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  1. Moe has a lot of favourite meals. I had a top sirloin Sterling Silver roast that I presalted yesterday and was intended for tonight's dinner.
    I offered Moe a choice. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding for dinner or roast beef, scrambled eggs and Yorkshire pudding for breakfast.
    He choose breakfast.
    I made mini Yorkshire puddings.
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  2. 8 hours ago, Anna N said:

    h if she did that in Oakville, Ontario instead of Vancouver, British Columbia……

    Seriously I am impressed. It is a beautiful looking meal.

    @Anna N, I've always grilled year around even the five years we lived in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

    Just had to keep a path shoveled to the grill.

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  3. 838666456_QuailreadyforthegrillJanuary6th2021.thumb.jpg.f513749cb4627c1b2c752a79445fceb5.jpg
    Yesterday I spatchcocked Quail and marinated them in olive oil, garlic, fresh oregano, salt, pepper, lemon zest and hot red pepper flakes.
    I had intended to grill them for dinner last night.
    Plans changed and I grilled them this morning for Moe's breakfast.
    Greek style with roasted potatoes and a Greek Salad.
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  4. Working today so got a head start on dinner.

    Still had half the puff pastry left that I made for the Lobster Newburg.



    So individual Beef Wellingtons on the menu tonight. 


    Edited to add the finished dish.


    We were eating in less than an hour after I walked in the house. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    This brings back memories.  I don't celebrate holidays but back when my kids were little there was no better way to welcome in the year than Stouffer's Lobster Newberg and Pepperidge Farm puff pastry.  Often as not with broccoli (since it was years before broccolini was invented.)  Plus it took no work.

    Stouffers made Lobster Newburg?

  6. 34 minutes ago, Franci said:

    Happy New Year, guys! We just opened the offella from Verona. I wish I could share a slice with you all 😊

    @Franci I wish you could do.  That cake looks amazingly good. So light.  Need to find a recipe.

    Happy New Year!!!!


    Our New Year's Eve dinner.




    Homemade Puff Pastry and Lobster Newburg.
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  7. On 12/28/2020 at 8:57 AM, Duvel said:

    Who wouldn’t ? Seriously - gorgeous dish !

     Thanks @Duvel.

    @Kim Shook, I love the idea of your cute little Quiches. 


    Made dinner for breakfast again this morning.
    Had planned to make one of Moe's favourite meals, for dinner but
    we weren't hungry so I made it this morning.
    Spatchcocked a large Cornish Game Hen for 
    Italian Rosemary Chicken served with Pasta Aglio E Olio.
    I mashed the roasted garlic into the drippings and made a sauce with a little chicken broth and juice of half a lemon.
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  8. 1342079916_TourtiereDecember24th2020.thumb.jpg.06d3f5546245dca59f9c679c9df37d03.jpg

    We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner - Tourtiere.


    Moe grew up with Tourtiere served after Midnight Mass.


    I've been making it for him for almost 47 years,  without the Mass. 

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  9. 23 hours ago, Shelby said:

    @Ann_TWhen you get a chance, I'd love to see the Chile sauce recipe.

    @Shelby, you can find the recipe on this blog post.




    I cheated this year and scaled the recipe down and used two 28oz cans of tomatoes instead of starting with fresh tomatoes. 

    Tasted the same to me and Moe loved it so, I might make it more often for him year around. 

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  10. I put a pot of old fashion Chile sauce on to simmer early yesterday morning.
    I remember my grandmother canning this sauce. Moe loves it with his Christmas Eve Tourtiere. This recipe came from a Cooking Forum friend.
    It is one of those sauces that can be used as a condiment for burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and of course Tourtiere. Not something that I've ever cared for, but then again, there are very few condiments that I like.
    Moe had it on his scrambled eggs yesterday.
    And he had more Chile Sauce on the sandwich I made him this morning from leftover pork.  
    Homemade baguette, pork tossed with gravy and served with chile sauce. 
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  11. 20 hours ago, mgaretz said:

    Prime rib, cooked low and slow in the BSOA, served with steamed broccolini.



    I needed gravy for our Christmas Eve Tourtiere so I roasted a small pork roast last night with cracklings just for the gravy.

    We ate the cracklings as an appetizer.  Love cracklings.



    Roast Pork December 23rd, 2020 1.jpg

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  12. 9 hours ago, Kim Shook said:


    @Ann_T – the fish and lobster are gorgeous!  We just received lobster tails for Christmas.  Could you please tell me the temp and time for the CSO

    @Kim Shook, I used the Steam Broil setting at 500°F .  I didn't really time it.  But it was about 8 to 10 minutes.  It will depend on the size as well. These were not overly big. 

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  13. Sable fish (Black Cod) and lobster tail.



    Fish was pan seared and finished in a hot oven and the Lobster tail was cooked on the Steam Broil setting in the CSO. 

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  14. Started two 500g batches of dough on Tuesday. 80% hydration. Both went into the fridge for a cold fermentation.

    One taken out yesterday afternoon for pizza.


    Enough dough left to bake two small baguettes. Baked both together on a stone in the CSO.


    Sliced this morning. 

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