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  1. Kerry, I poured the caramel into buttered mini muffin tins. When I took them out I pressed them against a wire rack to get the markings. Desiderio, is your Mars Bar recipe on line anywhere? Ann
  2. Desiderio, your caramels look so good. I made carmels last weekend. Wish I had thought to put nuts in them.
  3. Ann_T

    Roasting a Chicken

    I've been roasting chickens for many years and a roast chicken dinner ranks up near the top of favourite meals. I now roast all chickens, whether a little 3 pounder or a nice big free range chicken using Barbara Kafka's high heat method (500F). Turns out perfect every time. I roast turkeys the same way. And I always end up with the most wonderful pan drippings to make gravy.
  4. Scambled eggs with 5 year old cheddar and a side of Fried Ham.
  5. Nothing special Percy. I just use farm fresh eggs which I think make a difference. The white doesn't spread out as much with fresh eggs. Crack the egg into a small bowl. Bring the water to a boil, splash in a little white vinegar, give the water a quick swirl and slide in the eggs. Ann
  6. I had some leftover roast beef from Tuesday's dinner so I made Moe very happy this morning with Roast Beef Hash topped with Poached eggs and toasted homemade french bread.
  7. Ann_T

    Battered Halibut

    Wow Marlene, your halibut and chips look perfect. Just like what I get from the Fish and Chip Shoppe. I'll take an order to go please. Ann
  8. Thanks Ling. I'm even more interested in making this now that I have seen the ingredients. Love fresh ground black pepper. Ann
  9. Ann_T

    Battered Halibut

    Marlene, I'm really sensitive to the smell of "fish" too. There are so few that I really like for that reason. But fresh Halibut should never smell fishy. Ann
  10. Thanks Michelle and Kim. Wow, so many beautiful loaves. I'm pretty boring when it comes to bread. Although I bake almost all the bread that we eat, I stick to French and Italian. Although looking at all the sour dough loaves I think I might have to try my hand at that. Michelle, the recipe I use for bagels isn't from the BBA. It is actually out of an appetizer cookbook. I've been making bagels using this same recipe for over 20 years. I made Onion and cheese bagels recently using the same basic recipe. They were a big hit with my son. I froze most of them and the next time we went t
  11. Ling, oooooh please may I have the recipe? I'm a sucker for anything with a caramel sauce. Kim, you have been holding out on us. Beautiful cakes. I made an apple pie last night using apples off the tree in our yard.
  12. Percy I love your egg photos. NishlaI like the sound of the ground almonds in the pancake batter. Sunday morning breakfast - Farm fresh poached eggs over a bed of sauted mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions and garlic. Topped with homemade Hollandaise sauce with a side of side pork.
  13. Chicken and Dumplings is a favourite here. My mother was not what you would call a good cook but she made a pretty good chicken stew with dumplings. I was really surprised the first time I ever had the noodle style dumplings too. I call them Southern Style Dumplings, because a friend from Alabama made them for me the first time. But they are also called Chicken and Sliders. I don't know if that is a Canadian thing or not. I have three different recipes that I use for dumplings. It just depends on what I feel like whether I make the southern style dumplings, or the fluffy drop style dum
  14. Ann_T

    Battered Halibut

    Marlene, I grew up eating Halibut and chips (Toronto area). And I don't believe that it is possible to recreate in the home Halibut and Chips as good as the best fish and chip shoppe. I've tried over the years and finally gave up. The Penrose Fish and Chip restaurant on Mount Pleasant in Toronto sets the standand for us and we judge all other halibut and chip places by them. You would think that living in Vancouver and Vancouver Island that there would be all kinds of great fish and chip places, but it took us a while to find a couple that lived up to our expectations. In Vancouv
  15. Angeljolie, Great photo. We have some blackberry bushes that are still loaded. I picked a few this morning to make Moe Blackberry buttermilk pancakes with a side of bacon.
  16. Marcia Your pancakes look delicious and just the way I like them, thin rather than thick. We had a Spanish Tortilla with a side of bacon for breakfast.
  17. Thanks for a wonderful blog. Great idea for the two of you to do a blog from Vancouver. Ann
  18. I'm not as big on breakfast as my husband is. But I could be enticed by all these wonderful and varied breakfasts. Shaya I keep coming back and looking at your kaaspannenkoek. Now that is something I know I would really like. Bruce That is one beautiful colourful omelette. Initially I too thought it was a whole fish. Sue, I'm glad you enjoyed the scones. They are my favourite breakfast. I have some blackberries in the freezer that I picked and a container of local red currants that are destined for scones. Made Moe a very late breakfast yesterday after I got home from the farmers ma
  19. Happy Anniversary you two. A match made in food heaven. I'm so enjoying this blog. I've gone back a few times to look at all the wonderful photos. Ann
  20. This is going to be such an exciting Blog. I vote for mushrooms. Ann
  21. Like Klary, I'm glad you explained how you got together too. I had been wondering. Ling, I'm really looking forward to following yours and Henry's blog. You have so many wonderful meals planned. Ann
  22. I made breakfast after going to the farmers market this morning. Poached Farm fresh eggs and bratwurst (also from the market) and slices of yellow tomato. This was Moe's breakfast. I actually had chicken curry and rice. The owner of my favourite little Indian restaurants sets up a booth at the farmers market. Second week in a row I've had chicken curry for breakfast. Ann
  23. Susan, I noticed that too. In fact it makes the second batch substantially quicker than the first.
  24. I have the 4 slice Cuisinart and it works fine. But it isn't what I use. My favourite toaster is actually the Cuisinart Convection Toaster oven. I don't really use it for much other than toast. And it gets used every day for that. I prefer my toast well toasted and although the toaster oven does take a little longer, I still like it the best. Plus I make almost all of my own bread as well as bagels and with the toaster oven it doesn't matter what size loaf I make, it will accommodate every size and shaped slice. Ann
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