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  1. I am growing a pitiable crop of maters, and perhaps to taunt me, the nabor brought over a plastic-splitting HEB bag of squash and new potatoes. Previously, I've thought these red babies too waxy to make a good potato salad, but I feel compelled to try again, what with my newfound starchy wealth. Any suggestions? Has anyone else tried sprinkling the hot tubers with vinegar? Would dij mus sharp it up too much? I'd also like to take a moment of graceful silence to say how much I miss the late, great fifi. sigh.
  2. Crepes w/vanilla been creem, strawberries and chocky syrup drizzle. Color the Mebane tribe amazed, with only the youngest giving his plate the fisheye. Bacon on the side, 'cause that's how Saturday should start: bloated, with a chance of sinking in the shallow end of the pool. Happy Summer!
  3. ease up on the snark, luvvy, they're just sayin'........tsK!
  4. I hafta say that after looking at a 68-pg doc from the FDA webby, I'm definitely doing without a LOT a LOT a LOT of my kids' and hubby's fave goober products......Anyone else seen the peanut butter recall list? feeling quite faint, actually...
  5. SB brings out all the meats at our house: chili, wings, teensy mballs and perhaps 'nother whole chicken. Why do I love handling carcasses so much? Haven't even begun shopping for the crudite. Have started lacing everyone's smoothies with enough fiber to keep it real, tho. Even had the septic guy out two weeks prior.....all about prep, peeps.
  6. triples: triple creme brie, thrice-milled soap, three-handed drinking................
  7. something in the air! Made mine with ssg, spinach, potato and parm, with enough cream to convince the nonbelievers. Oh! and a soupcon of sherry, since we were watching The Aristocats. Remember the marinated/drunken uncle goose?
  8. we must've been separated at birth--I have these three in steady rotation during winter mos.!
  9. I never get tired of bumping this thread, if only to see what you erudite grainheads have been up to. Amazingness this year? Just a little opener I like to call The Killer: Performing a bit of thread necromancy
  10. I haven't been reading the forum very often, but when I heard you wanted a limit of 8 I figured I'd have to sit it out. Otherwise I would have shown up. I'm a pretty hard-core Asian foodie, and I think Frank could have vouched for me in the that respect :-) Sorry I missed it. Next year.... -sw ← yo tambien....moved to the little creamery in Texas, but I'da made it my biz to be there otherwise!!!
  11. jess mebane

    About roux

    God Bless John Folse! I have been passing his jambalaya receipt off as family bible stuff for a decade now (One from his old PBS show, not book---too sanitized for practicality). Having said that, I would be utterly at a loss as to how best use a jar rooo. Does it have icky amts of salt? Sidebar: anyone going by donaldsonville? Got Folse's big book I want signed.
  12. totally awesome. doing just that tonight, with the deer ssg that threatens to overtake my freezers, ergo, life.
  13. Ok, the gal whose husband's hair is growing too loudly--YOU SLAY ME! I laffed 'till I cried, and because it's so TRUE! That being said, don't hurt me. That being said, don't judge me: pickled pigs' feet marrow on saltines. Just one, but all the other males in the house will sleep lighter knowing mommy's got chocolate on the bedside table for emergencies. And Suzilightning, you've been the unofficial doyenne of this thread for years, and it's good to see your name again!
  14. Amen, brother. I sorta stopped watching that channel all together about a year or so ago, but didn't realize why. I like Lidia B., and find myself rooting for her millionairess endeavors while fervently hoping she'll consider hair plugs at the same time...Special treat when her mom guest-stars. Also enjoy listening to Eric Rippert's caramel frog accent, but does he have his own show yet? I just catch him on the odd Bravo or Regis and Kelly Lee segment....yum!
  15. Just wanted to check myself before weighing in, and have not revised this opinion one whit. Have fun out there, kiddos.....
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