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  1. PLEASE NOTE: All correspondence concerning jobs must take place off eG Forums. Thank you. POSITION: CHEF FOR SENIOR RESIDENCE Full time employment w/ health benefits, apartment and on-site parking Are you ready to be part of a team dedicated to empowering Seniors to Age in Place? SHARE, INC. has a 40 year history of providing affordable housing for 28 independent seniors (2 homes) in the Village of Ridgewood, N.J. The Chef will work directly with the Program Director, employees, clients, and vendors. We are looking to add to our dedicated team a talented Chef who is passionate about food. This job would be ideal for a cook looking to take a more hands-on role in day-to-day production and also refine their existing skills; who wants to learn new techniques such as pasta-making and basic pastry; and who wants to foster relationships with suppliers and producers. Culinary school graduates with a strong sense of purpose and a desire to work on and refine their skillset are encouraged to apply. Responsibilities Include: Daily preparation and service of lunch for both homes Daily preparation and service of dinner for both homes Daily inventory and provision of resident's kitchen for both homes Evening set up (for next day) continental breakfast for residents for both homes Prepare weekly menu for Program Director's approval Insure that standardized operating procedures including the use of recipes, opening and closing checklists, product requisitioning, etc. are consistently followed Consistently maintain standards of quality, cost, flavor and eye appeal of foods Be able to change the menus according to seasonal availability of products and residents' feed-back Provide input for budget development, forecasting, and financial reporting Manage cost controls and control expenditures Develop and maintain vendor relationships Check in deliveries and ensure proper storage of the deliveries Maintain assigned stock and ensure proper rotation of product within assigned area of operation. Restock items as needed throughout shift Maintain established standards for station and equipment cleanliness Keep a clean, safe, organization work station Arrange for equipment purchases and repairs Prepare and store 2 weekend dinner meals weekly Responsible for budgeting, shopping and ordering Maintain a 14 day frozen entrée stock for each home Required Skills: Food Cost Optimization Experience with inventory coordination, ordering, food costing and portion control Ability to plan and execute healthy menus for independently living senior citizens Ability to utilize effective time management to set priorities and perform job related responsibilities Food safety knowledge An inclination to navigate situations with integrity and accountability Qualifications & Requirements: Valid driver's license and ability to shop and transport food between SHARE, INC. Properties Basic education requirement - Technical, Trade, or Vocational School Degree Possess Food Safety Certification Basic functional experience - work experience in food or culinary services including restaurants, hotels, resorts, country club, catering services, institutional services etc. Prospective employee will be invited to a dinner audition. (Plan, Purchase Prepare and serve dinner for up to 10); the candidate will be reimbursed for cost of this meal. Send Resume, Seven Day Meal Plan (Menu) w/ budget plan for food purchase , Cover Letter AND 3 Reference To: SHAREINC.INFO@GMAIL.COM
  2. I am the Personnel chair of a small non-profit in Bergen County. I am working on a job description for a Chef position - serving 24 seniors with no dietary restrictions aside from health conscious and delicious meals. The job could include a living space with on site parking (Ridgewood). 40 hours a week Monday - Friday with health benefits. Responsibilities are for making available a breakfast foods bagels, fruit, yogurt for self serve. Menu planning, shopping, cooking and serving 12 residents in 2 homes lunch and dinner. (homes are very close to each other) each home has a professional kitchen. Please, ideas on how to write up this description and sources for posting the job. thanks!!!!!!!!!! Jan
  3. I am putting together a gift basket that includes a Cuisinart Ice-cream maker. I welcome recommendations for cookbooks! This is not my area at all! THANKS! Jan
  4. In the Palm City, Stuart Florida area - looking for a caterer or deli recommendation for a lunch/brunch (in home) gathering for aprox 30 people. Thanks, Jan
  5. Looking for (July 18th!) the best churros in Paterson - it's a plus if they also carry huarache! THANKS! Jan
  6. Can anyone recommend a source in the Northern NJ area (or mail order) for mastic crystals (not gum)? Thanks, Jan
  7. I will be in Fort Lauderdale Thursday evening (8/14/14) for dinner. I was searching for a homecooked- Cuban meal and Mario’s Catalina was recommended. Although not Cuban, I have been told the Mexican Restaurant, Eduardo de San Angel is a must. OK - so now at 2:24 PM I am hungry and with 3 days to go - need to make a reservation - reviews on both are great - I welcome any feedback! Jan
  8. the good news...Picnic is coming to Ridgewood!!!!!!!!!!!!! one little gem to another - hurry Christine and open them doors! Jan
  9. Looking for a fit for foodie restaurant that has a variety of non meat options.
  10. I will be traveling to Newport, RI the end of May. Traveling companion is a vegetarian. Looking for restaurant suggestions whose menu includes non meat/seafood entree that are not simply after thoughts. Thanks! Jan
  11. just thought I should mention... A Tiny Treasure seems to be developing a regular following with us locals - stopped in for a quick dinner last night (Thurs). Nothing coming out of Fare is quick and that is not a complaint. While shrimp stuffed mushrooms ($15.00 special) and chicken dumplings with a ponzu egg drop dipping sauce ($8.00) were being inhailed by the couple next to me, I opted for the Grilled Mahi Mahi Soft Tacos ($22.00) that I had during a previous visit and have been dreaming of since. The open shell corn tortilla was bedded by succulent, lightly chared meaty mahi mahi, paper thin slices of chayote and slightly larger slices of avocado. A lime pico de gallo was part of the ensemble ( more on that later!). My dining companion who had enjoyed the grilled lamb chops with a multi cheese pancake during our last visit, settled on the Soba noodle, field greens salad that gathered straw zucchini and carrots under a giner dressing. The salad was OK, however it was the addition of "my" lime pico de gallo that brought it to the height of delicious and memory making (imho). There was no time for dessert on this spin, however the homebaked cookies (size of cake plates) seemed to be flying out the door. just thought I should mention... Ridgewood Fare - 26 Wilsey Square - (201) 857-8400 serving lunch and dinner (closed Sundays and closed Mondays after 3:00) Jan
  12. While visiting friends recently we made reservations for Nicholas (route 35) and totally enjoyed the Caramelized Onion Soup, loved the Black Truffle, Honeycomb, and Bergamot Buttermilk Sea Scallops. Tasted the Black Sea Bass with Clams,Potatoes in a Chowder Sauce and was eager to see what the spring menu will offer. Shared the Tres Leches Cake,( Caramel Popcorn and Banana Ice Cream) but thought there was just too much going on to enoy.
  13. Thanks for the feedback! Prof was off my radar - however not any more! As I write this -- Hope you all are doing well with the weather - Jan
  14. I will be returning to DC to host a small dinner party celebrating the commitment of a former college roommate, to another following three divorces. we will be 6 people Saturday July 14th looking for dinner. Looking for fabulous seafood of any cuisine, delicious wine and the ability to hear each other's conversation. Price is not an issue. We all have cars and downtown D.C. would be an easy commute for all involved. A 3rd party (not invited to this little gathering) suggested Oyamel or Blacksalt. - I welcome any suggestions! Thanks! Jan
  15. Labor Day Weekend - EVEVERYONE but me has gone away for the weekend.......CLEARLY NOT! my last minute attempt for a weekend reservation shot down...along with the hope of one last lobster roll......damn!Good for You Picnic buddies...not so much for me:( jan
  16. I would take the family To Fair Lawn's Picnic, start with the BLT salad,heirloom tomatos,double smoked bacon...work my way to the lobster roll, dabble in the morels risotto and pray there is a cheese infused tart for dessert - ohh wait... that is what I am doing tonight! See you at 7:30 Christine!
  17. CLEARLY, I look for 3.5 stars from New Jersey Monthly! Thanks Christine for brining fine fabulous dining in Northern New Jersey! jan
  18. You might have already looked at the Manor, though just in case -- they due a wonderful job in their private rooms.
  19. Recently in the Washington Post, I came across a farmers market favorite called, " Gelatina Encapsulada" is anyone in Northern New Jersey teaching, how to make this mexican delicacy? Jan
  20. Looking for lunch, beverages etc for a small group of women experiencing a midday spa event. Any recommendations? Jan
  21. So this is my new dilemma. Took a former neighbor for dinner to celebrate her birthday, and everone in my family's b-day (all 2 of us). Feeling lucky, OK, blessed to get a reservation on a Friday for 6:00 P.> with only three days notice - dreaming about those Friday Lobster rolls Picnic (takeout) had come to spoil me with -- and hoping a linger of leftovers would make it on the small plate section -- knowing if I really wanted the ipswich clams I could special order and those sandless babys would be all mine - OR - chance Christine would read my mind and on this cold winter night as age 60 grows closer, something warm and comforting would jump off the menu and say "Marry Me" (sounded better then eat me). Arrived 3 minutes late - the room was alreadyhalf full. My wine bottle is promptly remoed from the table, cradled in a cooler, we are seated by the most welcoming of staff and let the fun begin. The amuse plate arrives with a french nutty cheese just teasing nuts and bread crisp - a goat cheese that fell in love with my wine - and ohh baby, let the chef's menu wine me over - and so it did. The arugula sald with pears and cranberry and ohh my G-d, toasted seasoned pecans, Reggiano Parmesan ...more please!No, no, there had to be room for coke a cola brisket! tender, jucy sucullent...it played hide and seek with the mashed potatoes and spinach and I devoured it all. So what did the others have...well there was no sharing that's for sure as starter plates of Iceberg, cucumbers, ruby red tomatoes, bacon, and onion (I would have eaten the maytag blue but my guest requested it remain in the kitchen . The other starter was the, " Eighties throwback salad", lettuces, goat cheese croutons, pine nuts tickled by a sundried tomato vinaigrette that by request was served on the side and then licked clean by my buddy who had no shame!Don't for one second think these decisions were easy, as roasted marrow bones or the seared foie gras with poached pears with a fig balsamic reduction had to loose. Main courses that I was not even offered a sniff of were the monkfish with a chestnut and bacon risotto and the cippino with sole, shrimp and scallops (OK I am alergic to scallops)but still, I could sniff! Gone. I did ask my server if it would be wrong to order a second round, say the Caramelized pork chop with apples, bacon, brandy butter...in an effort not to embarrase anyone (I sure was not hungry It is just too hard to stop and the entire staff is all so willing) i moved onto a raspberry tart with goat cheese - just so I could pretend (with the goat cheese) we were beginning from the beginning. One more dessert for the table a take on a brulee ...the dish was licked clean when my guest snickered and said, "did anyone want a taste?" Thank you Picnic for a brining together good people with outstanding service and amazing cuisine!
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