with balsamic, the last of the fresh basil and olive oil...eaten with a half a slab of challah leftover from yesterday. Dessert? some leftover grilled pineapple from yesterday's breakfast.

    We're either eating oatmeal or raisin bran for breakfast because we're running out of food and I wanrt to save the eggplant and eggs for supper! I hate food shopping sometimes, just NOT in the mood this weekend. SO... is scavenging the dregs in the refrigerator slumming it?

  6. Yeah! The food sounds great, we'll be visiting there sometime in the near future to see for ourselves. We like braised lamb, but we don't make it at home. Since you're mentioning what you say happened and then saying you didn't report it at the time, it must have been just bad enough to get you to leave without paying and bad mouth the place, but not bad enough to call the police about? It seems strange to me, that you'd go to all the trouble to write about this incident here, but not to call the police at the time it happened, or even now.

  7. I'm bad. My favorite thing is the small ibrik that I own. I make a mean little cup every other morning in it. I can 'read' your coffee grounds, too. I have a french press for most guests, though. I don't think Americans as a rule can easily care for Middle Eastern style coffee. I don't even talk about my little ibrik. My sweet little ibrik! His name is Abrahim, BTW. I adore him, he's dented, stained and tin lined. I've got a half pound of Sumatra this month. Yum. OK, now I need a second cup.

  8. Mustard, YES! Eggs, YES! Cracked pepper, YES!

    My mother made a potato salad that barely made it to the meal. She used hard boiled eggs alongside the potatoes and chopped raw onions as well. I remember mustard, vinegar and her cracking the peppercorns for the salad. I can not remember the details other than that. Ah, freshly blendered mayonnaise, but minus the sometimes addition of garlic. Oh, how we would sit at her elbows and beg to eat the salad while it was still warm. Now I've had other potato salads, I tend to like them all, but the family style one is my favorite. Mom was from Boston, by the way.

  9. I spent days naked in the tub eating mango after mango. I just couldn't stop. And, yes, they're one of my kiddle's favorite fruits to this day. However, my ex had his own weird cravings, and they usually involved me cooking for HIM in the middle of the night. There was the evening he woke me up at 3am to make pancakes for him. And I still remember roasting an entire turkey for his fresh turkey breast sandwich craving on the night I went into premature labor.

  10. Just off the top of my head, here's a basic list I seem to rely on not to spoil.


    chopped salads (we pack the dressing separately)

    parmesan cheese (great for eating alone or topping other things with)

    fruits- dried or fresh, whole or in oatmeal or chopped into salads

    fruited breads

    toast soldiers for dipping into things

    vegetables-dried or fresh, raw, baked, roasted, stirfried

    vegetable or fruit soup (pureed butternut squash, tomato, spinach/onion or pumpkin are favorites)

    pasta/brown rice and vegetables tossed with olive oil or soy sauce

    hummous tahine

    bean pastes for spreading or eating with vegetables

    tofu and vegetable with brown rice

    vegetable broth with tofu

    stuffed grape leaves

    vegetable pizza (kiddle will eat almost any combo of food if it's baked on dough)

    spring rolls

    vegetable sushi


    sunflower seeds

    tins of tuna

    chocolates mixed with dried fruit and cereal (we put them in an old candy tin)

    Gee, I'm a boring lunch mom. School starts in a couple of weeks here. I'd better get some grape leaves, kiddle relies on those to get her international junk food trades. :wink:

  11. No fair deciding my ewww is ridicule. I'm just completely amazed, hey, keep 'em coming! I'm keeping this thread on my list because I think of myself as a lazy eater, but can't think of anything to add to the forum other than my admiration of other's real slummin' foods. Every day now I look at the concoctions of the day and feel inadequate, my 30 minute pizzas and fudgey 20 minute brownie binges just don't cut it here. :raz:

  12. OK, folks, my daughter is an absent minded slob and at 15 we've lost VERY FEW containers. Here's why: I go to the craft shop and buy those puffy paint pens; every couple of years we get different colors, right now it's purple, 2 years ago it was a black 'n' red pirate theme. We decorate her containers and write her name on her flatware and her thermal containers too. Kiddle LOVES anything personalized and arty like that, and she rarely loses anything. Well, unless she loses the entire lunch bag, but that's another thread completely.

  13. One of my daughter's favorite lunch items is raw veggies with a tiny container of balsamic vinegar for dipping. When she was a toddler she also liked soy sauce for dipping, and I used to water it down quite a bit. I make home made potato chips ( slice potatoes, sprinkle with kosher salt, bake on cookie sheet sprayed with olive oil in 375 oven for 20-35 minutes) and send her with those often too. She's used them as a vehicle for peanut butter or whatever salad I've sent her with. We're big on items in containers that she can eat without a fork or spoon. She just reminded me, her favorite lunches always contain stuffed grape leaves. They're good for finger food if you haven't sauced them too much, and you can put almost anything in them. We're members of the school or rice and sometimes hashu (rice and lamb stuffing) but we've been known to make them with ground poultry too. You can make a lot of these buggers at once for future use, and they freeze well, too. I guess a good approach for you is to make a list of his favorite foods and figure out portable ways with them. Looking at this ridiculous post, that's what we've done. Oh, and don't forget the note on the napkin! Or the sticker, in the box, for lunch time mayhem.

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