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    Prime Rib Roast

    Jmahl, Mark, Two beautiful prime ribs, cooked two different ways. Guess it is just a matter of personal preference. Not that one is superior to the other. I favour the High Heat method. I roasted a small one rib prime rib last night, just big enough for two thick slices. I took it out of the oven when it was at 115°F and the temperature went up to 129°F while it rested. Next time I'll take it out closer to 110°F so that it doesn't go over 125°F. I also pre-salted for 24 hours. I've pre-salted chicken and pork but never beef before.
  2. I prefer a rich brothy stew rather than one with a gravy or thick sauce. I brown the meat, add some chopped onions , a garlic clove, bay leaf and a sprig of fresh thyme, season with a little salt and pepper and cover with beef broth. Simmer until almost tender and then add celery and small whole onions and when those are almost tender, I add potatoes, green beans and carrots and either ruthabaga or cabbage, one or the other but not both. I usually add some frozen peas right at the end too. And I always make dumplings to serve with beef or chicken stew.
  3. OOOH Bruce, Cinnamon butter honey. Doesn't that sound good. Wendy I love pictures of egg yolks. I made ham and cheddar omelettes for breakfast with a side of potatoes fried with green peppers and scallions. Ann
  4. Shaya,some memories are so special. What a beautifully post. Ann
  5. Ann_T

    salt caramels

    Robert, Here is a description. Looks like corn syrup can be substituted for Golden Syrup. Golden Syrup
  6. Ann_T

    salt caramels

    Good question Robert. I assumed that it was Lyle's Golden Syrup. I have a jar of it that I bought and didn't have a use for until now. Ann
  7. Ann_T

    salt caramels

    Fanny, I'm going to make your caramels. Do you add the butter after the sugar and syrup reach the firm ball stage? or does the butter get added after the sugar and syrup have melted and then cook it to the firm ball stage? Thanks Ann
  8. Dan Thanks. I think it is what is commonly known as "Beginner's Luck". I'm still amazed when the dough rises the way it does without the addition of yeast. Ann
  9. Dan, Thank you. I've alway wondered how to acheive the blistering, but didn't know that it was a result of a cool rise. I made sourdough rye for the first time yesterday. Ann
  10. MiFi Perfect Poached eggs. Is there thyme in the Hash too? Simple fried eggs with side pork. Toasted homemade sourdough.
  11. Percy You make the most wonderful breakfasts. I had a pear that needed to be used up, so I poached it this morning and then made Moe a German Pancake with poached pear and lemon.
  12. I often roast two chickens at the same time and haven't had to make any adjustments to the cooking times. I roast chickens at 500°F. Just make sure you have a pan big enough so that there is some space between the two birds. Ann
  13. My daughter made these last year for Christmas morning brunch, and she said the exact same thing, right down to too much rosemary!!! They do look terrific, though. ← Dana Oh good, I'm glad it wasn't just me. I'll definitely experiment when I make them again. Percy, If I can make sourdough anyone can. I used the recipe from Amy's Breads to make the starter a couple of weeks ago. There was a little thyme, rosemary and parsley in the eggs. I think that just the thyme and parsley would have been better. The rosemary really did overpower the eggs for my taste. Didn't stop Moe from e
  14. Ann, does it go back to the broiler or the oven? That dish looks gorgeous. ← Percy The cream and butter get heated under the broiler, the eggs are slid in and then topped with the herbs and cheese and put back under the broiler. This was how Ina Garter prepared it on one of her shows. But next time I make it I'm just going to do it in a hot oven rather than under the broiler. And I'll use different herbs next time as well. Even though I love rosemary I found that even a small amount overpowered the eggs. Next time I'll try chives or maybe basil and chopped tomatoes. Breakfast this
  15. Wow, now that is one beautiful Challah bread. I've just recently got into baking sourdough. Started the process to grow the starter about 3 weeks ago using the recipe from Amy's Bread Cookbook. My first couple of attemps to make bread using the sourdough starter I also added 1/2 teaspoon of yeast. But this last week I have been making bread using a sourdough Levain starter and giving the dough an overnight cool rise in the garage. Today's baking: Last weeks attempts:
  16. Shaya, Yes there is a little cream and butter in the bottom that gets heated under the broiler before adding the eggs and topping with the herbs and cheese. Ann
  17. Baked eggs with herbs and parmesan cheese. Asparagus and toasted homemade sourdough bread on the side.
  18. Parmhero great photos. Lovely setting. Scrambled eggs with chopped Rosso Bruno tomatoes and green onions. Homemade toasted sourdough. Ann
  19. I find that the kid meat cooks very quickly. It isn't tough at all. And we eat the tender cuts, like the rack and the tenderloin rare to medium rare the same way we would lamb. Ann
  20. Rachel, I want to add my thanks. I've enjoyed your blog so much. You shared so much with us. Even my husband got hooked on reading it. Ann
  21. Oh Rachel, to think I almost missed your Blog. What a tragedy that would have been. I've enjoyed my morning spent with you getting caught up. You have a way with words that paint a picture and now that you are posting photos , well that is just a bonus. The shared grandmother stories are so special. No one was more important to me than my beloved grandmother. We, my parents and my older brother lived in my grandparents home for the first 5 years of my life and when I was two months old my mom was in the hospital for a couple of months. So it was my grandmother that I bonded with.
  22. Mottmott, it really does take up a lot of space on the counter. Since there are just two of us for most meals, I don't use it a lot for slicing either. Although I used it the other day to slice onions for french onion soup and again on Friday night to cut potatoes into almost julienned sticks for shoestring fries. Really did a great job. I love the microplanes and agree with you that they take care of most of my grating needs as well. Although if I need fresh bread crumbs or lots of grated parmesan cheese I get out the mini kitchenaid or use the processor bowl with the Braun stick blende
  23. I probably use it at least 4 times a week, sometimes more. I make bread 2 to 3 times a week and the KA does a great job. It is quite powerful with 1000 watts. Making bread was the main reason I upgraded to this model. There are three bowls. The chef's bowl is the medium size bowl and only works with the grater/slicer blades. And it rests inside the large bowl. It can't be used independently. I have only used it a couple of times. When I use the grating/slicing blades I use them in the large bowl. And I haven't been that impressed with the mini bowl and blade either. All the parts
  24. MottMott I know someone that had the same thing happen to her. Her mistake though was to try and use the regular blade in the smaller Chefs bowl. You can only use the grating/slicing blades with that bowl. I bought a new food processor earlier this year. I gave my perfectly good Cuisinart to my son, and initially bought a Kitchenaid Model KFPM770. I only had it a couple of weeks, when grating cheese the grater blade stuck to the shaft and I couldn't remove it. I dropped it off at a authorized dealer in Victoria and to make a long story short, three months later I ended up upgrading to the
  25. I use a Greek EVOO as my regular everyday oil. I buy the three litre tin of Horio. Mild Bill I've tried a number of different Greek olive oils and like most of them. When I am out of my current supply of Horio I'll give the one you recommend a try. Thanks Ann
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