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  1. I love Argyle Street. I second hopleaf's thai pastry recommendation. If you don't limit yourself to SE Asian, try the Sun Wah BBQ Restaurant. Most of my 'white' friends find it to be a dirty little shack, but the meats there are fabulous. Try the rice plate with roasted duck, bbq pork and some greens for the low low price of $3.95. mike
  2. JIm, of the four you carry, which would you describe as the most peppery? and what's your favorite oil for everyday cooking? mike
  3. i very much enjoyed teh foie and green apple sorbet that irene bashed. mike
  4. so if olive oil is like wine, then it really does come down to personal preference, right? mike
  5. was at the williams and sonama store yesterday sipping and dipping in their olive oil selection. i found some that were peppery, fruity, one that was downright disgusting (tasted strongly of fish oil), different weights, from all over europe. is it all personal preference? i really wanted to buy a bottle, but didn't know if i was going to make a wrong choice... mike
  6. THis is the dish on the cover of vongerichten book simple to spectacular, yes? i just read through the recipe and it seems to match. mike
  7. jesus ryne. wish i'd been there to see it. mike
  8. just got a menu from sona. i must say that nearly everything sounds like it would be delicious. i can't wait to go next week..... mike
  9. mikeczyz

    opal basil

    ummmmm....thanks! mike
  10. mikeczyz

    opal basil

    what do you do with opal basil? mike
  11. what other restaurants would be included in this elite group? mike
  12. about 50 for me. it's a small one. i'm just starting my collection. mike
  13. what's your definition of too expensive? farallon at lunch is very reasonable... mike
  14. mikeczyz


    I'm considering going to Bastide. Anyone know what lunch prices are like? mike
  15. Will you be going? I'm curious as I'm thinking of heading to Aqua at the St Regis in Southern California. Mike
  16. Thanks for steering me over to that very enjoyable thread (your lengthy post on page 3 in particular). Btw, I think it was tequila that made the lady remover her garments, not vodka. wanna gimme a link to this thread? i can't seem to find it. mike
  17. mikeczyz


    thanks for clearing that up... mike
  18. mikeczyz


    Nobu the COokbook has just informed me that hamachi is the name given for young yellowtail, and buri for older yellowtail. But yellowtail is......? Snapper? Tuna? I'm confused too!!!! mike P.S. I've run into three kinds of tuna in my life, blue fin, big eye, and ahi. anyone know of any others?
  19. mikeczyz


    the seafood is ridiculously fresh. and it's not all that expensive. i've always said that if farallon were here in chicago, i'd go there for lunch every day on my off days. i find that the 40 dollar five course is an astounding deal. here's teh link to my first lunch there.... Farallon Rereading my post brings back so many fond memories! mike
  20. mikeczyz


    Gee, did I really give her e-mail address in public? I better hope it's also on their web site. I may become the first guy who makes it a point of eating there when the chef isn't in town. i've emailed the address given and i received a gracious response. they were more than happy to send me the online menus. not that this is an encouragement to bombard the address with requests, but it's just to calm bux down. i don't think you'll be in trouble at all, if my experience is the norm. mike
  21. mikeczyz

    braising question

    thanks to everyone who helped. short ribs turned out beautifully. next tuesday....oxtails! i love the ease of braising in a crockpot!! mike
  22. interesting hearing about the vip treatment you received in comparison to cabrales/stones' meal. mike
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