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  1. Thanks folks - guess we'll do fish the same way we do chicken. Best wishes, Sidecar Ron
  2. We occasionally like nut-crusted fish, but invariably if I follow recipe instructions, the crust becomes burned. With chichen, we've found that just doing it a minute on each side in the skillet and then putting it in the over at 375 for, say, 10 minutes worked great. I guess I could do that with the fish too. Comments? How do you prevent burning the nuts? For what it's worth, I tend to use my ol' cash iron skillet and heat it to medium high. Thanks much! Sidecar Ron
  3. Yes, essentially all our spices are kept in clear glass bottles in a cabinet that is not above a heat source. Eat well, Sidecar Ron
  4. Thanks folks for the recipes and the site references. BTW, am I the only one who has so little success when attempting a search here? The few times I've tried (the latest obviously being for "mole," I don't seem to uncover much of relevance. Thanks, again. Sidecar Ron
  5. Yes, mole poblano. I should have been more explicit. Sidecar Ron
  6. I know - I know - most just buy it in bottles --- but I wanted to make my own. I recently tried Florence Tyler's recipe and, although even my local Mexican market didn't have the called-for Anaheim and Chipotle dried chlies and I had to use what they had, it turned out pretty tasty. BUT, I think I can do better! Anyone want to share their favorite? Many thanks, Sidecar Ron
  7. Thanks much! Guess we'll keep using our 3-year old nutmet 'till it's used up or we can't taste it any more and (since we use a goodly (or is that "godly") amount of pepper) I'll probably get a pound rather than just 8 oz. Eat well Sidecar Ron (an "eating member" of what he affectionately calls the "French Chef Motorcycle Gang" - Pierre, Jean, Patrick, Marcel, etc.)
  8. I have some pretty good references for shelf lifes of many spices, etc., but none of them are specific to whole nutmeg or peppercorns. Anyone want to jump in here --- or have another reference? Thanks, Sidecar Ron
  9. We truly like are little Yama vacuum pot and now that they (and the larger version) are being imported again, we look forward to many more years of well brewed Intelligentsia coffees -- BUT -- for some reason, we're getting much less life out of our filters than used to be true. The last one was only in two weeks before we saw a severe slowdown in returning to the pot. With a fresh filter, this takes only about 2 minutes, but that last filter was running 6-7 min. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas about what's going on? We're hooked on Intelligentsia coffees, but frequently try new offerings as they become available. Thanks, Sidecar Ron
  10. RonC

    7-Grain Bread

    I've made 8 loaves of the CI multigrain and agree that's VERY good! Don't know how I missed it in that issue, so thanks for sending me back to it. Sidecar Ron
  11. RonC

    7-Grain Bread

    Great looking bread/ I'm gonna try it and will let you know how it turns out --- but you've set the standard pretty high! Sidecar Ron
  12. RonC

    7-Grain Bread

    Thanks Becca. I'll check this out too. We save all our back issues of CI. Sidecar Ron
  13. RonC

    7-Grain Bread

    Great looking bread! I'm going to try it. Where can I find the biga recipe? Also, I'd probably try using some whole wheat flour. Have you tried that? Thanks much! Sidecar Ron
  14. RonC

    7-Grain Bread

    Suzy, when I did a google search for seven-grain bread, I recall seeing at least a couple of bread machine recipes. I didn't get them because I don't use a machine. Let me know if you're unable to find them. Sidecar Ron
  15. Suppose I could adapt one of my own recipes, but, hey, I'd love to see your successful ones for 7-grain bread. Hate to be picky, but I don't use a bread machine so those aren't needed. Thanks much! Sidecar Ron
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