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  1. Anatolia

    Tapioca Maltodextrin

    I emailed them too, but they haven't gotten back to me...what other kinds of stuff do they carry? ← In the same line of Molecular Gastronomy products they carry all the usual suspects: sodium alginate, calcium chloride, fruits powders and everything else. I had read about it on foodite.com. But check for yourself their website they cary a lot of "hard to get" pastry products. www.lepicerie.com I don't know how you were able to send them an email without going and checking their website java script:emoticon(':huh:') smilie
  2. Anatolia

    Tapioca Maltodextrin

    Wow!! I got mine last week at lepicerie.com for $8.80 a pound.
  3. Anatolia

    Help me design a dessert bar

    This sounds like such a wonderful event for your daughter and family of course - but for you as well in terms of having such a venue for your culinary creations. personally i think little tarts, cookies, truffles etc - anything bit size is perfect - especially when presented in mounds/piles/heaps of sweet goodness. while perusing the lepicerie website i came across their new line of cookies and of course the reciepes arent there but the the Italian Kiss and Decedence cookies sound amazing - the hazelnut particularly - either in the flour form, crushed nuts, or that wonderful nutella. best of luck - im trying to work out the Italian kiss backwards - i'll let you know
  4. Anatolia

    BLT Soup

    I thought the same - rumor has it there is a third restaurant in the works possibly BLT Meat but I like BLT Soup better granted its probably not Laurent Tourondel's style
  5. so intrigued by these greek cookies - can someone liken them to something else i might be familiar with? sorta sounds like a russian tea cake or mexican weddingcake or am i way off the mark? regardless they sound delicious!!
  6. Anatolia

    Favorite pasta sauces

    Please correct me if i am wrong aren't certain sauces made with only certain pasta types in mind? I am not italian and not really sure how this all works and if it is true is there a reference guide? or can you pair any sauce and pasta?
  7. Anatolia

    NEW Crisco

    my nana's has a great upside down cranberry tart which is made with crisco and we've never used water - or atleast i missed seeing her add it and i certainly don, i can also add that the tart doesnt taste as good when made with butter - who'd've guessed.
  8. Anatolia


    If you are still looking - and after figuring out what it is I found Lepicerie.com supplies Trimoline and many other pastry ingredients for the home chef. Now that I have moved on to using higher end ingredients this site has been a great resource.
  9. I wont get my hands on P Herme's book until after Saint Nick makes a delivery but I am stocking up on Valhrona Chocolate from Lepicerie.com in anticipation of trying as many desserts as possible - the feedback is great from those who have tried a few reciepies already - now I will know where to start. They seem to carry every percentage of cocoa in a variety of sizes, not to mention many other pastry ingredients I have had trouble getting ahold of. check out Lepicerie.com
  10. I've found lepicerie.com to be an excellent, competitively priced internet source for chocolate, especially Valhrona. It's sold in managable sizes as well - hope you've had success with P. Herme so far - I believe Santa is delievering my copy of the book
  11. Anatolia

    All in the name . . .

    so many creative suggestions for what sounds like a wonderfully delicious business this might be too cheesy - Cakes - we make them the way you want (like) them Confectionary Creations I really liked Chicago Cake Company but it sounds a little big/industrial as a potential customer i think its really important to impart the 'for you' individual part. Cake Creations Creative Cakes As I brainstorm here I realized that I might be repeating suggestions - I cant remember whats been said already, sorry Have you heard of Magnolia its a bakery in NYC they make some of the best cupcakes in the world I'm not sure if the full name is Magnolia Bakery or just Magnolia - regardless its by reputation that they are know for their cupcakes - is there a name like that which would incorporate you and your brother without exactly spelling out what you do? and then you could add in smaller print a few words of explaination good luck
  12. Anatolia

    Milk chocolate

    Thank you for the site recommendations they got me into my own search by which I found lepicerie.com great prices and some very unique products I have only seen in other countries. fast and fresh delivery resulting in the best chocolate tart I've ever made - the chocolate carried the entire dessert much like the choclate flourless cake - exquisite!!! Any suggestions for the Montelimar Nougat Cream (almond and honey) and Roasted Hazelnut flour I ordered with my Valrhona choclate from lepicerie!?!?!?
  13. Anatolia

    Milk chocolate

    I'm new to all this and after reading this forum am so glad to find people who think and talk about chocolate the way I do. I am currently having difficult finding the Valrhona chocolate feves havecome to enjoy working with so much - I saw Dairyland mentioned are there other compnaies or websites from which I might be able to get ahold of what I am looking for!?!? for the record and backed up by Payard's chocolate taste test in NY Magazine - when it comes to taste to each his own with a blindfold on ps thanks for helping the new girl