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    Cocoa Powder

    the ones i liked are: van houten and green's and black, aroma and taste!
  2. I've made the low and lush chocolate cheesecake. my family loved it very much. It was easy to make using the food processor method which produced a creamy mixture.
  3. hello, i'm looking for on-line magazines that features good pastry and desserts recipes. got any clue?
  4. Flo Braker book " festive baker" in november 2008 I'm looking forward to it, what about you?
  5. I use lindt chocolate all the time in my recipes, because it's the only quality chocolate i can find in grocery stores. i worked with the dark chocolate melted for cakes and chopped for cookies and the resaults were good. Frankly speeking i had a fluid consintisty when i used there white chocolate as a ganache for topping cakes, i had to put the melted white chocolate in thr fridge a while to work with it.
  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! disapointing.
  7. chiantiglace: i know that there are million ways to make this cake and i tried some but the resaults did'nt satisfied me. cadbury: thanks for the link, i'll give a try.
  8. HI, I'm looking from a long time for a no-bake chessecake recipe that containes unflavored gelatin. if have a link or a true delicious recipe, please help me with it Thanks in advance.
  9. I have her both books. I've only tried " cornmeal pound cake" from the simple art of perfect baking and it was delicious. I also read her columens in SF GATE. And ofcourse i'm waiting like others for her new book " baking for all occasions ". I trust in Flo Braker books.
  10. i made the brownie buttons yesterday with out the glaze......so delicious. This is the second recipe i tried from the book and i can't wait to make more
  11. cupcakes by elinor klevins and 125 cup cakes.
  12. Congratulations Dorie!......You so deserve it! And a blog too? wow i'm exited
  13. I bought " The essential baker", not as i expected. A very few recipes for cookies, mostly fruit tarts. All sweets no bread!
  14. yesterday i made the classic banana bundt cake. My huspend said: i don't like banana cakes, but this one is so delicious! Thanks dorie for this great book.
  15. King arthur flour is aunching a new magazine called " The Bakers Companion". Any one knows where to buy it on line beside thier site?
  16. mikki: I know about Emily Luchetti new book, but i did not list it because i think it's a bout classic desserts......I'm looking for somthing new. Is there somthing new in her book? JacobCooks: Yes i think it's by: Pichet Ong
  17. Interesting books will be published in 2007: - The essentail Baker - The best bake sale cookbook - The art of desserts - icebox cakes - panna cotta - The sweet spot: asian inspired desserts - Apassion for Baking "Marcy Goldmen" Know any more?
  18. I'm looking for a source on line to buy mary ann and daisy ann cake pans . Where can i fine them beside williams-sonoma?
  19. I would suggest: The cake book by Tish Boyle & Perfect cakes by Carol Walter.......for the extensive information and the numbers of recipes.
  20. Amazing photos patrick. can't wait to recive my book
  21. Thnaks summersun for posting the recipe and a double thanks tokristin.
  22. I found out 2 days ago on e-cook books site that "baking from my home to yours" is available now and was published on august!!. Also other new books whcih will be released this month, earlier that AMAZON?? Any one got a clue? Is it true?
  23. Kristin, thanks alot for taking the time to translate the cake ingredients. But what about the frosting? What kide of frosting the chef used or is it just whipped cream? Rodney, thanks also for the link.
  24. I'm looking for the most beatiful and delicious green tea cake, like this one. which looks like chiffon. I tried traslating it but it was'nt clear .
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