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  1. I am not Irish and have never been to Ireland, but a blurb on Eamonn's (named after the Chef's son) menu says the idea was born the first time the chef (a Dublin native) took his wife to Leo Burdock's.I do always ask friends going to Ireland to me back a bottle of Paddy, which as far as I can tell is unavailable in the U.S. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Made it to Eamonn's Saturday and was very pleased. The small cod ($4.00) was ample enough for one person and fried perfectly and not at all greasy (large is $6.99, I presume two pieces). The large chips ($3.50) were enough for two and I'm sure had I orderd the single ($2.50) it would have been enough. I also liked the Sarson's malt vinegar much more than the Heinz I have at home. Didn't get the batter burgher or sausage, but did have the fried snickers bar. The batter was a litle thick, but overall, it was a delicious treat. Make it a point to stop by Eamonn's soon. Thanks, Kevin
  3. CiCi's buffet rules! (a little) . The staff has always been friendly, they will make ANY pizza, on demand so if you want a piping hot, olive, pineapple, pepperoni taco pizza, it's yours. And their (almost) baked brownie dessert thing is chocolate excellence. Good salad bar selections too.And for <$5 with beverage! Thanks, Kevin
  4. Has anyone yet eaten at the newly opened Eamonn's fish and chips, etc place in Old Town Alexandria? I've read elsewhere that it's very good, but that the cod portion of the fish and chips is small (one piece). I'm hoping to get there this weekend or next to try the fish and chips, batter burger/sausage (or both ) and a fried Mars bar. Thanks very much, Kevin
  5. Several smiles in your post, though I don't agree 100% in re change as sometimes I want change and sometimes I don't .Other than that, I think I fall somewhere between you and Busboy. Thanks, Kevin ← I wasn't clear on that point - sorry. I meant they should always bring change and never ask. If I don't want change, I will tell the server when I hand over the check.So now we're in agreement - yes???? ← 99.99% . I guess I'm used to them always just asking, so I can either say yes, or keep the change. But it wouldn't be bad for a server to always just bring the change to be safe.Thanks, K
  6. Several smiles in your post, though I don't agree 100% in re change as sometimes I want change and sometimes I don't .Other than that, I think I fall somewhere between you and Busboy. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Very strange indeed. I have several bottles of Havana Club that while good, get much of their allure from their contraband status. I doubt I'd have kept purchasing bottles outside the U.S. if the embargo hadn't been in place. I don't think I'll be seeking out this super-premium mixer. Thanks, Kevin
  8. KOK

    Ti Punch

    'Tee' is correct or 'tea' if you prefer, it is a derivative of the French word 'petit.'Just don't call it a rum tee! ← D'Oh! Stupid me. It'll be teeeee from now on. Thanks, Kevin
  9. KOK

    Ti Punch

    No pronunciation guide on Wikepedia but I like the story about preparing your death. I say it like 'tie'. Thanks, Kevin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ti%27Punch
  10. Excellent topic! I'll 3rd "to die for". Those people should remember that actions speak louder than words. Also yummy and foodie. On a reverse note, I loath when people use delicious for anything other than food or drink (except for The Joker on old Batman re-runs). Thanks, Kevin
  11. This is probably not what you mean, but when ever I watch Emeril (which is rarely) he wipes his nose on the back of his hand at least twice a show and then goes on his merry way. No wiping, no nothing. ewwwww.Thanks, Kevin
  12. KOK

    Shipping Wine

    I've done single bottles (wine and liquor) at the post office with no trouble, simply declaring the contents as liquid (lemonade mix, or somesuch) and fragile. Never tried a case. Thanks, Kevin
  13. Though I'm not a big fan of Pusser's British Navy rum, I'll be sure to have a dram or two on Black Tot Day. And to be sure I observe in earnest, I'll then have a shot or two of Cruzan Blackstrap Navy rum. Now THAT I like Kevin
  14. If you think it's tacky, you're certainly entitled to your opinion.There's nothing hard about being Jewish, but I obviously failed in my humor attempt by simply using a smiley. And you're right. There is NO such thing as Kosher-style. Happy, merry! Kevin
  15. Very good point, but it doesn't always help. There's a yearly fundraiser on Christmas Eve in D.C. called The Gefilte Fish Gala. When it was created (as an alternative to The Matzoh Ball), the intended name was The Kosher Christmas Party. The Jewish newspaper in D.C. wouldn't run an ad for it unless Kosher certification could be shown. The event happened to fall on Friday night that year, and no truly observant person would have been there anyway as it's the start of the sabbath, but the newspaper refused to run the ad if it was called The Kosher Christmas Party so the name was changed last minute to the Gefilte Fish Gala (link for last year's below).It's HARD being Jewish, Kosher or not. Kevin http://www.gefiltefishgala.com/
  16. French Fries at The Potato Patch in Kennywood, outside of Pittsburgh. I've even taken my niece and her friends to Kennywood JUST to get some P.P. fries. Of course the JackRabbit and Steel Phantom are worth ridding. Thanks, Kevin
  17. KOK

    Ti Punch

    The Lyle's syrup is much, much thicker than what Ed is selling. The Lyle's is more like pancake syrup. It is (IMHO) definitely worth it to order Ed's syrup, esp to make a Ti Punch. Sam's Wine has a good selection of agricole and the price isn't too outrageous (if they ship to your state). I ordered a bottle of the Neisson white and the La Favorite white and both are good though I favor the Neisson. Thanks, Kevin http://www.samswine.com/
  18. Haven't been so I can't vouch, but supposed to be very good. Thanks, Kevin http://www.cherriesontop.net/
  19. Definitely several trips to Thrasher's. But you MUST eat them within 10 minutes or they mortify in the paper bucket. They do NOT have ketchup (the vinegar is the way to go) so if that is a must, bring little packets. I haven't been for a few years but in the past, Warren's Station up in Fenwick/Bethany was always very good. Thanks, Kevin http://www.warrensstation.com/
  20. Packs of 5 for $1.00 at most all Dollar Tree stores. Ehhhhhhxcellent!Kevin
  21. The pies arrived Wednesday (overnight), even though the tracking email said 2nd day express. The peach was excellent and the coconut was great too. It was all I could do to not try one of each flavor at one siting. Even if the shipping goes up from $4.95, hopefully it won't be too much as this a pretty reasonable indulgence. Thanks, Kevin
  22. Hubig's now offers pies on-line. A case of 12 for $25 ($4.95 shipping to D.C. area) or 10 pies plus a Hubig T-shirt for $35 plus shipping. Not cheap, but not super expensive. Thanks, Kevin
  23. Mr Saleton only makes me want to line up early at Ray's the Steaks. Perhaps he'd be happy if Soylent Green isn't too far off. Kevin
  24. Ah, the Yumbo, the meaty older brother of the Whaler Burger King now has the BK big fish, a poor imitation of the Whaler. Perhaps they'll introduce an updated version of the Yumbo. It wouldn't be as good though "Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce ..." Thanks, Kevin
  25. I remember a Kentucky Beef and Ham in Breezewood Pa. It had the same KFC colors. Never stopped in and it's no longer there.The only reference I could find was on a Washington State Transportation pdf. If you find-on-page for 'Kentucky', a few Kentucky Fried Chicken hits come up and then Kentucky Beef & Ham. Link below. Thanks, Kevin http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/mapsdata/TDO/PDF_a...locatorEA02.pdf
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