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    First bake in my new "old" Guardian cookware.
    I decided that I would bake bread in each of the pots.
    Made four batches of dough last night. Two 500g batches each with 50g of sourdough discard and 1gram of yeast and one 750g batch with 60g of sourdough discard and 1gram of yeast and one 1000g gram batch with just 2g of yeast.
    They all went into the fridge after the last stretch and folds except for the 1000g batch which I left out on the counter for a slow overnight rise. It was ready to divide and shape at 4:00 AM. Separated the dough into a large boule, and 7 smaller rolls and one slightly larger.
    The 7 rolls were baked in the chicken fryer pan, the slightly larger roll in the 1 quart pan and the large boule in the roaster.
    I have the 750g batch out of the fridge and coming to room temperature and will bake two more boules, one in each of the two remaining pots, the 2 quart and the 3 quart sometime later this morning.
    Two more boules baked in the 2 quart and 3 quart vintage Guardian pots.
    50grams of sourdough discard and just one gram of yeast in 500g of flour at 70% Hydration.
    This dough was left in the fridge overnight.



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  2. 7 minutes ago, Lancelot said:

    Very cool. Where did you manage to find those beauties ? 

    @Lancelot they were posted on the local FB Marketplace.   And I knew I had to have them. Not that I need or even

    have space for more pans.   But the price was right and I thought that because of the domed lids they would be perfect for baking bread.

    Will find out tomorrow.  I started four batches of dough and will finish the last stretch and fold before bed and I'll bake in the morning.



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  3. @Smithy, I'm not an expert.  I just like baking bread.   

    I know that you  need to make sure that the gluten is well developed.

    I just do the stretch and fold method and I often do it over a 2 to 3 hour period with longer autolzye rests. 

    I like to look for bubble development under the skin.    

    Almost all of the loaves are started in the CSO on the bread setting so that it gets well steamed during the first 10 minutes. 

     Larger rounds are baked in a Dutch Oven in place of steaming. 

    If I want a darker crust, I just bake it longer.  But that doesn't make the crust thicker just darker. 


    I also think that the flour used makes a big difference.


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  4. 16 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    I know you're not a huge salad fan, but did you like this?  Looks SO good to me.

    @Shelby, yes, although NOT a big fan of salad or fish, I do love spot prawns.  And avocado.


    This is a "salad" I've been making for years. Makes  a nice first course for a dinner party. 




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  5. 6 hours ago, Owtahear said:

    I played around with Duck Confit a L'Orange

    That looks delicious.  I love an orange sauce with duck.


    Last night's dinner.
    Prawn and Avocado Salad.
    I haven't made it in a while.
    Getting seafood'd out. I think I need meat for the next couple of days.
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  6. On 3/12/2021 at 7:06 AM, Smithy said:

    What *I* want to know is why that split looks so lovely and delicious in your bread, and so like incompetence in mine!  xD

    An impulse buy.
    Five pieces of Vintage Guardian Service Ware.
    It is my intention to use the three larger pots as Dutch Ovens for baking bread.
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  7. I had planned to cook halibut for dinner last night, but wasn't hungry for a big dinner and Moe wasn't either.
    So I made him the Prawn Cocktail.
    Cooked the halibut for him this morning in a Halibut and Spinach Pie topped with mashed potatoes.
    I layered the little casserole with cooked spinach and topped with the filet of halibut, leaving in one piece and
    covered with a cream sauce and topped with mashed potatoes. 
    As you can see from the empty dish, Moe loved it.
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  8. Moe's dinner.
    I had planned on doing something with halibut and prawns but by the time I got
    home from work I wasn't hungry so I just made Moe a Spot Prawn Cocktail with homemade Remoulade Sauce.
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  9. 29 minutes ago, Dejah said:
    57 minutes ago, Ann_T said:

    I too am jealous of your fresh seafood, especially the halibut!

    @Dejah, well what I have been getting from Walcan is vacuumed frozen.  Although they do offer specials on fresh when available.  Recently they offered

    fresh Dover sole, and Black Cod (Sable) which I missed out on.   Not sure when Halibut season opens. I haven't seen it fresh in the market yet, but I'm hoping to order

    fresh halibut and fresh Spot Prawns when both are in season.  


    I currently have both Wild Spring and Sockeye in the freezer, Albacore (sashimi grade), Petrale sole, Halibut,  and 1 1/2 pounds of tail only Spot Prawns.  Also 6 East Coast lobsters, cooked and frozen. I was concerned about buying frozen cooked lobsters, but I used two of them in pasta the other day and they were really tasty.   And this morning after the delivery  I'll have four more pounds of Halibut and the Swimming Scallops. 


    Moe loves fish and thinks he has died and gone to heaven.

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  10. 3 hours ago, weinoo said:

    I am jealous of all your salmon!

    @weinoo, if you lived closer I would share some.  I've have eaten more fish in the last two weeks than I would normally eat in six months.

    And more to come.   I have four pounds of Halibut and five pounds of Swimming Scallops arriving today from Tide to Table Walcan Seafoods.  

    I'm not big on scallops but these little scallops in pretty pink shells are suppose to be "clam" like so I'm thinking I'll make a chowder tonight for dinner. 


    Swimming Scallops (Whole)

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  11. Tonight's dinner.
    BC Wild Spring Salmon.
    This is a recipe I have been making for over 40 years.
    Adapted from an Umberto Menghi recipe.
    Salmon topped with Julienned vegetables and baked in the oven.
    Ready for the oven.
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  12. Made Moe breakfast using the leftover Chateaubriand from last night's dinner.
    Caramelised onions and warmed the meat up in the leftover wine sauce and baked potato wedges in the CSO.
    Served on homemade bread.
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  13. I made Chateaubriand for two for dinner tonight.
    Centre cut Beef Tenderloin.
    This is an old favourite.
    Only took an hour from the time I walked in the house after work until we were eating.
    Made a red wine sauce rather than a Bearnaise sauce.
    Moe's plate is the one with the dreaded carrots.
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  14. Another delivery today from Walcan Seafood - Tide to Table. 
    Dinner tonight was lobster with brown butter garlic pasta.
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  15. 8 minutes ago, Dejah said:

    Caribbean Beef Stew with Coconut Brown Basmati Rice - from Weight Watchers Cook Up Comfort cookbook. Need to try to flatten this Covid weight gain...again! 

    This is a make again recipe. Used a blade steak from the freezer, marinated with Jerk Paste (called for jerk spice but none in the pantry), browned with onion & garlic, added canned diced tomato, beef broth, simmered for 50 minutes. Added cubed sweet potato and green beans and simmered another 10 minutes.





    I have to make this.  Looks so good.  And I like that it is sweet potato and not the dreaded carrots.  

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  16. We had Pork Chili Verde over homemade cheese filled flour tortillas for dinner last night.
    With a side of black beans and Guacamole.
    Haven't made this in a while. Forgot how much I liked it.
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    I made fish and chips last night.



    Lingcod with a beer batter. 

    Moe really enjoyed it, and I thought it was okay, but nothing compares to halibut fish and chips.   


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  18. 2 hours ago, weinoo said:


    I've seen your use of rye at 5% - 10%; do you find it really ups the flavor a lot?


    I imagine at that %, it doesn't make the dough terribly harder to work with.



    @weinoo Even at the 25% in this loaf, that I posted on the 25th, the dough was easy to work with and tasted more like a rye bread.

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  19. 835377233_SourdoughboulesMarch5th20212.thumb.jpg.a9e28b2558ecd4bebaca2588e9e23e31.jpg
    Sourdough Boules.
    Dough was started last night with 1000g of bread flour, 50g of rye and 90 g of starter discard. At 70% hydration.
    Last stretch and fold was about 8:30 and then I left the dough on the counter for an overnight rise. This was not a cold fermentation.
    Was ready to shape this morning around 4:00 and went into the oven just after 6:30 AM.
    Both were baked in Dutch Ovens at the same time. DO's were heated at 500°F for an hour prior to baking the bread.
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