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  1. Oh. Thanks for the info. But at least I know not to get my hopes up twice a week. I'll just wait for next summer, and PEACH SEASON!!!!! I'm just thrilled that the Migliorellis are still bringing lettuces; HWOE in particular is a BIG salad eater, and of late theirs have been terrific -- red leaf, red romaine, green leaf, oak leaf, although they are no longer sending down arugula.
  2. Whatever you do, DON'T just dump a bunch of raw chili powder into it. Then you'll have, well, gritty, slightly-less-bland chili. If you do add any kind of chili powder (or powdered chilies), dry toast it first to develop the flavor; then add it as if you were tempering custard: add some of the liquid from the chili to the toasted powder, blend thoroughly, then add that back to the pot of chili. Or you can pour in a favorite hot sauce, spoonful by spoonful, stirring well and tasting after each addition. What kind you add depends on what you've got (), what's already in the chili, and what flavor you want to add (not just heat). I rather like Tabasco Chipotle for something like this, but it's really up to you. Ooops, forgot to ask in the first place: what DID you already put into it?
  3. Suzanne F


    Hey, David, cool ! How is it cooking on that thing???? I am really looking forward to the return of the bakery. I've missed it a lot. Mmmmmm, bread.
  4. Followup: the Arlet apple was terrific -- very strong flavor, both sweet and tart, and great crunch. Since this is a Golden Delicious cross, I'm thinking it would make a dynamite Tarte Tatin.
  5. Oh, please don't worry about spelling! Some of the best chefs I know -- and the best, most informed people overall -- can't spell their way out of a papre bagg. Never let that stop you, if you have something to say! Just say it however you can.
  6. Here's a new possibility (or at least new to me, the johnny-come-lately to the Pizza Survey)
  7. Son of a bitch! I TOLD Tony he should use me as a copyeditor. What's missing from the recipe is in italics: And, um, even though it's a whirlwind to make, that's tournedos. Have a very happy anniversary celebration!
  8. Suzanne F

    Anti BBQ Ribs

    Or to be more specific, braise and glaze. Use pork stock as the liquid medium, and then just before serving, glaze with more of your sauce. I have to say, though, that Toliver's suggestion is brilliant. ← Glaze with more of the sauce? Does that mean braising using my sauce AND the pork stock? ← No. What I meant was: Take meat out of marinade and wipe off excess; return excess to fridge. Brown meat on both sides. Add pork stock to pot; simmer (stovetop or oven) until falling-off-bone. Remove meat; keep warm. Reduce cooking liquid to a glaze; mix reduced jus with reserved marinade (cook down more if still very liquidy). Place meat on baking sheet or in shallow baking dish, coat with jus/marinade. Broil until nicely glazed.
  9. Suzanne F

    Dinner! 2004

    As advertised yesterday, tonight was: Oxtails braised with onions, (canned) tomatoes, Jamaican curry powder and sundry other spices, finished with carrot and plantain batonets Brown Rice Steamed haricots (at the incredible price of $.49 per pound! ) Mixed salad with artichoke/shallot dressing Osprey Dominion (North Fork Long Island) Cabernet Sauvignon (I'm also still hesistant about getting a camera because however tasty, most of my dinners are not that beautifully presented )
  10. The only reason I can think of is that you beat too much air into the eggs, so they puff up in the oven but collapse afterwards. But the photo looks pretty dense, so that might be what's expected. Have you checked your oven temperature? It might not be calibrated quite right, in which case you actually might be baking at a lower temperature (or higher). In either case, that could make a difference.
  11. Suzanne F

    Dinner! 2004

    Found a package of salt cod in the fridge yesterday (from ???????), so put it to soak. Tonight: sliced up some green plantains, started simmering them in fish/fennel/celery broth (from the freezer) plus a lavender spice mix and dried thyme; added a can of diced tomatoes and a half-dozen shallots sliced and browned with 3 cloves garlic and a few hot chiles; finally laid half the cod (lovely clean thin fillets) on top and sprinkled around a cubed chayote. Served over wlhite rice, with a mixed salad with creamy garlic dressing. Dry Riesling. Tomorrow: oxtails that simmered all day today in the slow cooker. Then Sunday I'll probably fry the rest of the cod and have it with skordalia.
  12. Suzanne F

    Anti BBQ Ribs

    Or to be more specific, braise and glaze. Use pork stock as the liquid medium, and then just before serving, glaze with more of your sauce. I have to say, though, that Toliver's suggestion is brilliant.
  13. Forgive me, but why on earth would you serve Coors? The water in your town is just fine.
  14. Even as summer vegs peter out, there are still good things at the market: - Macoun apples - 1 "Arlet" apple, just to try (cross between Golden Delicious and Ida Red) - More mixed lettuces: red leaf, green leaf, red romaine - The most delicate little collards I ever saw -- these will get just a quick cook, they won't need much time, they're so tender - Broccoli rabe I'm getting all excited at the prospect of fall and winter vegs all over again! FYI: the space that the Kernans occupied on Thursdays at WTC was filled with 2 stands of baked goods.
  15. I must echo everyone who has said, "What a great thread!" Seth, in addition to the information contained therein, I especially love the way you categorize the books. Must admit to having bought quite a few bread books knowing full well that I will never actually bake from them, but I haven't even much looked at them -- so it's great to know which are them are worthwhile as resources and reference material. Amy Viny mentioned Alford and Duguid's most recent book. I'd love to hear more about that, as well as opinions of the breads in their Flatbreads and Flavors.
  16. Not necessarily: some ovens turn themselves off if left on for more than a certain amount of time. Like mine. I was drying tomatoes (yes, overnight) and woke up to a cold oven and still-damp tomatoes. Oops, meant to add: for small batches of stock (total volume 6 quarts or less), I use my slow cooker. Works like a dream.
  17. In Beloit, Wisconsin from 1966 to 1970, our Sunday night pizzas were round -- but cut into squares maybe an inch and a half on each side.
  18. I'm very partial to Marcella Hazan, too. And while I haven't cooked anything from it, I very much enjoy reading Paul Bertolli's cooking by Hand. However, I have to admit that my all-time favorite is Italian Regional Cooking by Ada Boni -- but then it's translated from Italian.
  19. You mean the "Smoked Duck, Cashew Butter & Pepper Jelly on Toasted 7-Grain Bread"? Well, hot damn! it must have been good, 'cause that sandwich lives in my memory as one of the best things I ever ate and I KNOW that if I hadn't liked the salad I would remember that part, too. Edit to add: andiesenji -- Cherry Heering!!! a blast from the past. The first alcohol I ever sneaked from my parents. (Well, wouldn't you choose it over Manischewitz, too? )
  20. Aw, shucks, ma'am, just doing my job. Please note, however, that I do NOT include the books I work on unless they are good enough for me to WANT to own them. So that lets out the current spate of "lifestyle" exercise-and-diet books
  21. Food piece in today's NY Times Magazine is about shopping lists.
  22. Pan Flipping Thingy (the smallware, not the eG Forum host ) Fridge Door Slam Junk Drawer Dive Spatula Search Before Pancake Burns Pasta Pot Boilover Grab (can you tell I've never seen a kung fu movie? yup.)
  23. Too late to edit in: As my fellow Burger Club members who were at the Parker Meridian will undoubtedly agree: a salty tamarind candy that I begged off a vendor at last year's Expo Comida Latina. I thought it would be like the tamarind balls I know and love -- sweet, tart, but with a little salt as well -- but it was just, well, dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgusting.
  24. And you had the nerve to groan at MINE??? Why would osprey not be kosher (other than because it is written)? They are hunters who eat fish. What else is it about them? BTW: I wish they'd start the games earlier. These half-day excursions using AL rules are taking a big chunk out of my sleeping time.
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