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  1. Looking for tapas in Newark (Mid December date) and was consiering Mompou. Any recent visitors? Feedack? or other recommendations? Thanks! Jan
  2. I was thinking of making Farinata (first time) during the holidays and would like to try some assorted versions -- does any one know of a restaurant/store-front serving/selling this Ligurian snack. Thanks, Jan
  3. Without question in Ridgewood I would go with : La Lanterna - 29 W Ridgewood Ave Ridgewood, NJ 07450 (201) -444-5520 Family owned, chef uses seasonal foods to enhance all the senses in charming atmosphere, Italian/Med seafood, meats, list long daily specials, homemade pastas, old world soups/bread - a great gift! Like most of Ridgewood this is a BYO. Laso equal in conisderation however on Maple Ave in Ho-Ho-Kus would be Janice's Bistro -- Jan
  4. Magictofu, just wondering what you think of Yangtze. I am looking for a dim sum recommendation for a Sunday brunch. Also, since I do not read Chinese, would you not recommend Northern Han ? I have some time -- I won't be in ottawa until January! Thanks, Jan
  5. Had a wonderful experience and leasure dinner at Sakura last night! Brought a light slightly apple flavor sake that was promptly placed into an ice bucket and served in wine stem glasses with long slivers of cucumber -- My guest began with an order of seaweed salad (6.00) a generous portion of finely sliced and fresh salty brilliant greens arrived -- I opted to begin with the shittake roll - a pulchritudinous cap rolled around rice with a ribbon of another shittake -- ($5.00). We ordered a pot of a daisy tea according to the menu, "promising to moisten the throat, brighten the eyes," and I think lift the face -- (at $7.00 is was less expensive then a face lift and with a bottle of sake to down what the hell!) Dinner for my guest was the "Angel" Sakura Special Rolls - king crab, shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, and tobiko wrapped with soybean paper. ($14.00) my order was also a Sakura Special Roll, "The Dancing" smoke salmon, shrimp and avocado on the top -- shrimp tempura and crab stick inside ($14.00) There was no room for dessert - and I was pleased I had resisted ordering a soup - the kinoko ( a vegertable tofu blend0 seemed popular at the table behind me -- as was a yakitori that pleasantly perfumed the immediate area. The restaurant was much larger then I anticipated and with a 6:00 PM dinner on a Thursday night -- the sushi bar was empty and the tables fairly active.
  6. I am brining a hostess gift this weekend to a former neighbor who has relocated...stopped in at the Ridgewood Cheese Shop and picked up some truffle honey, three cheeses, artisinal chocolates, french apricots and an artisinal butter from Vermont. Will pick up a fennel cranberry bread tomorrow just before we leave and with a final price $42.24 I am feeling pretty good about my choices!!!!!! jan
  7. For the past year I have used The Ridgewood Cheese Shop as a local alternative to Artisinal (NYC) -- however, last week I discovered aside from equal quality, much lower prices, and better variety, Rdg. Cheese 'tastings' go beyond Artisinal. I am not certain which site to post though since we made it a lunch respite on Saturday -- daiquiri jam over tripple brie, Oregon Smoke Blue Rogue (I bought to serve with Italian Figs and French apricots) a creamy Monte Enebro (far less then charged at Artisinal a month earlier) and a killer Epoisses ohh my goodness. There is a truffle honey that the Shop's owner Rick pours over a Goat Cheese ... The shop is opposite the Post Office on Ridgewood Ave. - Saturdays the line is pretty long by 10:00 AM; the store has been opening earlier I noticed. I prefer late afternoon during the week when sometimes by 5:00 I can still grab a loaf of bread (always sold out by 2:00 ish on Saturdays). OK, sharing was my good deed for the day!
  8. I performed a Ceremony of Commitment for a couple in one of the small (private) rooms at the Manor - it was intimate and lovely (after you arrive and walk through thd not so sall & intimate...) The night prior to my nephew's wedding, we had a dinner part for around 80 people at Gramercy Tavern -- this was my sister's planning and it really was outstanding, from champagne bar hour prior through dessert course -- and the rooms was lovely - really outstanding... Jan
  9. Marcel is not expected to make it through the next 24 hours. He went into a coma (during the weekend) -- his family was to be removing him from life support today.
  10. The Westmount Country club does a beautiful job -- though certainly not considered a hall -- also in Essex County The Green Brook Country Club. As for a catering hall -- The Women's Club of Ridgewood. jan
  11. jeff's beach house grill - 4140 n. federal highway 954 565-3337 www.opentable.com Wonderful choice! We learned this restaurant opened 9 weeks ago and will be broadcasted on the Food Network's, "Check Please" tomorrow night. The wait staff told us the restaurant went through a transformation from an English pub to a very light, beach house look (not located on the water!) The chef led, "Ireland's Own" not a place on my radar. My husband began with a Pale Ale, Key West ($5.00), I had a non offensive but poor choice after reviewing the wine list, Laurent Split ($15.00) The atmosphere is light, inviting and active bar opposite entrance. Seating is table and booth. I was a little surprised to see a limited child's menu (Kobe 4 ounce burgers, mac-n-cheese) and althought there was a table with a well behaved pint size person, I suspect the child's menu is more active during the lunch service. We began with a well dressed, anchovey seasoned caesar salad ($4.00 small plate to share) and an outstanding humus with fresh toasted pita appetizer ($6.00). I ordered the crab cake dinner ($24.), two healthy portions of fresh crab, airy, light, moist minus any trace of bread binding, aside of crisp yet pale fries, crisp snow peas and lettuce with fresh shavings of parm. cheese the annointed the caesar. My husband opted for the mango half slabs of ribs ($12.), meaty, moist, with a large baked potato and extra sour cream as requested. His plate was garnished with the same crisp snow peas that had accompanied my crab cakes. The Tuesday night special was fried chicken the table next to us had especially arrived for, the aroma was enchanting! We declined coffee, tea, after dinner drinks yet shared a serving of the Key Lime Pie ($4.) with no regrets! Light, refreshing flavor, trace of coconut over a thin graham crust. Total for two, $74.20 plus tip. Wait staff, young, eager to serve and in time will hopefully be more familar and comfortable with the menu. jan
  12. Due to a flight change, will be in the Pompano Beach / Fort Lauderdale area one more night. Dinned at Johnny V, tonight - enjoyedd every mouthful beginning with the tapas for two, followed by the Florida Dolphine (for me) roasted half chicekn (husband) -- a flight change will keep us here for another dinner - Have had wonderful meals in the not so distant past at Casa D' Angelo, Cafe Max, Cayon and Seasons 52...looking for something new, fresh fish, or outstanding Spanish/Cuban. Have been disappointed in Trinas Read a great review for Victoria Park and then discovered it closed, and today heard about Jeff's Beach House Grill, however not through anyone with personal experience -- Any recommendations - great seafood, outstanding cuban cuisine, or less known-local favorites? Thanks, Jan
  13. I attended a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Esty Street which is in Park Ridge - I have no idea on cost as I was a guest - I very much enjoyed a Caesar salad while my husband opted for the bisque (both outstanding) an assertively seasoned swordfish (my husband had a pasta dish) and a tri-selection of fruit sorbets -- Jan
  14. Friends - this is the e-mail Ireceived from a friend whose congregation is a welcoming place for Adults with Disabilities. She writes: " Jan, can you help us, in Bergen County, Two groups, about 25 each, made up of people with disabilities - including wheelchairs, and their staff, who rarely have an opportunity to go out to eat due to cost, going out to dinner; one group on a Monday night - the other on a Thursday night. This seems to be a meat and potato group of people who also love ziti, pizza, and subs (and it goes without saying anything sweet). For this luxury I have been given a budget of about $15.00 per person to spend. Where would you take them, that they wouldn't normally have an opportunity to go - and of couse they would enjoy for a Christmas gathering? I really need some help here! " I asked if she could switch to lunch, she said it was possible, not as easy, and I also recommended Casual Habana in Hackensack. Anyone have suggestions??? Thanks, Jan
  15. I discovered it word of mouth just before Christmas last year - I orderd stuff lobster tails - Marcel is Canadian (I believe) he moved to Maine and I am forgetting just how he made it to NJ -- anyway, he does regular commutes to Maine which is why ordering is essential. The few times I have just dropped-in the store, I could not get lobster and was limited to what was left from lunch (not a complaint, his soups are great! The stuffed Lobster tails (for Christmas Eve) were outstanding. During the summer I have ordered his clam bakes. Only once was my order not available - it just wasn't there or it had gone to someone else -- This was a Saturday and I needed it for Sunday - he arranged to deliver the order to my house (Ridgewood). I have friends who order just about weekly from Marcel - never had a problem. WIth service like that, I would not have considered my situation a problem either! I have never had Marcel's Lobster Rolls, I am partial to Picnic Chef, for Lobster Rolls! That is perfection!!! Jan
  16. Marcels live maine lobsters in Bergenfield NJ is a great source! You would have to place an order, for his price list go to: www.marcelslivemainelobsters.com I have never been disappointed! Shop-Rite doesn't even come close! Jan Opps, sorry, not Bergenfield, Dumont - at 16 W. Madison Ave. in Dumont , on the Bergenfield Border -- 201-385-6003
  17. I use to feel like that about Fat Kat - I stumbled on this tiny place, it was close enough to my office (Hackensack) and Tony made me feel like it was my personal respite - I brought my office tehre for a holiday lunch, and wile my sister and I cared for our Mom during the hospice days, Fat Kat gave a new meaning to personal retreat and comfort food - Benny makes Casual Habana comfortable and delicious (Hackensack) but it is too close to the office to really be a "haven"-- closer to home (Ridgewood) La Lanterna (Ridgewood) and Janice Bistro (Ho-Ho-Kus) both small, quaint, delicious and pampering. jan
  18. In the site of the Old Woolworths, and the former Ying/Yang Chinese Restaurant 15-17 E. Ridgewood Ave, Gen Hibachi & Asian Grill has opened. (201 493-1988) I attended the opening with a friend a few weeks ago, and did not write on this site because, honestly, everything I had was so good, and I mostly had no idea of "what to call it!" ...and I had a little too much saki Last night I finally returned - Began with the Kinoko Soup ($3.00) (3 mushrooms in a Miso like broth) - the mushrooms were delicate and fresh - however, the broth a little too salty. My husband began the Hot and sour soup ($2.00) - devoured the piquant broth along with its morsels of tofu and pieces of mushroom. His dinner included a generous salad of simple mixed greens and one lonely cherry tomato, in a ginger dressing. THe menu is divided between asian cuisine (Crisy whole bass (24.00), Portobella Mushroom and stir fry prawns ($20.00) Peking Duck (35.00) Chicken, chili and peannut sauce ($12.)) Prawns, Chicken and Snow Peas ($12.) Rolls: Cucmber ($3.)), Smoked Salmon (5.), Tuna, California, Salmon or Yellowtail for $5.00 Chef's Special Rolls: Shrimp Tempura, tobiko and Cucumber ($7.00), a Saddle River (crawfish, crunch powder inside crab meat, spicy tuna and wasabi tobigo on the outside ($14.) the list here goes on... Udon Noodle (chicken $13 Shrimp $16) Sushi and Sashimi A la carte - average price $3.00 one piece per order Hibachi (served with appetizer, noodle or brown/white/fried rice) - Chicken ($17) Steak ($20) Scallops ($20) Filet Mignon ($23), Lobster ($27). There are also ($10.00), vegetable options such as Mapo Tofu Mushrooms and tofu, Fresh Golden Mushrooms with fried Tofu. asparagus with mushrooms , eggplant ad garlic sauce or string beans with garlic sauce. I did not see the lobster roll appetizer ($13.) until I was walking out, however the description was delicious! And this is the only note regarding service that slightly disappointed -- there was no mention of specials or dessert. For dinner, I had the Pink Leopard (Roll) - spicy crabmeat, avocado, cucumber and crunch (carrots!) wrapped in soybean paper. I also had the avocado salad, a hefty whole tender, ripe, avocado, sliced and served with a ginger dressing (on the sde). My husband had the Hibachi Shrimp dinner, fresh medium shrimp filled the plate with crunchy broccoli, onions, carrotts, - rice to the side. We finisehd with fresh fruit of the day which was canteloupe, honeydew, watermelon and orange sliced ($5.00). There is a sushi bar, private sitting area (small group) large room in the back with a wall size fish tank, or more airy seating by the window. The lunch special is from 11 - 3:00 (Monday - Friday only) $11.00 for one item, $14.00 for two items, and the choice is : shrimp, scallops, chicken, steak, salmon and vegetables. Lunch comes with soup, salad, fried noodle or friend rice.. Also under lunch specials an array of Teriyaki, tempura, Udon and sushi specials were lsited on the menu. Like most of Ridgewood, this is a bring your own place. They deliver to Ridgewood, Midland park, Glen Rock and to parts of Ho-Ho-Kus and Waldwick with a $25.oo minimum. Again, Saki is treated with care - options for warm or cold are offered, and heated, we were each presented with our own warmed saki decanters. (Nice touch!)
  19. It's not too late with Fat Kat - however you need to hurry - the word is out, Chef Antonio is closing and is scheduled for surgery early September. I made my reservations today, the last serving is Aug.24th
  20. I hope it's not too late! I was having computer ills... in Ridgewood - La Lanterna is an option - on the order of a european side of the road bistro, professional staff, warm, fresh ingredients, a chef passionate about his food tucked away (you really have to look for this place) on West Ridgewood Ave coming from town, cross the tracks and after wine and country (wine shop) look for parking - reservations are a must 201 444-5520 you might have already considered (Malibu) Joel's on Oak Street also nice outside of Ridgewood in Ho-ho-kus is Janice's - quaint, small take maple ave to the end bear leftish on to Sheridan I would highly recommend reservations, 201 445-2666 - In Glen Rock, there is always Rocca (very good Italian) on Rock Road - again reservations (201) 670-4945 aer ideal - all are BYO if in the mood for asian, a few doorrs down from Janice's in ho-ho-kus is the Ho-Ho-Kus Sushi Cafe - don't let the name fool you -- very good asian cooking in addition to sushi
  21. Casual Habana Cafe - 125 Main Street, Hackensack (201) 880-9844 has opened in the site of the former DiSalvia Fish Market. (Open Monday - Saturday 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM) Just met a friend for lunch, two blocks from the Court House - owner and Chef Ben (Last name hmmm: ) offered his black beans and rice, saying, "if you don't like the rice and beans, the basics, then leave and I will understand" one bite, and we were ready to move in! The slow cooked beans romanced the tender white rice, and led way for a Sopa De Pollo ($3) and Caldo de Pescado ($4) ! The chicken soup was chunky and tender, the broth light, aromatic with a fresh squeeze of lime, the Country soup with its pork, thickened by mashed white beans, with slivers of sausage, smokey, tender, was comfort food at its best! Still sampling from the Thursday specials, we shared an order of Picadillo ($6) a lean ground beef platter with herbs, onion, carrots, garlic (of course) and potato, and a classic Cubano made on fresh cuban bread, a solid stack of fresh meats, sliced pickle with tostones (thin sliced fried platains. A daily selection of stews, chops, fish (average price $5.00 - $6.00) is making this a new Hackensack favorite. Batidos (Milk shakes) for $3.50 include, Guava, passion fruit, papaya, mango and blackberry. The dinner menu (Can't wait to return!) includes Grileld Steak ($13) Hanger Steak ($11.) Seared Beef with Egg ($9), Plantains with Pork ($8), Seared Grilled Chops ($8) Chicken Cutlet ($9) Fried Sword Fish ($8) and Plantain Crusted Tilapia ($10) to name just a few... (All entrees are served with two side dishes). Take out and delivery is available. Ben said he opened a few weeks ago. Formerly from the kitchen of La Tour (Ridgewood) he is now living the dream of having his own place. Jan
  22. B & W Bakery carres them in Hackensack
  23. It was my admiration for Cafe Panache that led me to Kat Kat -- Tony Goodman left Cafe to open up Fat Kat -- you won't be disappointed and it's affordable. Jan
  24. Fat Kat - Little Ferry Silver Oak - Ridgewood Malibu Joel's - Ridgewood Chef Table - Franklin Lakes (no so local yet no too far)
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