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  1. Why do people want to make this cuisine "more approachable" Isn't that one aspect of what makes it special ..... it's un-approachability? Why turn it into a sushi concept of ordering it "by the peice" or large verions of the same food in an ala carte setting? Would it be the same? ← of course it wouldn't be the same. to me, that would be the point of a second restaurant. when i want the alinea experience, i go to alinea. i can't tell you how often i've been in the middle of a tasting menu and have said to myself "i wish i could have another order of this dish." it's natural in the progression of a tasting menu that some dishes will be favored over others. to have a restaurant where I can choose dishes from the Trio/Alinea repertoire which fit my palate best appeals to me as a diner. Also, there are times when I have neither the time nor the money to spend on a huge tasting menu. being able to control the cost and time involved also appeals to me as a diner. as a chef, you may feel differently. mike edit: this assumes restaurant x is in chicago.
  2. but imagine if three great chefs opened a restaurant together….they all brought their strengths….their best dishes…and put them under one roof…how amazing would that be? ← that was my point exactly.
  3. i didn't mean to burst any bubble. I thought it might help show the viability of the concept by disclosing it's successful incarnation in another part of the world. and yes, I think it's a great idea. I asked Lindsey if she would go to a restaurant run by your people to eat some of your past cuisine. You know what her response was? "Hell yeah! Cheese and crackers...mmm." I like the idea of a tapas/sushi restaurant. Maybe you can do like a Nobu/Nobu Next Door sorta thing. To me, the idea of a scaled down, less formal setting for your past cusinine makes sense on so many levels. What about the rumors that you and Chef Keller are talking about doing a restaurant together? How about the tapas idea where you could order Oysters and Pearls along with Black Truffle Explosions all under the same roof? I think the restaurant would do very well. CZ
  4. Howdy Chef, You know, I'm pretty sure Adria has already done this. I read somewhere (maybe the website) that the El Bulli Hotel restaurant serves menus which highlight and showcase some of the past dishes from El Bulli. I, for one, would love to try some of the past Trio dishes. How about the cured goose, foie dish with the brick of stuffing? All the best, CZ edit: i just looked it up. they've got two michelin stars for a menu of oldies but goodies.
  5. yah, i second this. I was absolutely shocked that people don't use it. i'm addicted to it and there are tons of easy recipes. i'm thinking specifically of a chicken and potato curry and a chicken stir fry. and these are recipes that work, it's much more than just eye candy.
  6. what a vividly colored egg yolk. where can i find eggs like these? mike
  7. It would appear Jose's lightbulb has existed for quite some time now.... Mike
  8. another meal at chapeau, this time on a saturday night. really terrific. cassoulet delicious as was a trio of salmon. cheese plate done well. mike
  9. Chef- Do you believe a tasting menu is the best way to experience your food? mike
  10. this thread may be of some use for my project! excellent! i'm am so fascinated with the culture of the far east. wish i was still fluent in mandarin... mike
  11. will the peninsula hotel website be updating the online menu any time soon? mike
  12. anybody ever had indian wine? apparently, india has a long history of wine production. i was at an indian restaurant a few nights ago and they had a chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc and a cab sauv all from india. mike
  13. What do you like to cook? Any cookbooks you draw inspiration from? What about other food related literature? Is it nerve wracking cooking for a chef of Chef Achatz' caliber? These questions may be a bit off-topic from the business plan, but i think we'd all appreciate learning a bit more about what makes you tick. mike
  14. Having spent time working in a restaurant that dealt only in fixed price menus, I can tell you that alot of time was spent working on the timing of the dishes from the kitchen to the table. toss in wine pairings with every menu, and we're talking about a ton of table service. it's a lot of work, and it takes alot of time and practice to pull it off successfully. mike
  15. went to chapeau for dinner tonigth. had the 19.50 early bird special. started with a little teaser of yellow corn soup. french onion soup followed. duck with polenta, cress, carrots and orange sauce. lemon tart for dessert. it was all very well done. among the best meals i've had at that price point. girlfriend went with me, so i got to try her dishes as well. duo of salmon really a standout mike
  16. thanks. i was thinking of poaching fish and making a yuzu-soy vinaigrette with shavings of the buds on top. i wonder what a myoga sorbet would taste like. or pineapple-myoga soda. is myoga readily available in japan? is it mostly a seasonal ingredient? mike
  17. i bought some at the farmer's market today. anybody have any idea what to do with them? mike
  18. i bought some myoga today. japanese ginger buds. i have no clue what to do with them. do you? mike
  19. i've recently left trio after having worked there for nearly 2 years. makes me sad to read these last night accounts. lots of good memories. mike
  20. oops sorry san francisco thanks mike
  21. can anybody recommend a bakery to make a custom birthday cake? thanks mike
  22. they'll call your phone number and leave a message with a phone number so you can call to confirm. at least that's what happened to me. mike
  23. Looks like there's another thread on Sona
  24. Sona Thread check that out mike
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