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  1. Oh, you found Sie Joe! I really enjoyed eating there on my last trip to A'dam. (And to answer an earlier question from @kayb: Yes, Dutch forms plurals of some words with an apostrophe followed by an s. It isn't English, so get your knickers out of a twist over the apostrophes. More rules about making plurals in Dutch are at http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=NounsAndArticles.11 I am NOT anywhere close to fluent in Dutch, nor do I claim to be.
  2. MelissaH

    New Kitchen

    I'm also a member of the Bosch dishwasher club. If you don't need to sterilize your dishes, the Quick Wash cycle takes only about half an hour, and gets the dishes clean enough for me. We also made a conscious decision not to plumb in the fridge, because if/when it leaked, the leak would be in a really bad place. As far as a stove, think about how you cook. We have been very happy with our 36" six-burner GE Monogram, although we've had a couple of repair issues and I've been glad my husband is handy. We have had all six burners in use, a few times each year. But with any high-powered stove, a high-powered hood is also a necessity. Ours uses a 10" vent pipe up through the roof.
  3. How hard is your water? When we were in Belgium for three months on sabbatical, we tried cooking beans once, and they didn't soften after being soaked overnight and then boiled for a couple of hours. We did some research and discovered that the tap water in our area was high in calcium. After that, we looked carefully at all the bottled water labels and chose one that was much softer to lug home and cook our beans. It worked beautifully.
  4. Will anyone who is coming to the workshop in Buffalo be driving there across the NY State Thruway (I-90) with an extra seat in the car? There are a number of convenient meeting places at various exits in the Syracuse area (from I-481, exit 34A, over to Weedsport, exit 40). Or if you're taking the scenic route, NY 104 along the south shore of Lake Ontario, that goes right through my hometown. My husband, who some of you may remember from the last workshop at Niagara College, would like to come to the dinner on Saturday night. He won't be able to attend the Saturday workshop because he needs to attend the university commencement exercises Saturday morning, a 2.5 hour drive away. We're a one-car family, so if I drive myself over on Friday, my husband has no way to get there for dinner. So I could either drive over with my husband for the Saturday night dinner (only) or to catch a ride over with someone who will be passing through so I can participate more fully, and my husband will come when the ceremonies are done and join us all for dinner. Or I could take a train, but that's less easy if I want to bring a box of tools with me. The Exchange St station is right around the corner from the hotel, and there are 3 trains that are scheduled to get there from Syracuse on Friday. One of them might even get me into town early enough to join you all for dinner that night! But given a choice, I'd rather ride with a friend or three than with a few hundred people I don't know. πŸ˜€ In any case, my husband and I would stay over Saturday night after dinner and drive ourselves home Sunday, so if I use one of your car seats on the way over, you could use it on the way home to hold all your chocolates and any other purchases. I don't currently plan to do the master classes, so a ride on Friday would be my preference. I do know Buffalo reasonably well, and can navigate you to the hotel. Let me know if I might fit into your travel plans, please!
  5. Have you checked your oven's temperature with a thermometer, and/or started checking the doneness of your cake a good 5–10 minutes before what the recipe says? It's possible that you're overbaking your cake and drying it out.
  6. Yup. I periodically get to remind myself that the blender works a lot better when it's plugged in.
  7. L'Appart is a really fun read, enough to convince me that I *never* want to renovate anything in France!
  8. Except that if you boil the sweet potatoes, you'll get them hot enough to denature and kill any enzymes that would convert starch to sugars.
  9. Oh yes, Schutt's does a terrific job. For those of you who are looking to order apples, my local place (70 miles from Schutt's, about a mile and a half up the hill from my house) also does a great job: https://ontarioorchards.com/ I regularly send my parents their dried apples.
  10. Solo is not an IP cookbook. That said, I've enjoyed using it on the nights I'm cooking for one.
  11. I've done a few classes at KAF, and they were great. But I second those who say pick a book and work your way through it, and/or find a local bakery to stage at. If you already have the basics, you'll get more out of a class.
  12. I'm curious if this is related to Kenji's trick of parcooking sweet potatoes to convert the starches to sugars, so they taste sweeter and brown better. It's basically the sweet potato equivalent of the beer brewer's mashing grain. https://www.seriouseats.com/2014/11/food-lab-sweet-potatoes-mashed-science-not-sugar-thanksgiving.html
  13. How big is your "big city"? My "big city" is either Syracuse (population about 145,000) or Rochester (just over 200,000). My parents' "big city" is Montrose, CO, population about 19,000...or just a hair more than the population of where I live. Everything is relative!
  14. I think my invitation must've gotten lost in the mail! πŸ˜‰ JUST KIDDING. Looks like you're going to have a great day there. And I'm going to have a great day here, first watching our university women's hockey team play their last game of 2019 and then playing my own game later tonight. And I assume I'll see you both in May at the chocolate workshop?
  15. And in NY, *no* wine in supermarkets at all! πŸ˜ͺ
  16. @Shelby, how long does it take to get the guts and tenderloins out of a deer, as you posted the photos of doing earlier? What more still needs to get done, and how long does that take?
  17. Not really, other than possibly purchasing an heirloom yogurt starter online. Or playing with the amount of starter and/or fermentation temperatures. And making sure that you reheat the milk you're using enough to kill off anything lurking, if it's been opened before you make it into yogurt.
  18. What was the original source of the starter for your homemade yogurt? Since they're alive, they can change based on their environment (think like sourdough starters). It might be that your culture has evolved to the point where you might be better off replacing it with a new starter.
  19. I'd think you'd take them out before the final rise. I know a lot of people who will actually remove the dough from their breadmaker at that point, and shape the dough in a regular loaf pan and bake it in their regular oven.
  20. MelissaH


    I actually quite enjoy wrapping myself in a blanket with a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream sandwich. When the thermostat is set at 62 ΒΊF, things don't melt as fast as when the room is hot during the summer.
  21. MelissaH


    I am looking at these popsicles when my area is under a winter storm warning, with 9 inches/22 cm of snow predicted before tomorrow morning. Are popsicles a year-round food for those of you who live in places where it doesn't snow?
  22. Because bananas aren't food and they're just there for show?
  23. Those are beautiful. Even if they don't taste like anything much, I bet it's fun to watch them unfurl, if you have a transparent teapot.
  24. This is definitely NOT a Kindle Single. The hardback version was at my local indie bookstore a few months back.
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