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    worst rum

    Though we disagree on the Bacardi 8yr old, the raging cat was the smile of the week!!Thanks, Kevin
  2. KOK

    worst rum

    With Passover coming up mid-April, you should be able to score sugar-Coke with out trouble. And my cousin who used to live in Teaneck brought me a couple of six pack cans which I greatly prefer to the 2-liter bottles that are usually available. Scope out any Kosher butchers or grocers in areas with a bigger Jewish poulation for those (near) perfect Cuba cocktails .Thanks, Kevin
  3. KOK

    Rock & Rye

    I doubt I'll make Jacquin's R&R my next liquor purchase but I'm glad to have read a positive review written by someone with substantial brown booze experience. I had assumed the Jacquin's R&R was some sort of oversweetened carmel-colored nonsense but, now, who knows, at $10/750ml it may well be an impulse buy at some point. At the very least it's good to know that I don't have to make it from scratch if I get the itch to try it. Kurt ← The Jacquin's isn't bad at all, especially when it's on sale for $5.99 in dangerous looking liquor stores in southeast D.C. (no offense meant to anyone).And it's best ordered in bars as a 'double' with "seven Carling's" Thanks, Kevin
  4. If you haven't already tasted it (or if you have ), call K-Paul's to ensure having the coconut cake when you go. One of the best pieces of cake I've had in my life. Thanks, Kevin
  5. It's like the Washington Shopper's Plate for restaurants While I've always had great luck at Ruth's Chris, I too would say Capitol Grille for the dry-aged beef. Thanks, Kevin
  6. KOK

    Best pit bbq

    Ha!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else get this Kevin
  7. ABC app? Saw it a while ago.About two weeks ago I saw "OPENING SOON - Positions Available - Inquire Within" ← On another board (CH), Mr Landrum posted on Feb 8th that they're looking at 6-10 weeks.Thanks, Kevin
  8. Definitely the bottle . I have a couple of little snifters (5-6 oz.) I got free from Knob Creek bourbon and they do nicely for a glass of Gosling's Old Rum, Havana Club Reserva and the like. If I'm making a Ti` Punch, Dark & Stormy, etc, I use a regular Old Fashioned glass. Thanks, Kevin
  9. All these answers are great, thanks so much. Are you sure about the fifth being the 'bum' bottles? I always thought a fifth was a fifth of a gallon (and all references I've seen/read in movies and books would make it seem so). Also, a fifth of a gallon is 25.6 ounces and a 750ml bottle is 25.38 ounces so that's also why I thought a fifth was (almost) the same as a 750ml. Anyway, I appreciate the responses and am glad the rum I was given was Havana Club Thanks again, Kevin
  10. I did this just today with Campbell's Chunky Steakhouse Chili, though it was at room temperature so it wasn't that bad. Often (sadly) I'm too slothful to microwave whatever is in the can . Thanks, Kevin
  11. Marathon Deli is alive and well in College Park, and it seems to be the same owners, but I could easily be wrong. Truly the "best in the city."Thanks, Kevin
  12. I recently got a bottle of rum in the size 1.14 liters. This is apparently common outside the U.S. but I was wondering why this volume was chosen? I know 750 ml is very close to the old U.S. fifth of liquor, and one liter and 1.75 liters makes sense, but why 1.14? Why not 1.25? Any thoughts? Thanks, Kevin
  13. First off, LOVE your user name Though I very much like a Dark & Stormy (Gosling's Black Seal and [preferably Barritt's Bermuda] Ginger Beer), I also like to sip a glass of Gosling's neat now and then, maybe a couple of times a month. I might have a Dark & Stormy two or three times a week. I'll also sip a glass of Havana Club Anejo Reserva or 7 Year Old a few times a month as well. Thanks, kevin
  14. KOK

    Bad service

    I wouldn't feel the least bit bad, and I worked as a busboy so now, overtipping is my policy. If there were slowness problems in the kitchen, she should have come over and explained. If I'm forwarned, I can take a lot, if I have a glass of water and some bread. It sounds like she couldn't have given a tinker's damn about you so I wouldn't have have given stiffing her a second thought. Service has to be purposefully bad and it seems like this time it was. Thanks, Kevin
  15. I'm too lazy to even bother heating up the pan If a hot dogs and champagne meal was good enough for Marlene Dietrich, it's good enough for me. Thanks, Kevin
  16. Thanks Jason. I should have been more clear in wanting to know if 1.14 liters represented some significant volume, or is it just an arbitrarily arrived at amount? Why not 1.25 liters which would sort of make sense?Thanks again, Kevin
  17. KOK

    Ti Punch

    I struck out trying to buy agricole in MD/DC/VA and ended up mail-ordering bottles of La Favorite blanc and Neisson's blanc from Sam's Wine in Chicago. You must have a D.C. mailing address (or a friend in DC) as they cannot ship to MD or VA. It was a little expensive but not outrageous. Here is one recipe for Ti Punch. Thanks, Kevin
  18. Last night a friend brought me a bottle of Havana Club Anejo Reserva they got in Montreal. I was surprised to see it was 1.14 liter bottle. Is this common in other countries? I've seen 750 ml and liter bottles, but never this size. Is 1.14 liters a certain or approximate amount (as a fifth [1/5th of a gallon] is approximately 750ml +/-). I saw on-line today a Monteal store also has Bailey's Irish Creme in 1.14 liter bottles. Thanks for any input. Kevin
  19. Jason is quite right. The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has a good selection of rum and often has three or four of the Havana Club rums available. My cousin went to Toronto last year and I called LCBO toll free from the U.S. and they brought in several bottles of H.C. 7 year old from various stores to the store closest to my cousin's hotel. Thanks, Kevin
  20. I am curious why the co-op has been hurt severely by TJ's? Is the TJ's THAT much closer (1 block) that people wouldn't walk just a bit more to go to the co-op? If TJ's prices are that much lower that so many people left the co-op, were they only shopping at the co-op because there was no place else to shop? I am all for loyalty to local / mom & pop operations, and will even go out of my way to patronize them, but from what I gather from your post (and I could easily be wrong) many people left the co-op to go 1 block away for better prices or things they could not get at the co-op. Why, otherwise, would they not still shop at the co-op? Thanks, Kevin
  21. Very intersting. I cannot tell from the Fact/Sell sheets if the "virgin honey" is sugar cane juice/syrup or molasses. I'll have to be on the lookout for it, I don't ever recall seeing it. Do you mind if I ask what the bottle cost? I didn't see a MSRP in the info. Thanks, Kevin
  22. Uh, human's are primates, and how else are you supposed to eat a banana? ← *in my best posh british accent* why with a fork and a knife, course. Humph, heathens. ← I am very curious if you eat all fruit with a fork and knife? I've never seen anyone eat a banana with utensils (except for the one in a banana split). This sounds like something out of a Sienfeld episode where they were eating Snicker bars (I think) with a knife and fork.If you do eat bananas with a knife and fork, I mean NO disrespect by my post. If it was meant as a joke, I'm a knuckle-dragger and didn't get it. Thanks, Kevin
  23. I find this both fascinating and ridiculous . I guess I never though to use words like resinous, marsh gas, or nail varnish remover when describing rum (or whiskey). I'm a mouth breather and must reduce my assesments to "I like it" or "I don't like it" . I admire those of you who are into this enough to learn all about it. Thanks, Kevin
  24. I received a reply from Lagniappe.com that basically said Hubig's isn't answering their office phone so Lagnaippe could not place orders, but that they have seen Hubig's trucks on the road so they are making pies. They also said that 60 pies was the minimum order, but that they (lagniappe) couldn't give a shipping date. Hopefully soon, Thanks, Kevin http://www.lalagniappe.com/hubigs_pies.htm
  25. Though I don't know what an "ur-whisky" is, cdh is right that there is no ONE whiskey to represent them all. Just as you couldn't drink Gosling's Black Seal and know what Bacardi is like, though they are both rums, Knob Creek bourbon is completely different than Paddy Irish whiskey. Larger liquor stores usually have a good selection of miniature (airline bottles) and that is a great suggestion to try many whiskeys without spending a fortune. Thanks, Kevin
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