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  1. Tonight was a bastardized version of Osso Buco. Made with lamb shanks instead of veal and I used rutabaga instead of carrots.
    Because I love rutabaga with lamb and I HATE carrots.
    Served with a Risotto Milanese. Been a while I since I made a Risotto. Forgot how much I enjoy the process of making a risotto.
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  2. Matt said he would make homemade corn tortillas for dinner last night. So when I got home from work,
    I roasted a couple of chicken breasts and while they were roasting put an enchilada sauce on to simmer.
    Dinner was Chicken Enchiladas with a side of black beans for Moe and I and Matt made himself vegetarian tacos.
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  3. This has to be one of the best pages ever.  Great meals and beautiful photos and plating.  

    I really, really, really want @JoNorvelleWalkertofu. Makes my mouth water it looks soooooo gooood.  Showed it to Moe

    and his response was if I make it he will eat it. 


    I wish I had seen @liamsaunt 's  blackened salmon before I started dinner.  I would have gone with blackened salmon instead of just grilled.


    Thanks to @scamhiand @Duvel, I have a craving for Greek.  



    Made Moe his favourite Caesar Salad tonight.  Served with a grilled filet of spring salmon. 


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  4. 8 hours ago, paul o' vendange said:


    Wow Ann.  Those are beautiful.  Shiny, well-caramelized crust; molten crumb and uneven alveoli; perfect scoring.  Gorgeous.  So it seems you make a poolish or biga the night before.  Would you mind sharing your formula and procedures?  

    @paul o' vendange, No biga or preferment in this batch.   I've been playing around with slow overnight rises so I can bake in the morning before leaving for work.    Sometimes I will feed my starter and add 60 to 80 grams of discard to a 1000g of flour along with one gram of yeast.  But this batch was 1000g of flour with 2 g of yeast, at 72% hydration and 30g of salt.   Did the autolyse , stretch and fold method a number of times between 5:30 and 9:00 PM and then left it out on the overnight.    Then just shaped, proofed and baked.    

    Here is my basic method, including an option for sourdough and a biga.....https://thibeaultstable.com/2019/06/12/artisan-bread-pictorial-repost/


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    I made Moe a Spot Prawn Salad for dinner.
    Cucumbers, radishes and arugula were tossed with a dressing made with rice wine vinegar with a little Thai sweet chili sauce.
    Mayonnaise was seasoned with garlic and toasted sesame oil.
    Plated the cucumber, radish and arugula and then tossed the prawns with the same dressing, plated, garnished with toasted sesame and black sesame seeds.
    Garlic mayonnaise on the side.
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  6. Slow cooked a 4lb brisket of beef in the oven overnight. 220°F.
    Moe had an open faced sandwich for breakfast. Was happy without any sides.
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  7. Pork chops in a mushroom gravy.
    Served with mashed potatoes (hiding under the pork) squash and Brussels sprouts.
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  8. 309832871_BaguettesMay3rd202112Hourroomtemperaturefermentation.thumb.jpg.128bd9ebed508c9c1d45c28122f73b13.jpg
    I haven't baked baguettes in a few weeks.
    So started a 1000g batch of dough last night with just 2g of yeast and left it out on the counter for a room temperature 12 hour fermentation.
    Out of the oven this morning in time for breakfast.
    Four baguettes between 18" and 22" long. 
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  9. 1550923266_HalibutFishandChipsMay1st2021.thumb.jpg.1ec6dfb26a669dce560e46550cd79bee.jpg

    I made halibut fish and chips for dinner. 


     Nice light tempura beer batter.  With homemade tartar sauce. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, jmacnaughtan said:

    Still working on my potato pie - this one had a butter made with Trou du Cru cheese (a mini époisses), and went with a ten-week Aubrac sirloin. 



    @jmacnaughtan, that is one gorgeous pie.  Love the idea of a potato pie.

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  11. I had five lbs of fresh caught Petrale Sole delivered by Walcan Seafood 
    this morning before I left for work. I love their delivery service. I can track them all down Island until they are pulling into my driveway.
    I set aside some for dinner and gave a few filets to Clif and Barb and and the rest I vacuumed sealed. Enough for four more meals.
    Cooked tonight for dinner. Petrale Sole Francese with Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe .
    Moe loves Petrale Sole. Sweet and delicate.
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  12. 6 minutes ago, Kim Shook said:

    I know that bagel aficionados don’t like the idea of toasting a bagel, but I’m a southerner and I love a well-toasted bagel.  But then, I have no problem with sweet bagels, either.

    Really?  Who knew.  They obviously don't know what they are missing.      I love a well toasted bagel with sliced tomatoes.   Or even better with peameal bacon and tomato.  

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  13. Moe's been requesting Fish Cakes/Patties recently. Something I don't make often.
    I cooked extra halibut last night and made him Halibut Cakes for breakfast in a cream sauce with peas.
    Moe's been requesting Fish Cakes/Patties recently. Something I don't make often.
    I cooked extra halibut last night and made him Halibut Cakes for breakfast in a cream sauce with peas.
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  14. 1846766921_ChickenCurrywithAlooGobiApril20th2021.thumb.jpg.9cad543535ed2bbd7b760a77bc1d9a31.jpg


    Promised Moe I would make him a curry dinner so tonight was it.



    Chicken curry with Aloo Gobi, rice pilaf and homemade nann.  



    The naan was baked in the Ooni pizza oven.  Used @Duvel's recipe. 

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  15. @Kim Shook, beautiful cut of meat.   Perfect prime rib dinner.   And love the Yorkshires.


    Last night's dinner.
    My favourite Mexican Soup.
    Mexican Chicken Rice Soup (Caldo Tlapeno).
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  16. 1 minute ago, liamsaunt said:

    Linguini with mixed olives, garlic, arugula and pecorino, with a slice of very garlicky bread

    I love olives in pasta.  That looks delicious. 


    Made Moe a salad for dinner.
    Grilled Prawn Salad with mango and feta.
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