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    great report!!!! can't wait to read your next one.... mike
  2. mikeczyz


    no. my fair meal was at lunch. the food was just a lot worse than the previous 'good' lunch. mike
  3. mikeczyz


    thanks... i should add that my first meal there was fabulous, but my second was not good at all.....strange how up and down it was. mike
  4. i roasted a medley of vegetables to accompany some braised meat. all of them turned ot wonderfully, exccept for the parsnips. they were sort of stringy.....strange texture. are roasted parsnips always like that? is roasting not a great technique for parsnips? were the parsnips of inferior quality? mike
  5. mikeczyz


    Yes! Someone who enjoys farallon as much as i did! do they still have a 39 dollar five cours lunch deal, or the 18 dollar three course? mike
  6. after much deliberation, i've decided to make a reservation for ginza sushiko. march 5. will let you know how it was... mike
  7. you could be totally correct. i read the article and just typed it here off the top of my head. either i or the article could be at fault... mike
  8. Never went to Campton Place, but I did have Manrique's food when he visited Lake Placid last summer. I enjoyed it and made a mental note to visit CP next time I am in San Francisco. I guess I can cross that off my list... yah, i was thinking of goign to campton place last summer, but went to la folie instead. good food there, btw... mike
  9. mikeczyz


    am plannign on roasting turnips tomorrow. i've heard that turnips have two skins, the outside skin, and one on the interior. how do you know if you've peeled off both skins? mike
  10. you're welcome! glad to hear you two had a good time! mike
  11. i can't wait to read this thread! i've got to go clean some chickens, but after that...... mike
  12. anyone here ever go to campton place? mike
  13. i know what you mean by service issues. when went with my gf back in late december, common things like clearing or serving the woman first were completely ignored. mike
  14. Cabrales - I've been curious about this dish by Ferran Adrià for some time now...sounds good eh? The latest issue of Great Chefs magazine has a small piece on how the eggs are created. Quite simply, quail eggs are poached in the common manner and then the egg white strands are cut/cleaned up with scissors. To create the gold leaf, discs of glucose are painted with gold leaf. one disc is placed on top of an egg and then it's placed under a salamander so the disc melts and envelops the egg. the egg is flipped over, and another disc is placed and under the salamander it goes, so the whole egg is enclosed in the gold leaf. any comments on how it might taste other than the glucose being sweet? from my experience, gold leaf does not have much of a distinguishable taste, maybe because it's used so sparringly? mike edit: i should add that i'm fairly sure the eggs in question are the same.
  15. the chef's name is grant, not gary.... mike
  16. mr. schraw other than the obvious of fish being wrapped in a green, vegetal wrap, in what way does the trio dish remind you of sushi? mike btw, good reading....stop being so shy and post more often!!!!
  17. thanks for the write up. i've been looking for reviews ever since i read steingarten's the man who ate everything... mike
  18. mikeczyz

    Roasting a Chicken

    what to readers think of judy rodgers of zuni cafe fame of using a small 3 1/2 pound chicken and roasting it at 475-500 degrees? she claims that you can crank the heat up really high so that the skin crisps, but because you're using a smaller bird, the meat is cooked as well. i'm gonna try it on monday. as for brining, is there a consensus on whether it's worth it? i plan to liberally salt and pepper my bird, stuff with half a lemon, and rub thyme butter under teh skin and on the outside as well. does that sound acceptable? mike
  19. mikeczyz

    braising question

    mike, go back and read my first post again. this is exactly what will happen you are in effect finishing the flavor of only that portion of sauce which you will be consuming immediately. this can be repeated continually until the shortribs are gone i see. my critical reading skills need improvememt. thanks mike
  20. mikeczyz

    braising question

    exactly. i would like the vegetables to give their liquid and make a more flavorful cuisson. mike
  21. mikeczyz

    braising question

    roast in the oven? like just toss them into a 350 degree oven? mike
  22. it's been suggested here that shortribs be braised in mirepoix and stock, and potatoes and other veggies be cooked seperate. some seem to favor a more 'stew' like approach by adding potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables for a sort of one pot meal. anny commments? i think i favor the second method, but when do you add the potatoes and other vegetables? if using a crock pot, should i just shove them all in at the beginning and let it all cook together? will teh veggies turn to mush after a few hours? mike
  23. yah, i used to braise on the stovetop, but i'm having trouble believing it's as easy as i've been led to believe. from what you say tho, it seems simple. thanks.. mike
  24. seriously. so take a piece of braising meat, add vegetables, liquid, season, cover and let it cook? is it really that easy? mike p.s. i ain't no gourmet. i'm just trying to make beef short ribs.
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