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  1. 952275701_SteakSandwichwithfriedonionsandmushroomsFebruary19th2021.thumb.jpg.b7e280cf16558972066930a855225055.jpg
    I made Moe a steak sandwich for breakfast using the leftover steak he didn't finish yesterday.
    Tried something different and made the French Fries in the CSO (Steam oven) instead of frying. Really happy with the way they turned out.
    Grilled a half baguette, topped with the sliced steak warmed up in a little beef gravy and topped with fried onions and mushrooms.
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  2. I presalted a prime bone-in NY Strip steak two days ago. Was suppose to be last night's dinner.
    That didn't happen so I cooked it for Moe's breakfast this morning.
    Served with butter basted farm fresh eggs and potatoes roasted in the CSO. I'm working today so this should keep him going all day.
    He only ate half the steak so at some point he will probably have a steak sandwich.
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  3. 12 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    No, just like 3-4 inches of veg oil in a cast iron skillet.

    Thanks Shelby.  I would call that deep frying as opposed to just pan frying.  

    Your wings look so good, I might have to do them that way next time we have wings. 

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  4. I still had two batches of dough in the fridge since Saturday.


    Used one of them to bake pizza.

    Matt made his own four cheese pizza and 

    I made Moe and I a pepperoni and mushroom to share.



    Baked on the Ooni.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Dejah said:

    Nearly burned my tongue off as I couldn't wait for that first bite.🤪

    @Dejah, Moe did the same thing.  

    Yours look better.


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  6. @Dejah Your soups look spectacular.   



     Portuguese Custard Tarts.
    Made a quick puff pastry this morning and got it into the fridge early.
    Moe and I had tarts and coffee for lunch.
    Saving room for pizza tonight.
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  7. @rotuts and here I thought I was the only one that used canned peas.


    For me they are a must with hot chicken/turkey sandwiches. 


    Last night's dinner.


    Lamb shanks.

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  8. @ElsieD, great crumb on your "wee loaf".  Moe would love your bread with the raisins.  Bet it would be wonderful toasted.

     Unfortunately for him, I don't like raisins.  I should make it for him with just the cranberries.  


    Woke up to a major snow storm yesterday morning so I had a snow day.
    Instead of going to work, I had a bake day.
    I fed my starter, and mixed up four batches of dough using 50g of discard in each batch. Two 500g of batches, one 750g batch and one batch of rye dough. Baked the rye and the 750 batch late afternoon and the other two batches are in the fridge. One will be baked tonight and the other will be used for pizza on Monday.
    So two Rye loaves and six baguettes.
    Moe wanted a couple of slices of the baguette after he had finished dinner. Had to
    slice while still warm. 
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  9. 6 minutes ago, gfweb said:

    Tuna was named Norman?  Charlie the Tuna is pretty sketchy, so Norman sounds better.


    Or invaders of England had tuna sandwiches?

    The Pickle Barrel was a Jewish Deli.  Not sure who Norman was, but if I had to guess it was probably someone that worked at the restaurant at some point

    and the sandwich, not the tuna was named after him.   


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  10. Made my favourite tuna sandwich for us both this morning for a late breakfast.
    The Pickle Barrel restaurant in Toronto called this their Norman Tuna Sandwich.
    Served on pumpernickel with sliced onion and tomato.
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  11. Moe was scrolling through FB early this morning and saw a post about Chicken Fingers.
    Lucky for him, I had a couple of chicken breasts that had been destined for dinner that became breakfast.
    Marinated in yogurt with fresh garlic. Flour seasoned with salt, pepper and half a cup of fresh breadcrumbs.
    Oh and he also wanted french fries.
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  12. 15 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    @Ann_T – what are your veal rolls stuffed with?

    @Kim Shook  I just winged it.  So no real recipe.

     Sauted in butter, shallots, garlic, a little sausage meat, finely chopped mushrooms, fresh bread crumbs, chopped parsley, salt, pepper and seasoned with rubbed sage. Pounded out the veal cutlets, seasoned with salt, pepper and brushed with a little Dijon mustard, spread with filling and rolled. Browned in a little butter. Removed from the pan and made a sauce by sauteing sliced mushrooms, a minced garlic clove, added flour, cooked a couple of minutes, added chicken broth, salt, pepper and put the veal back in the sauce, covered and simmered for about 45 minutes until meat was tender. Added some heavy cream and served.


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  13. 1445255176_ChickenVegetableRiceSoupFebruary11th2021.thumb.jpg.7bd7f37ceec7ac403cfbdfac060a858c.jpg

    Chicken Vegetable Rice soup with toasted homemade baguette.
    Simmered a pot of chicken broth Tuesday, overnight, and then refrigerated all day Wednesday. Scooped off the fat and made a pot of soup before bed last night.
    Moe had a bowl for breakfast and I'm taking soup to work for lunch.

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  14. Saw the recipe for these Salted Caramel Butter Bars on FB last weekend and had a craving since. 

    The recipe calls for caramel candies but I made my homemade caramel sauce.



    Baked last night and cut this morning to have with a cappuccino.



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  15. 23 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Served with just out of the oven warm bread and lots of butter.




    @Shelby, great looking loaves. Lovely crust.


    Wing and Caesar Salad Night.
    Moe's favourite salad and one I have been making for him for almost 42 years. Dressing starts with a Coddled egg.
    I almost always make the dressing in this little wooden salad bowl. Was part of a set that had been a wedding gift, but the other bowls are long gone.

    Wings were Lemon, Sea Salt, Black Pepper and garlic.




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  16. 1625556743_SourdoughBouleFebruary3rd2021.thumb.jpg.f5fe62a128af2d83e54097f80147afdf.jpg
    Sourdough Boule baked in a Dutch Oven.
    Haven't made a pure sourdough loaf in a while. Mostly because I prefer the flavour of bread with the combination of a small amount of starter with a very small amount (1gram) of yeast.
    But every so often I make a straight up sourdough. So Monday, I fed my starter and used 70g of the discard in a 500g batch and left it in the fridge for a 50 hour fermentation.   
    Sliced this morning. 
     I love being able to bake a loaf of bread with wild yeast that I "grew" myself. And both Moe and Matt love sourdough.
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