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    Whiny Diners

    I once wrote Tom Sietsema asking about your same situation, but he didn't answer. I've been in the shoes of the second couple, and always ask to be moved to a different table as we didn't want to feel crowded, and I'm sure the couple already there didn't want to be crowded either. I've been lucky that I've never been in your situation, and don't know that I'd ask to be moved after the first course. I't wouldn't "ruin" the meal, but I know I can't expect everyone to be like me and ask to move so if it ever happens, I'll just have to make the best of it. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Did the same thing with a ketchup bottle, but luckily (for me), I always shake the bottle back over my right shoulder. The guy in the booth behind me was none to pleased, but I did buy his meal. I now ALWAYS tighten the cap before shaking. Thanks, Kevin
  3. KOK

    Ziploc omelet

    I found a web video making a ziplock omelet. He used no butter and only boiled it for 10 minutes. Looked easy and like it worked fairly well. Thanks, Kevin
  4. KOK

    Strange Bars

    Were you in the Dexter Lake Club? Not at all odd or unhealthy. People like familiarity, and to feel like the belong. Sort of the like the bar in the show Cheers. "You want to go where everybody knows your name", even if some of the people are creepy. Thanks, Kevin
  5. When I tended bar the quarters added up. Five quaters beats a one dollar bill anytime. If a beer was 2.25 I was content with the three quarters. I worked at some upscale places, but it has been a while, never served a 15 dollar drink. A buck a drink ain't bad. I certainly do better than that if i feel it is earned. The amount of the tip is detemined by the place not the service? Bad service in a nice place with high priced drinks deserves a better tip than great service in a plain old bar? That logic escapes me. ← Perhaps I should have been more clear. If I get a $2.25 beer, I'll always leave a dollar (unless I'm running a tab, or the bartender was a jerk). If a beer is $5 or more, I'll likely leave two dollars. I would leave three dollars before I'd leave $2.50 (I wouldn't leave $2.50, but I understand what you mean that $2.50 is better than $2.00).No, bad service in a nice place would not get a higher tip than great service in a plain place. Good service gets a good tip and bad service gets a bad tip. While it's true equall service would likely get a better tip in a nicer place, since the drinks are more expensive, I don't tip more only because the tab is higher. Overtipping is my policy, whether I'm downing a boilermaker in a dive, or sipping a $40.00 single malt in a swank club, but the person has to earn it. Thanks, Kevin
  6. I agree with the dollar a drink in plain bars/pubs/taverns, and 20% or more in fancier places. If I'm running a tab, it's at least 20%. I also never leave coins, unless the service was poor and I'm leaving close to 15%. Thanks, Kevin
  7. KOK

    Rum Punch

    I thought I had an old bottle of Meyer's around but it's gone. I don't think the bottles now say anything about Planter's punch. Theres' a poem often listed for a punch recipe: One of Sour, Two of Sweet, Three of Strong, And Four of Weak with the explanation given as such: Sour (lime juice), Sweet (simple syrup), Strong (rum) and Weak (water), so your sodawater would certainly qualify. The recipe that went with the poem was: 3 oz lime juice 6 oz simple syrup 9 oz rum 12 oz water grated nutmeg a few dashes of Angostura bitters Other recipes use orange and pineapple juice instead of water or soda water. Thanks, Kevin
  8. 6 out of 11. I'm slightly better than a Visigoth Thanks, Kevin
  9. I think you probably had the Presidente margarita, or a very close cousin. It IS a good margarita as it's made with good tequila and Cointreau. I had a couple last year at a fundraiser function, and liked them very much, though If it wasthe same thing, I got the bartender to drop the brandy and to add fresh lime juice (that was a chore). I LOVED the self sreve shaker! If one finds themself at Chili's, the premo margarita isn't a bad way to go. Thanks, Kevin "Presidente Margarita® Shake up your day w/our distinctive, hand-shaken Margarita made with Sauza® Conmemorativo Tequila, Cointreau® and Presidente® Brandy."
  10. If Foie gras is outlawed, only outlaws will have Foie gras . I agree with the poster upthread that one difference between eating Foie gras and second hand smoke is that eating Foie gras is FAR less likely to annoy the senses of those around you (except perhaps on an airplane). I think, as others have said, it will likely die in committee. This thread seems to be getting a bit sanctamoneous . Thanks, Kevin
  11. Aaron, Here are some recommendations. If you have email address, PM or email through eGullet as I have other info for off the board. Thanks, Kevin The Spot, a couple of blocks off of Front St (on Burnaby I think) has great fish chowder and reasonable daily specials (Bermuda is a bit expensive). The fish cakes - very Bermudian - are good as well. The Captains Lounge on Reid Street was recommeded by a cabbie but we didn't make it. Don't miss the Swizzle Inn for fish chowder (with a splash of sherry pepper sauce and black rum from cruets), fish and chips as well as the signature rum swizzle. Across from the Swizzle Inn is a great ice cream place. Dennis' Hideaway in St George's has been very good in the past. The Lobster Pot was also very good several years ago. If spiney lobster is in season, it's a very good treat. Monty's (On Pitt's Bay Rd - between Front St and the Bacardi Bldg) also came highly recommended. Some formalish recs in Hamilton are Portofino's and Ascot's Flanagan's is a fun Irish pub/restaurant with a 2nd floor balcont overlooking Front St. Be sure to try a Dark & Stormy, Bermuda's other drink besides the rum swizzle Let me know if I can be of more help. Thanks, Kevin
  12. Aaron,I tried to PM you twice today but it doesn't seem they went through. Let me know if you got the PM recs, Thanks, Kevin
  13. I thought about brisket, but they're kind of expensive and I pretty much only get them for the holidays. I was hoping there might be a (kind of) inexpensive kosher cut similar to a butt that might work.I usually just by chicken, hamburger and the occasional steak. Thanks, Kevin
  14. Melissa, Can you (or anyone) recommend a Kosher piece of meat the might be (somewhat) similar to a Boston butt or pork shoulder? I know it's comparing apples and oranges (or pigs and cows) but I'm hoping to make a reasonable substitute. Thanks very much, Kevin
  15. I'm curious if you've made a decision on the Gosling's Old Rum. While I enjoy it, I didn't really find it that much better than the Gosling's Black Seal, and to me, definitely not worth the extra $50 or so.I know others have far more sophisticated palates than I do, and can discern the subtleties of the Old Rum v. the regular Black Seal. What were your thoughts? Thanks, Kevin
  16. Just call room service and order. In fact, order as many orders of it as you want. They'll deliver. --Dave ← Thanks Dave. I got the impression from all the info I've read that the 24 hour room service was kind of a limited menu, but based on your suggestion, I'll certainly give it a shot. Thanks again! Kevin
  17. KOK

    Subway - The Topic

    That's exactly my point, Solly. Try packing fifty pounds of sand into a backpack and schlepping the pack for three or four miles. See how you're schvitzing? That's how much effort it takes to carry an overweight body, and it demonstrates why walking is such a great exercise for losing weight. ← Exactly right, Fresser. Also why Clay Henry (the fireman version of Jarod) wanted to drop the excess weight.. Thanks, Kevin
  18. I will be going on a cruise in June and have not been assigned a table (we did get the requested 2nd seating) so can anyone say if they've greased the Maitre D' before sailing to get assigned a table for two? If so, how much? We'd also prefer not to take clothes for the 'formal night' and I was wondering if anyone has given their waiter a little extra to get the lobster in-room that only seems to be served on the formal nights. Any other advice is also welcome. Thanks very much, Kevin
  19. Since my hypocrisy is boundless, I find nothing wrong with the pre-tip/bribe, but I also agree 100% with you calling out the boss for cutting in line to nab the mousse. I guess it's a situational thing for me. If I'm on line at the bank and Jed Clampett comes in, I'm not surprised he gets his own banker for his 100 million dollars. If Joe Schmuckatelli comes in, he has to wait like everyone else and I be mad if he jumped to the front by offering $20 to a cashier. But the guys who gave the boxing usher $50 to go to ringside seats give me no trouble. I'll continue to tip bartenders at open bar events, and grease a Maitre D' if I really want to get into a 'booked-for-months' restaurant. If I'm going to hell for that, I already have my bottle of SPF Hades sunscreen so I'm prepared Thanks, Kevin
  20. Coke Classic is made with corn syrup, while KfP is Coke Classic made with sugar. I don't believe just plain Coke exists anymore. That was the horrible drink they came out with in 1985 when they switched from sugar to corn syrup. Soon enough, they had both Coke and Coke Classic. Over time, plain old Coke went away (I haven't read Jason's blog, but it likely says the same thing.) Thanks, Kevin
  21. You tip the deli meat slicer?Is it really a question of better service and better product? Or is it a question of feeling in control, the sense that the world works a certain way because you (and here I don't mean Daniel, but pretty much anybody) make it work that way? ← While I agree that the deli slicer may be a bit much, I do think it's about better service or product. If you can pay $5 to skip a 1/2 wait for a cab, that is better service, or at least a better experience, to me. Sometimes one has to wait on line, or take what is given, and sometimes it doesn't matter. But on occasions when you don't want to, or can't wait; or you want something better than the standard being offered, a tip/bribe (I'm using the terms interchangeably and NOT including the illegal form of bribe) works wonders. Thanks, Kevin
  22. But that was before he realized he was dealing with Abe Froman I've always had great luck with the pre-tip, whether it was giving the bartender a $10 when everyone had drink tickets (no wait for me the whole night), or spotting the waiter a $20 at an unlimited champagne/vodka drinks buffet (never left the table except for the bathroom). I could easily see the money refused, or kept to no benefit, so I understand those against the practice, though I can't see it as immoral. Of course it took me a while to figure out MD was Maitre D' and not medical doctor. Thanks, Kevin
  23. "Gold, Jerry. Gold." Kevin
  24. If you mean the Coke sold year round (made with corn syrup) in the little glass bottles is better than the year round Coke in cans, I'd agree. If you mean the corn syrup Coke in little glass bottles is better than the K for P sugar coke in cans, I disagree. The sugar Coke, to me, is always better than the corn syrup Coke.=R= - Consider yourself lucky to find the Coke in six-pack cans. I've never seen it the D.C./Baltimore area in anything except VERY inconvenient 2 liter bottles. I have seen it in New York and also in Pittsburgh, but for whatever reason, Coke chooses to not distribute the cans in the D.C. area Thanks, Kevin
  25. I want to fly with YOU .I also like to make Italian sandwiches, and I never include onions. While there will always be something that offends the nose of someone, onions (which I don't like raw anyway) seem to cause a strong odor on planes while the ingredients above are pretty much benign. Thanks, Kevin
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