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  1. Count me in Christine! How about a clam night??? jan
  2. I have not had a chance to write about the perfect dinner with my sister- however, I can say, this -- add PICNIC of Fair Lawn to the Fine Dining in New Jersey Circle!!!
  3. I have a recipe however, i just did not plan enough time -- does anyone have a source in the Bergen /Passaic/Essex county area for kolaches? jan
  4. I Caught an interesting piece on NPR yesterday re: artisan ice-cream in NYC - in a google search Peter Wong’s Homemade Ice Cream Parlor, 0-115 30th St, Fair Lawn (201-796-8000) - came up. Has any one been? Is this a new place??? jan
  5. Does anyone have information or experience with the Taste of Rutherford benefit. I came accross a June 2009 press release in a local paper (today!) - obviously the date is wrong - $5.00 for 5 samples and $10.00 wine tasting - jan
  6. Hi Christine! I am excited for you - and for me; a great new place to eat! Please incorporate the lobster rolls - well, perhaps not the rolls but you make a killer lobster roll fill! As Sixela wrote - I want a server familar with the menu - and that includes wine (should the license go through) - I want a bread basket that I will be sorry to see go when it leaves the table - I want the bread warm, a variety and fresh - I want butter that does not need to be unwrapped and perhaps a chioce of salts - a defined olive oil would be nice - radishes with fresh butter - I want an amuse that tells me what your thinking - entice me with something I might not have considered and would mimic in my own kitchen - I want black linen when I am wearing a black skirt or white linen when I am wearing something... not black. I want appetizers that can be ordered as a starter or entree I want to see something like Portland razor clams and Portland blue potatoes and a Portland wine and portland cheese - little culinary gems - Mussels from Newfoundland drunk in their local Kidi Vidi Beer. I want a seasonal salad - dressed with nuts,local cheese, or a seasonal soup I want an option of fish and meats that may not be so unique and are served nestled next to a feisty starch. I want a dessert that is not an after thought - I don't need for it to compete with my dinner for calories or fullness I want a menu that fades into the next season so I don't totally loose a favorite dish - and I want specials that transport me into diverse culinary cuisines such as Ethopian and West Africa fusions- I want to know you want me there - I want a quick stop at the table - I want to be able to make reservations - and if opentable is an option you will see me more often - it makes it that much easier -- I love the idea previously mentioned - carbonated water options - I want consistency - I want the chef and staff to always be on! I want to come to your soft opening!!! Best wishes Christine!!! Jan
  7. Four visits to the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn and all I can tell you is the the Burgers keep me coming back! OK and the homemade pretzles, the corn bread, OK the full bread basket - crisy fries (once ordered crispy onions) thick hand molded burgers on brioche with sharp cheddar -- I snuggle into one of the leather club chairs in the bar room and the day can fade away. I am partial to Mondavi Reds - however the wine and beer list is attractive! The new Inn offers a choice of rooms for more formal dining and two bar rooms -- I had every intention of eating from the grown up menu and reporting back - however, I continue to satisfy the crave or burgers where Maple Ave dead ends... Has anyone else been back to the Inn???
  8. Would like to send a gift certificate to an uncle turning 80 in March. This sweet man was a mission worker and has spent very little on himself. Looking for something that will spoil him just a little, shower some attention and of course be delicious!!! Uncle lives in Brownsville Texas and drives. Any recommendations!?! Thanks, jan
  9. que pasta is next to Kessler - in my opinion not worth the five feet walk from that rehab. 15 minutes from Oradel, in a creative route via route 17 to Essex County you are in Glen ROck, Ridgewood or Ho-Ho-Kus -- just answering your quest for Pasta - these are my recommendations: La Lanterna 29 West Ridgewood Avenue -Ridgewood, NJ 07450.(201) 444-5520 (www.lalanternaofridgewood.com) you will need reservations - casual, fresh homemade pasta specials, in HO-Ho-Kus - all within a breath of each other: Janice a Bistro -23 Sheridan Avenue, Ho Ho Kus, NJ .(201) 445-2666 www.janiceabistro.com - small, cosy, homemade pasta specials in addition to regular menu Cafe Amici - 4 Sycamore Avenue, Ho Ho Kus - (201) 389-6376 (sunday is Mama's gravy day) Not known for their pasta, however, the only non BYO in my recommendations is the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn - amazing burgers, also dining room specials (fish, limited pasta, beefs) Glen Rock - 203 rock road, Rocco's - 201-670-4945 - reservations on opentable.com - all homemade pasta, and pasta tastings mid week. hope these recommendations aren't too late - just noticed your request was in December.......sorry I missed it.........
  10. I don't need a recipe - just a source to buy these little babies! Any recommendations??? Jan
  11. if newark is an option I would recommend -Mompou Tapas, Wine Bar, Lounge -77 Ferry St. Newark, NJ 07105 The Sangria is outstanding, if the weather cooporates there is a great garden in the back -- the tapas selection is plentyful, fresh, and the atmosphere is ideal. jan
  12. I don't have much experience in Jersey City as a leader to delicious food, though I sure can follow and did just a few weeks ago to Azucar (495 Washington Blvd) - wonderful, fresh, deliciously spiced Cuban- and ohhhhhhh what a Mojito! Jan
  13. During the last 4 years I have used Tabboule (90 n. maple ave ridgewood, nj) in the kings shopping center opposite the ridgewood municipal center and library --to serve a group of 30 -- specifically I order their humus, Ma'anik, Soujouk, and skewers of Shawerma and Kafta - always wonderful - they have never had a problem with accomodating a tight budget - I should add, my husband and I eat here often so we are not strangers when I use them for group events -- also, I coordinate an international festival each year, and they are participants. New in Ridgewood is Roma - I am not familar with their catering menu - hwever I have ordered several times (groups of 20 and 25) their Pide (Sucuklu (hope I spelled that correctly!) and their Bastirmali Pide. I have ordered in large quantities their babaganus,. There is a new place in Ridgewood, Grape Leaves (14 Oak Street) it replaced Joel's -- I have not used their catering menu (yet) - the owner is Syrian. I spoke with him last month. His father had several restaurants in Syria - I sampled his grileld shrimp which was outstanding, and we had an order of humus - hardly enough to give proper feedback re: catering.l.. looking forward to returning! Jan
  14. I love Seabras Marisqueira and Casa Vasa in Newark HOWEVER not with a wheel chair! My new favorite place for OUTSTANDING sangria and delicious array of tapas - wheel chair accessible (Restaurant and bathrooms!!!) is :Mompou Tapas Bar & Lounge 77 Ferry St, Newark, NJ ((973) 578-8114). THe atmosphere is festive, the staff professional, the options limitless!
  15. When I was last there I asked about a web site- one was in the planning- nothing yet. jan
  16. Before the Bill Cosby Show at the Englewood Performing Art Center we headed to Rose's (confirmed on Opentable.com) After a friendly greeting we were ushered to the sunk-in living room to the left of the restaurant, where tables of multi generation families were mingled between multigeneration couples. This is a BYO, which i failed to notice when making reservations, so we sipped ice-water that was promptly refilled, and began with warm pita triangles to scoup every last drop of a yogurt, cucumber, mint and garlic appetizer and smooth tangly hummus ($6.50 each and adequately shared by 2). My Main course was ($15.95) two tender chicken, white meat, strips grilled with an outline of crispy herbs and spices (Shish Tawook Platter) served with roasted tomato, and beige colored soft rice! My guest has the grilled cornish hen platter, chicken that fell off the bone onto a neg of grilled onions, beige colored rice and grilled tomato. Sheltering the hen was grilled pita triangles (village bread). Not that we needed dessert (I had half of my dinner set aside for today's lunch) however we opted to share an order of baklava after hearing a near-by table proclaim they never leave without one bite. With lipton tea infused with fresh mint we opted to share the double serving of (walnut) baklava ($4.95) and proudly devoured the crisp honey delight that fortunatley lacked the gooey syrup of too many inposters. Rose's of Englewood 126 Engle Street, Englewood 201 541-0020 (take out available) (a note on the take out menu links them to Fair Law's Roses...it's been a few years since I was at that location ...clearly I have not rushed to return - Rose's of Englewood...I would return in a heart beat!
  17. Parisian Crepes in Fair Lawn are the real deal! After work three of us headed to Fair Lawn in search of French Onion Soup (word of mouth was it should not be missed) and Crab Cake Crepes! What we experienced was french comfort food. One order of the crab crepe, one ratatouille, and one special risotta and wild mushrooms -- we skipped the soup idea after seeing the size of the plates coming from the kitchen and after reviewing the dessert (full page) menu! The crab cakes served in an open crepe blanket were tender, lump plump sweet and pan browned on the outside - served along side a mixed green salad. The ratatouille niçoise was a snappy melody of onion, garlic, tomato, zucchini and eggplant spilling out of its afkan crepe (also served with a salad or potato option: french fires, mashed, or rice). The spcial was full of mushrooms, however the rice a little too gummy for my tastee. (entrees average $17.00 all include a side starch or salad). Aside from the onion soup the soup of the night was borsch -- The real tease on the menu is the breakfast specials (blintz of every variety) AND ohhhhhhh my goodness the dessert menu! (Average $7.00) Start with an ice-cream or a fruit favorite and build from there! The caramel hot apple with cinnamon and raisins I devoured -- and wouldn't you on a damp windy night? The others had a caramel and ice cream with apple and I believwe blueberries and sour cherries, and another had a sorbet (mango) and sugar crepe -- Not since the Christmas street markets in Paris (last November) have I experienced such delicious fun in a crêperie as I did at: Creme De La Crepes - 12-56 River Rd Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 (201) 791-0005‎ PS: It's a bring your own!
  18. I noticed on open table "Rose's" looks as if it opened in January -- has anyone been??? Jan
  19. I pass it every morning on my way to work - it always has a crowd-- my dentist is a regular...never thought to ask him! jan
  20. I may be just getting old -- but has anyone else noticed the Rutts Hut relish has lost its bite - the tartness seems to have been replaced by sweetness ... or could it be a change of mustard???
  21. Just back from 6 nights of eating my way through Ottawa! and a headfull of outstanding memores! I opted for Urban Pear in lieu of Marc Lepine's Atelier and I am somewhat sorry I did -- I am really sorry I did not extend my stay. I will share more detail howeer for now - this is an absolte must - if you are in a day's drive make Petit Bill’s Bistro a MUST! This is a DESTINATION! Let me just say - Poutine Lobster ... a crispy bed of pencil sliced potato tickled by a buttery mascarpone bulging with sweet fresh lobster ... this was my starter sadly shared by another who had the audacity to order his own starter of the newfoundland chowder which was a velvet lovefest of muscles, scallops (I am allergic) and clams ... craving Quidi Vidi mussels is what put this amazing Newfoundland owner on my radar -- Two brothers have managed to transport the spirit and love of the Rock and mix it with a fine passion for food. (not to mention a fine taste for wine). I can't imagine eating more and yet we did ... my husband ordered the lunch burger (I will post photos as soon as I learn how!) that he could have used an extra hand to hold and that was wthout toppings -- Grilled challah hosted a tender chopped angus prime with onion jam that nestled a Monet of a salad-- crisp multi greens, red and yellow peppers (think edible art!) -- ahh but i inhailed a Lobster Monte Cristo sandwich - made the Newfoundland way - no waste - no dripping sauce - thick challah, chunky plentiful lobster, just a smear of goat cheese dipped into an eggbath with perhaps a tease of pepper before hitting the grill --- may I just say this meal was heaven. Our server was (brother) Terry - and that sounds way to formal, we left wishing he was our Brother ...ahh to have been born into a family that can cook like this! Gives a new promise to holidays! Terry was more like our host and before we left (it had been both my birthday and my husbands) he brought is a slice (WAYYYYYY to BIGGGGGGGG to be a slice - ) of Randy's (the other Brother) maple cheese cake -- we faked ourselves into believing the maple like merrange top would errase any logical message the stomach may be telling the head ...like I am full - and we devoured the entire piece....... There is a love, a lightness, a sweetness and genuine warmth that happends in Newfoundland and it echoes at The Petit Bill's Bistro! Jan (The Petit Bill's Bistro 1293 Wellington Street 613.729.2500)
  22. Ridgewood buddies...what's going on at Kalish? Bar-b-que wings on the Indian menu and Marsla dosa...gone We didn't stop - despite the snow - lots of activity (it is $20.09 month) we headed to Gen's and devoured lobster rolls, wild mushroom soup and my favorite pink leopard! jan
  23. I will be in Ottawa for six dinners. I just completed my reservations with the hope I do not have a serious over sight. Feedback, menu recommendations, Canadian wines and beers, BAKERY (!) and lunch spots ...etc please suggest!!!!!!!! Still interested ina Spot for Chinese New Year! Reservations in Place are: Navarra Street, Signatures by Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts,Eight8teen,Beckta,Domus and Urban Pear Thanks! Jan
  24. I will be in Ottawa during Chinese New Years ...will there be a celebration? Special restaurant menus or "not to miss restaurants" celebrating??? Thanks, Jan
  25. Ridgewood New Jersey is proud to host the State's oldest birthday celebration for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The day begins with an interfaith service (10:00) ceremony & walk through the village followed by a community lunch at noon. The day ends with an afternoon entertainment program. The community lunch receives donations from Kings, Whole Foods and Stop & Shop, Mc Donalds (Burgers) Wendy's (chili) for side dishes - there is a committee volunteer who coordiantes donations for the day. I am looking for a cook to prepare the lunch's traditional servings of soup, fried chicken, biscuits, sandwhiches and dessert. The lunch draws aprox. 400. (You will have several "church folk" to help prepare, cook, serve and shop!) The stipend is $250.00 for the cook - The budget is $1500.00 for food & provision of paper products. Any one interested, let's talk... Jan 201 670-1610 This is really a volunteer position I realise -- and a token opportunity to put out a business card if so inclined... The last cook recently retired after 27 years (she is 87) - last year a local church member volunteered - he can not take off from work this year --
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