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  1. Knife, without a doubt. I hate it when people even touch my knives and if I had a duck, I'm sure I'd tell them to keep their hands off that, too.
  2. Some companies have employees cafeterias with cold and hot buffets - Saks and Google are 2 examples. ← I figured as much, but was hoping someone would tellme it was, um,not that. So that means I was a pizza chef when I was 16? Kewl! I had no idea.
  3. She's about par for the course, and the people who take her classes,I'm sure,know no better. She'll get a lot of mileage out of the mean old Brit who is just not understanding her genius. Kind of like Simon and the American Idol wannabes. I'd be humiliated if I were her, but 90% of the culinary instructors I meet are so lame that I don't think they get it,either. So, if this means that Gordon Ramsay will continue to point out that this person has her head up her mannerly heinie and shake his head that she has the audacity to charge people to teach them the same, goodie for me. I hope. All Iknow is, I'm watching for as long as this woman is on! Selfishly, Fabby who knows this mean-girl attitude will bite her in her own heinie! PS -- Corporate buffet chef? WTF is that?
  4. I was half-watching this episode when the "Culinary instructor" was yipping about being old (what is she, 41?). And I now will love Ramsay forever for calling her out about her complete lack of credentials for being a cooking teacher. don't worry, I won't get back on my soapbox about this .. but for god's sake. And to get all sassy with him -- I teach manners, too? -- means that she needs to get some instruction on that as well. that said? I don't know if I'll watch any more. My husband came running over to see the "pretty girl who can cook," and said, "is that her?" LOL!
  5. because I'm traveling solo, and it's work/study for me. I'm taking a week-long course at the CIA Greystone in June and one in August. Mr. Foodbabe will be home supervising dogs and kids. I'm looking for places anyone has actually stayed or knows. Yes, there are suggestions on the CIA website, and yes, I've been to Napa and Sonoma and have stayed there. It's too far away -- I'm looking for a nice, clean, quiet place, close to the campus. Any help is very much appreciated.
  6. Champagne comes only from the Champagne region in France. None of this Methode Champagnoise (sp?) stuff. Peeps are yellow marshmallow chickens. They are not white, pink or purple. They are not teddy bears, bunnies, heart-shapes or trees. They are not flavored with anything but Peeps Flavoring -- no ginger or vanilla. A martini does not come in varieties. It is a Martini: gin, vermouth, ice, and onion/olive/peel. That's all. Appletinis, lemon drop martinis, espressotinis, chocolatinis are not Martinis, no matter what Sandra Lee says. And last but not least -- Caesar Salads do not have canned anchovy filets atop the leaves, nor do they have grilled chicken, shrimp, beef, or bacon bits. Glad I got that off my chest!
  7. Beg and ye shall receive, Fressie. I forgot about the sidekick who was added: Puffboy. He's a Puff Adder. Please note the anatomically correct pupils, and tails. Please ignore the un-anatomically correct arms.
  8. Sigh. SIGH. It's been a heck of a few days and I'm sorry to say that no phots of the party were taken. My "photographer" forgot to do it, she was working so hard. So you'll have to take my word for it, a good time was had by all. Besides the leak in the ceiling and an issue with the kid (he's fine), we've had a brief cable outage (ack! Giants Game!) and two basset hound escapes. We're all coming down from the past week and looking forward to Duke/Carolina on Wednesday. Food for the party: Beef tenderloin with ancho chile mayonnaise (ancho, mayo, lime juice and a bit of minced garlic); poached salmon with tarragon/dill mustard; chicken and pasta salad with feta, kalamata olives, and tomatoes. No hors' doeuvres were left over! We had Weenies Wellington , sea bass tartare, lavender goat cheese with chives, manchego with membrillo, and a few other cheeses. Shrimp was served with cocktail sauce and a sweet-hot mustard sauce (equal parts honey-red wine vinegar-dijon). Quesadillas rounded out the offerings, and my husband was very very happy indeed. Servers left at midnight and a few good old friends stuck around to have a quiet drink with us. I htink we had forty people crammed into three rooms! to any Bostonians, I say: In Your Face! To the rest of you, I apologize again for the no-photos, and thank you for your patience this week. I think the puppy will be Dr. Nigel Brewster, and we'll call him Nigel. Mr. Foodbabe told me that "nigel" is no longer off limits. I forget -- who wins the prize for the best puppy name?
  9. thank you, Miss Pierogi and Miss Goddess. You deserve this kitchen. If you are ever in Chappaqua, you will call and come cookin', won't you? Please? To Fresser: So you are saying now that I look like a strawberry? Round, seedy, with an adorable but somewhat frond'y haircut. HMPH. Stomping my elegantly clad foot. Elegantly clad in a pair of black socks. Last night was an absolute blast! And while I'm looking for my camera ... We have a plumbing leak, which is going to cause a wee bit of delay in picture-posting. The leak is coming out of one of the ceiling lights and yes, is in an area where plumbing was run for the renovation. Since the contractor dealt with our last issue (the disposal fell out! I'm still laughing about it) in about 15 minutes, I've no doubt this will be resolved soon. I have things to do along those lines. Back soon, I hope, Fabster
  10. Mine are solid, and were built to hold what I'm putting on them (KitchenAid, waffle iron, food processor, meat grinder), and what I intend to put on 'em (sous vide'er). They don't wobble at all. It has taken a little practice but I'm close to addicted. If I had to do it again, I'd have a fold-out work space that came up with them. I have no idea if it's even possible, though. Because it's up about 20 inches, over the top of my tallest pot. Stock pots, reductions, etc., can be slid to the back of the range after filling, and the things I need immediately are right up front. (This is part of the beauty of six burners ... ) Yep, the bottom gets gunky. I do the deep cleaning for the whole range every week, and clean the underside of the shelf at the end of every day, whether or not I use the grill. Edited to add: The shelf is only about 8-10" deep, so it really doesn't get in the way of taller people who use the stove.
  11. This is one of the things that makes me happiest about this kitchen -- the range. On the left you see three pots of water set for boiling shrimp and pasta. On the right, my saute pans with sausage in one, and sauce for the pizza in the other. I keep dishes above (the lights also keep food warm). In the center left is a griddle and on the right, a grill. Right now, the two full-sized ovens have sheet pans with salmon and beef on them. The beef has been resting overnight with salt, pepper, some garlic, and fresh rosemary (a rosemary tree was the kitchen-warming gift from my friend Cathy ) Salmon is farmed king salmon in a little veg stock, bay leaf, leek leaves, and nothing else. It's heaven, really. I'll be back when the party is ready to go, when my helpers get here.
  12. Excellent question! They are based on the full-sized, "hotel" pan. A three-pan is 1/3 of the hotel pan, a six-pan is 1/6, and a 9-pan is 1/9. They come in different depths, too. Half-sized pans are simply, half-pans. Yes! "Successories," I think, was the original. Our favorite is a beautiful photograph of Supersized French Fries that says, "Ambition: Not Everyone Grows Up To Be An Astronaut." They have BitterSweets for Valentine's Day, and a Customer Disservice department. Oh, do. We love them. Our sons have them in their room, too. Aint' that the truth? And, they have "Residences" there, and people live in them. On purpose. And they're not cheap, either.
  13. Foofing is the process by which one has a "foofed" appearance. Foofy hair, all foofed up. Etc. I'm still smarting over being called buttah. Okay. It wasn't all foofing today -- I made things. Some I will show you: You're all pretty sharp, so I think you know what these are. I won't show you the cocktail sauce, the sweet/hot sauce for the shrimp, or the herbed mustard/mayo ... or the herbs I chopped. And chopped, and chopped -- because it's kind of dull. When I finish the sauces tomorrow, I'll give recipes if you want 'em. I will show you my lunch (breakfast was the usual -- cappuccino, wheat toast with peanut butter). I had some leftovers from last night. This was the venison; the round thing is really beautiful and pink in the center. It's herbed quinoa in a lettuce leaf wrap. The long things are fennel slaw, and the venison was really, really nice. Kid even left cherry sauce with it! I ate the leavin's of my cassoulet. It's mostly black-eyed peas, but there was enough lamb shank in there to make me remember the original dish with a happy sigh. I'm sorry that my personal meals are so dull! I'll try to improve on that in a little bit -- I'm making pizza. While the pizza dough rests, I'm going to prep two whole tenderloins for roasting. Toodles!
  14. I was looking forward to your interpretation, Fressie. LOL -- my younger brother used to call it my "Day of Ugly!" You are correct, m'dear. I'm pretty low maintenance in general, but I do like mah haircuts. Greasy, sweaty, yellowish? Thanks a lot, pal. Next time you need someone to help you find just the right garter belt, I'll be busy.
  15. My to-do list today: -Trim, tie, season roasts for tomorrow -Pick up wine, booze, salmon sides, and sea bass for the tartare -Find something that compares even a little bit to Rainbeau Ridge goat cheese -Gather up some herbs -Make sauces -Gougere -Rolls -Bread for the family -Pizza dough (Friday is pizza night at our house; Dave and I started this when we were newlyweds and both traveled almost every week; we'd watch Miami Vice and eat pizza with our firstborn, Bogart the Basset Boy). Oh, wait. I digressed. I also have a foofing at noon. Seriously: If at this point I can't prep for 40 in three hours' time, I should hang it up forever.
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