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  1. Sort of similar (while still different) is Cruzan Blackstrap Navy rum. It has a big mollassas taste and mixes well with Coke or juice. It is fairly inexpensive so if you give it a try and don't like it, you aren't out much cash. I especially like the Gosling in a Dark & Stormy, and it's the tops if you also have Barritt's Ginger Beer from Bermuda like the Gosling's. Thnaks, K
  2. Markus, Do you know if weinquelle.com ships to the United States? Thank you, Kevin
  3. The Original Hot Dog Shop (The 'O', or Dirty 'O') is a Pitt classic. A fish sandwich at Wholey's or Benkovitz in the Strip should also not be missed (I'm partial to Wholey's). A burger at Tessarro's is always voted best in the city, though try to go at an off time or it's very crowded. Thanks, K
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