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  1. The Romans had it right, hair of the dog all the way. ← I will also recommend this treatment as it's always been my assertion that you cannot be (much like being pregnant and not being pregnant) drunk AND hungover at the same time.Thanks, Kevin
  2. I have a jar of Luzianne Creole Mustard in the fridge and two in the closet. I fear in a year or so I may have the only one left as it seems it is no longer made.If anyone knows of a source, I'd be grateful Thanks, Kevin http://www.outdoorhomegoods.com/product/0iiiilvdp8.html
  3. Color me ignorant but what's a "$200 blow-out"?Agree with 2 Amy's. Near the erstwhile Eastern Market is Mangialardo's, a very good hoagie shop. It's Mon-Fri only, I think at 13th and Penn SE. Get the G-Man on a hard roll. Thanks, Kevin
  4. I have always heard very good things about Da Domenico (link below). It's been in Tyson's Corner for ever, though in all my times passing it, I never actually saw anyone go in or out.They do have some red sauce dishes, but also garlic/cream/wine sauces. If you haven't already sussed it out and written it off, it may work as it's nicer than chain type places and even mom & pop red sauce places from what I gather. Thanks, Kevin http://www.da-domenico.com/index.html
  5. I very much HOPE it's an isolated incident. Though it's been about 8 months since I've been, I have had consistently good meals at Sergio's. From the service to the food (excellent specials such as soft-shells and braciole) I've never had a bad experience and many friends who I've sent there have also liked it very much.Very sorry to read about your experience Thanks, Kevin
  6. Not that it will make it any better, but I saw a show on TV where the owners of Matteus' (sp?) ice cream also made Haagen-Dazs and Reuben Matteus, who seemed like a regular joe type guy, and not pretentious, made up the name because he and his wife thought it sounded exotic and he thought that would justify the higher price to consumers.You are 100% right in re the corn syrup/sugar!! just use the darn sugar for goodness sake. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Not sure if it's open weekends but an Ollie burger and Ollie fries at Ollie's Trolley is a classic. It's on 12th Street one block north of Pennsylvania Ave. Thanks, Kevin
  8. I'm kind of vanilla so I only have two to list. 1. Louisiana Gold Red - Sort of a mix of Tabasco and Texas Pete style sauces. It has both red peppers and Tabasco peppers. Not readily available outside the South, I order it from Bruce Foods. Has much more (and better IMHO opinion) flavor than plain Texas Pete type sauces and not as hot as Tabasco. 2. Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally Habanero - Hotter than LA Gold but still with very good flavor. I guess I'll also throw in the bright red sauce with the rooster on the bottle. That style has likely been mentioned supra, but I've no idea what it's called. Thanks, Kevin
  9. I'm curious where you bought it if it was Sunday. I think Frederick has some liquor stores open but I'm not sure. Most all stores are closed for liquor sales Sundays. I'm also a bit sad to see the price was $10.99, which, while a good value is $3 to $4 more than I'm used to paying. I bought 3 bottles some time ago so maybe there was a price increrase. LOVE Pikesville Rye!!Kevin State Line Liquors in Elkton, MD. Where can you get it for $7.99? ← I've bought it in Westminster for $7.99 (before 10% coupon) though I see now it's listed at $8.99 which would make it $8.50 or so w/ coupon. (link below). I've also got it for $7.75 at Corridor in Laurel (Rt 198 and the BW Parkway) for $7.75, though I've not been there for a couple of years. State Line may be a bit higher as they have Sunday hours and are right on the border so they probably get good interstate business. Thanks, Kevin http://www.cranberryliquors.com/Spirits.htm#Rye
  10. I'm curious where you bought it if it was Sunday. I think Frederick has some liquor stores open but I'm not sure. Most all stores are closed for liquor sales Sundays. I'm also a bit sad to see the price was $10.99, which, while a good value is $3 to $4 more than I'm used to paying. I bought 3 bottles some time ago so maybe there was a price increrase. LOVE Pikesville Rye!!Kevin
  11. Color me ignorant but if one is a lowly Maryland Terrapin, can they still purchase tickets? They ask for Louisianna school affiliation on the order form but it doesn't seem they would check.Thank you, Kevin
  12. I read on that 'hound' site that the original Mandina's is now open. Any info on this? I thought they opened one in Baton Rouge but this post made it seem like NOLa. Thanks, Kevin
  13. AV's is gone too, right? ← Per the Italian sounding guy who just answered the phone, AV will be open until the end of July.Thanks, Kevin
  14. Excellent post! I'm not a big fan of Frog & Onion, or Henry VII but I agree with much of what you recommend. One place I'll recommend is Fat Man's Cafe for one of the best fish cakes on the island. It's on Trackside Lane (off of Palmetto Road), across from the soccer field and is right on a bus route (#10 I think). This is total local color and few, if any tourists go there. Nothing fancy, just a great fish cake. I also like The Spot in downtown Hamiltown for fish chowder.I've been nine times but I've never even heard of Tom Moore's. I'll have to go my next trip. Thanks, Kevin
  15. In the US, an age statement is supposed to reflect the youngest rum in the bottle, not the oldest. Bacardi doesn't claim anything other than that the 8 is a trade name and it has no relevancy to the age of the spirit. And the 8 isn't meant to confuse you, that would be illegal. ← Thanks for chimming with the correction Ed. I guess I got the rum confused with balsamic vinegar .I didn't know that Bacardi 8 was only a trade name, but that would explain why it seems to retail for a relatively cheap price. I greatly prefer the 8 over plain ol' Bacardi, but now I know what the 8 really means. Thanks again! K
  16. Bacardi 8 is a good rum and can usually be had for a bargain price. I think what Ed means is that the '8' on Bacardi 8 signifies there is some eight year old rum in the bottle, but some, maybe most could be much younger. It's my understanding that the age number signifies the oldest rum in the blend, but it may not be a large % of the total volume.More knowledgeable rummys will correct me as needed. Thanks, Kevin
  17. I'm so glad you asked this question; I've been wondering the same thing. I bumped this up to emphasize the question. OK, gadgeteers: how does pushing down on a grid produce dice instead of matchsticks? ← Um, it's an onion, so it's already sliced horizontally, so to speak, since it's made up of layers. Do you slice your onions horizontally when using a knife to dice? ← Color me ignorant as I don't slice onions except as a rarity, and then to just halve or quarter them as I tear greatly. Now that I've been chastised for not knowing onions come "already sliced" I can better decide if I'll buy a chopper as I can take a minute or two of the cut onions if I get a quick dice.It truly never occured to me that onions are 'pre-sliced'. I guess Smithy and I are of the same ilk. Kevin
  18. Don't you have to pre-slice the onions horizontaly? If not, won't you end up with matchstick (depending on the size of the squares) slices of onion? Thanks, Kevin
  19. Faidley's and Pollock Johnny's at Lexington Market. Attman's for corned beef and a bologna wrapped natural casing hot dog. Ft Charles Pub for crabcake or burger (or both!). Capt Larry's for Dark & Stormy's and steamed shrimp. All relatively close to downtown. Thanks, Kevin
  20. KOK

    Flask Care

    Aluminum and lead are bad. I believe some silvers contain larger portions of lead. Pewter, perhaps? If your flask is made of those things, don't leave liquor in them.If it is solid stainless, no problems. ← I agree with David (above) that very hot water is all you need to clean the flask.And Erik is right that a stainless steel flask will not be a problem. Though I've never had liquor in my flask for more than a few hours. Kevin
  21. Shake-a-Pudding!!!Kevin http://www.roadode.com/eat_2.shtml
  22. Not sure if these are what chocomoo gets in Canada. Hopefully they're what you're looking for.Though it seems they vanished from the face of the earth, I'm still hoping to find marathon bars and Bonomo Turkish taffy. All the imitations fail to me. Thanks, Kevin
  23. I took the time (with my tiny and pathetic life) to read all the posts (it seems the thread has been locked) and even all the follow-up thread posts (since deleted) and it appears the OP wasn't 100% on the up-and-up. It also appeared (though some of the posts pointing to this were in the deleted 2nd thread) that either someone who works at, or knows someone at, the restaurant posted in refute without identifying them self.Ten minutes and $1.86 does seem amazingly trivial to be declared the worst experience of a life. Though I tend to be childish, if I were the original poster, as soon as the owner/employee chastised me beyond appropriateness (if this is what happened) I'd have thrown two dollars on the floor ala Sonny Corleone and the photographers at the weeding and left. Thanks, Kevin
  24. Mangialardo's (1317 PA Ave., SE) for a G-Man sub on a hard roll (or any other sub). Only open Mon-Fri 9 to 5 (or so). Thanks, Kevin
  25. Ditto to raw onions. One bite will ruin a meal for me. Of course fried onions are another story Thanks, Kevin
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