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  1. Not a big fish eater except for Halibut.
    But I'm really enjoying having a selection of fish in the freezer from Tide to Table - Walcan Seafood. 
    Dinner tonight was BC Sockeye Salmon topped with Spot Prawns
    in a garlic butter with parsley and lemon.
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  2. Started a batch of dough last night.
    Just yeast. Small amount. 
    1000g of flour, 100g of rye, 2g yeast, 70% hydration.
    Overnight cold fermentation and slow rise this morning.
    Baked on a stone. One Boule and two Batons.
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  3. A friend was given a "rack of goat" and she passed it on to me. They don't eat lamb or goat.
    And we do so lucky us.
    Lovely little rack that I cooked on the grill last night and served with an orange honey mint sauce.
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  4. @Kim Shook, I like the idea of the blueberries in that drop scone recipe.  I already have batter started for pancakes this morning or I would have made these.




    Yesterday all Moe wanted for breakfast was toast.




    Much earlier he had a cream cheese danish with a cappuccino.

    I still had leftover puff pastry in the freezer from last week when I made the eggplant tomato tarts.


    Top with a cream cheese filling and a few red currants from the freezer.  Finished with a brown butter glaze. 




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  5. 2021234794_LingcodFebruary26th2021.thumb.jpg.4cf71e27dbd75cf26dfe7494e4aed8cd.jpg


    We will be eating fish more often over the next month or two.


    A Vancouver island company, Walcan Seafoods starting offering delivery on the Island and the mainland of both fresh and frozen BC Seafood

    after the pandemic put their business in jeopardy.


    Tide to Table - Walcan Seafood.



    I ordered the Pacific Treasures Box on  Wednesday and my order arrived yesterday morning.   

    Halibut, Lingcod, Petrale sole, Spring salmon, Sockeye salmon, Albacore Tuna Loin and Spot Prawns. 


    Cooked the lingcod last night.  Simply oven baked with garlic, butter and lemon served with

    spinach and rice.    


    Looking forward to halibut season and spot prawn season when we can order fresh delivered. 



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  6. 8 minutes ago, weinoo said:


    More importantly maybe - who the hell eats all this beautiful bread?!

    @Weinoo, I share.   I gave two of yesterday's long baguettes away.  One got finished and that leaves one for today and the two rounds went into the freezer.


    Today's  loaf is still cooling but will probably get cut for breakfast.  And maybe I'll use some for a sandwich to take for lunch today.



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  7. First bake in a new oven.


    Oven arrived while I was at work yesterday so last night I made up a 1000g flour batch of dough with 60g of discard and just two grams of yeast.  Last

    stretch and fold was around 9:00 PM.  Left it out of the counter to rise and dough was ready to use at 4:00 AM this morning.


    Decided to bake long baguettes on a new 20" baking stone. 


    Moe had a few slices while the bread was still a little bit warm. 

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  8. @scamhi, what a lovely dinner and wines. 


    Made Moe one of his favourite steaks for dinner tonight.
    Green Peppercorn Steak.
    Served with sauted mushrooms, steamed broccoli and Fondant Potatoes.
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  9. I made puff pastry before leaving for work yesterday with the intention of baking these little puff pastry tarts with eggplant.
    Plans changed so I made them this morning for breakfast.
    Puff pastry was topped with creme fraiche seasoned with fresh garlic, salt and pepper and topped with fried eggplant, roasted tomato and a dollop of pesto sauce.
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  10. 4 hours ago, kayb said:

    All I can figure is I'm patting my dough too thin. How thick are your unbaked biscuits?

    @kayb, I don't measure but it would be between 1/2" and 3/4" thick.

  11. 26 minutes ago, weinoo said:


    Awesome - thank you.


    How about your formulae?  With types/brands of flour!

    @weinoo, I use Roger's Silver Star flour.  This is one of their commercial bread flours with high protein.   It is a Canadian flour and Canadian

    flour is known for being among the best in the world.  I buy this in 20K (44lb bags) and go through it quickly. 


    The basic recipe is here.  And at the end of that post there is a Hydration Chart.  I tend to vary the hydration but the one I use the

    most is 72%.  Lately when I feed my starter, I have been adding 50 to 60grams of discard to a batch of dough and adding just one gram of yeast. It is a slower rise

    but develops a wonderful flavour without being too sour.   (Not a big fan of sourdough. )


    This is also the same dough I use for pizza.


    You can find many different blog posts on bread, with variations on Thibeault's Table. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, weinoo said:


    If there is a next time...


    No chance - I'm not even attempting baguettes (yet you should see all the stuff I bought to help me attempt baguettes).


    Calling @Ann_T!


    @weinooI put together this blog post Pictorial on shaping baguettes  for some FB friends. 


    There are a number of videos out there on how to shape baguettes, but this method works for me.


    It is how I have always shaped mine. There is a link to my basic recipe as well.


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    Made a stacked warm grilled vegetable and chicken salad for dinner.



    Eggplant, zucchini, and red peppers, with a basil garlic dressing.

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  14. 7 hours ago, Anna N said:

    Would you mind elaborating?

    @Anna N nothing special.  I just cut the potatoes into fries instead of wedges or cubes, tossed with just a little  olive oil, salt and placed them on parchment lined pan.  I preheated the oven on regular convection bake (450°F)

    while cutting the potatoes and when they went into the oven I switched to the Bake steam setting (450°). After about 15 minutes I turned the fries over and cooked another 15 or 20 minutes.  

    They were nice and crisp on the outside and soft on  the inside.

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  15. @Heidih,  I didn't use much oil. Just drizzled a little olive oil over the potatoes and tossed.   You can see that there isn't much on the parchment that they were cooked on.


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  16. 952275701_SteakSandwichwithfriedonionsandmushroomsFebruary19th2021.thumb.jpg.b7e280cf16558972066930a855225055.jpg
    I made Moe a steak sandwich for breakfast using the leftover steak he didn't finish yesterday.
    Tried something different and made the French Fries in the CSO (Steam oven) instead of frying. Really happy with the way they turned out.
    Grilled a half baguette, topped with the sliced steak warmed up in a little beef gravy and topped with fried onions and mushrooms.
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  17. I presalted a prime bone-in NY Strip steak two days ago. Was suppose to be last night's dinner.
    That didn't happen so I cooked it for Moe's breakfast this morning.
    Served with butter basted farm fresh eggs and potatoes roasted in the CSO. I'm working today so this should keep him going all day.
    He only ate half the steak so at some point he will probably have a steak sandwich.
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