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  1. It is off Route 46 - River Street exit , heading towards Garfield as oppose to Ridgewood, opposite the Passaic River... immediately on your left at the exit . I was there in March or April - they have a very active bar scene, and make a strong (not a complaint) cosmo. As for the food, we were three, what I remember were low prices large portions and "interesting" service. There was a pierogi special the night we were there, of course ordered, heavy, plump dumplings, one with cheese, a kraut and cheese and a pork filled options, a very full plate and again this is by memory, somewhere between $10- 12.00. Most options were between $8.00 - 15.00) I had a fish option, brining back no specific memories, and another member of our party had a pork dish that gave her leftovers for lunch and dinner the following day. I mention "interesting " service because I ordered whatever the chicken-vegetable soup was and received a delicious pork multi legume soup. When I questioned the server about the mix-up she told me, "I thought you would enjoy this better"It really was delicious and when I go back I know I would trust her with my dinner selections. When it was time for dessert, we asked what would she recommend and carefully she whispered, "not today" we had tea and the check, and feeling very satisfied with our meal that included very good bread and a bland iceberg salad, that was enough. The only reason I have not gone back is the smoke. We were there very early (5:30ish) and by the time we left the nonsmoking restaurant which is off the smoking bar section , I was so overcome with smoke I truly struggled (I have a lung condition) my guest were fine. I am sorry I forgot to post afterwards... Jan
  2. I don't own, but borrow (library) and yes, have photocopied from the library sections from Horst Scharfenberg's The Cuisines of Germany - I like his presentations, his inclusions of hard to find recipes from Silesia (for example) and if I have the correct book in mind, he has various recipes for Mohnstriezel, in addition to a detailed Hefeteif (yeast dough) section. He is also the author of The German Kitchen (not as much of a dedication in this book to baking). I own but don't love the Dr. Oetker book, same goes for, "The New German Cookbook" by Jean Anderson and Hedy Wurz. Recipes are pretty basic and I know the Dr. Oetker book was generated for an American audience". Another very good book, small paperback, and somewhat hard to find is : German Cooking-500 recipes by Elizabeth Schuler - Hefeteif recipes are few but very basic. I have found folks eager to share recipes through www.germandeli.com there is a link to germancooking@egroups.com. I go here for Brot recipes and members always caution that the same recipe will always be different in the US...but you will get home recipes that you can work with and as I said, the group members are very engaging! Jan
  3. Thaks for listening and responding. Jerry's is located 340 Paterson Ave. Dinner was OK. Just OK. We had set out for calamari in a wonderful spicy thick red sauce, that is what we had. The Jesse salad is an antipasto tossed. We love Paisano's, no comparison! This is not a place to go thinking the bread will be fresh, the butter sweet , the desserts to die for, the menus are tossed into your laps, the hostess (with the exception of last night) was the owners wife, no warm smiles and welcome back here...but I am telling you the calamari is ala "Little Italy" 1960's. We were three strong minded women who were determined we were not going to let this intoxicated man ruin our outing...although... had we known he was the owner's son... I know I would have left. Reggia Bistro? Is that off Park? Jan
  4. Just back from Jerry's, a group of three looking for hot (spice) calamari, heavy red sauce and a fairly decent salad. This was an early dinner and it has been "many" months since "my" last visit. As we were seated, the hostess asked if we had parked in their parking lot (we had) and within seconds a man stormed in, screaming, "you fucking idiots, I'll tow your car, fucking bitches..." he was not escorted out and the woman who became our server, told us to ignore him. He returned uttered the same and two of us did move our cars... There were 3 other autos in the lot, they were all against the wall, two of us were within the lines, but not against the wall...we arrived before the other cars... At the completion of dinner, paying the check etc... our server again offered her apology and stated, he was the owner's son and he had been drinking... we probably would have left had we known that to begin... so part of me just needs to rant, and part of me wants to know, would anyone here proceed with a follow-up other then not return? and what kind of follow-up? Jan
  5. I have been to both : Argyle and Thistle--although I get them confused. One has a gift shop connected to the dining room. I've also lived in England for a year, so in my humble opinion... neither of these places are even close to what I ate in the little village of Melton Mobray! Argyle and Thistle (both) offer tender fish in a very heavy greasy batter with soggy chips. Guiness is on tap. Both restaurants are not suffering for business, and during the season of Lent, on a Friday, the line is out the door for both pick-up and eat-in service. We go back with my husband's former secretary, when she is homesick for Scotland. Not great, not the worst, and it's an alternative to cooking.
  6. Ridgewood's celebration is not until Monday, and feeling not so much like celebrating "America" we thought we would do something to honor community so we are this weekend's volunteer Chefs at Prospect House (shared living for independent seniors) in Bergen County. The menu tonight will be grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, buttered corn off the cob, and ice cream from Van Dykes for dessert.
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    Are folks tired about hearing how good this place is? Using opentable.com, we managed a 6:30 seating last night and devoured: Clams in a fennel spiked broth from heaven, Hans had the fresh mozerella and heirloom tomatoes, we switched plates half-way but with a fight. Main course for me was the hazelbut encrusted salmon, the "other side of the table" had a plate I could not reach despite many pleads...the Bronzini I believe, and we had a side of broccoli w/ oliv oil and garlic. Dessert:the bittersweet chocolate cake with homemade vanilla gelato, ahh but I had the special, two sorbets, a Margarita sorbet and a coconut sorbet ... total cost $106. plus tip to an outstanding serving team! jan
  8. Just one more folk wishing you the best! We will be in this weekend I am sure! any chance you'll share that cornbread recipe!!! Jan
  9. I had a chance to finally get to Fat Kat (live in Ridgewood but work in Hackensack) and it was worth the wait! While listening to specials and brousing the menu, a loaf of fresh hot bread arrived with a robust olive oil and dipping sauce (soy based) crisp on the outside, appropriately chewy - and quartered Unfortunately...drawn in by the chicken special, we all ordered the same entree (long story, points and carbs related don't ask!) This was a chicken marsala, sort of...the most tender chicken breast, wrapped around wild mushrooms served with an assertive wild mushroom marsala ($17.00) nestled next to slivers of carrots and thinly sliced steamed potatos - lick the plate clean delicious! Desserts, all home made, included a thin but rich NY cheesecake accompanied by sliced strawberries, an apple struddle, crisp and warm, with plump tart teasures absorbing a scoup of homemade cinnamon ice cream, and a creamy, lucious, warm crusted brulee. Now then, had this been a another group I was traveling with, and time was not an issue - let me tell you what I saw going to lucky tables... a plate of mozzarella (Tony came to our table and explained how he makes his own Mozzarella) with what appeared to be mixed greens and tomato. (the menu list this as $9.00) and what was described as warm goat cheese fritters, also over mixed greens (listed on the menu for $9.00) another table shared the spring rolls, their aroma lingered at our table (we were near the kitchen door) and I planned my return trip. Other entrees on the menu were tilapia in rice paper w/ tomato confit and shrimp ($18.) a three cheese eggplant cannelloni ($16) Long Island Duckling w/ jasmine tea and poached fruits/port wine (19.00) Tony said he has lunch and dinner specials daily (note they are closed Monday and Tuesdays) and he claims to be computer illiterate, however, stated his wife is an avid surfer so perhaps she will come to Egullet (I provided the web site)
  10. Can I tell you how eager I am for dinner tomorrow night! I couldn't commit to diiner with the group. and wow... I am licking my lips and getting ready, we have a 5:00 reservation for Tomorrow --we have a David Bromberg concert afterwards (that's why we are dashing with a 5:00 seating) .
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    Oh Rosie, absolutely a BYO - this has all the looks of a fast food restaurant, providing a nice alternative for local delivery options.
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    Tommy! Do you remember what was there before? I thought it was a nail place, but that is next door. Yes, very cold. very "kid friendly", too kid friendly today...
  13. Located at the end of the Kins Stip Mall (Maple Ave and Franklin Ave) 90 N. Maple Avenue 201 444-7044 Tabboule opened last week. Mailers were sent to area homes advertising lunch - small restaurant (16 seatings for 2 at tables that easily can be joined) serving lunch and dinner (with an active take out crowd). Saturday lunch was hoping! So here is what my little party of two had : Table service comes with a basket holding 4 pita, still in a plastic bag - a plate of green and black olives, little hot (mild) peppers, beet-tinged turnips. We ordered hummus as we contemplated the menu. Service throughout the meal was helpful, attentive and professional, not to mention swift. Within a blink it seemed a lemonless mild hummus arrived,fresh tasting with just enough garlic afterbite. (2.65). We decided on a series of side dishes, Ma'anik sausages ( a bowl of six finger size lebanese sausage (aprox $6.00) a yougurt w/ cucumber salad, a generous serving of crisp cucumbers, rich yogurt, more garlic and dill (3.95) and a Lima Bean Salad, somewhat bean-paste- bean chunk toss with more garlic, fresh tomato, parsley, olive oil, lemon, absolutely delicious (2.95) and of all things we forgot to order falafel (1.00 each) which every other table seemed to be way too much enjoying for us to be without! The spinach pie (1.00 slice) was already sold out as was the armenian sausage (Soujouk). Falafel Kabab combo sanwiches served with 12 ounce soft drink, french fries or garlic fries were $6.25 or $5.00 for students! and wre a popular item at other tables. Baba Ghanouj (2.95) served to the table next to us and a $1.50 plate of Moussakaa looked outstanding! As we were leaving a man seated alone was being served a platter of chicken and meat shawerma with rice and pita bread, salad with lettuce, tomato, pepeprs and onion--I checked the take out menu for $7.95 I was ready to sit right down with him or just take it and run! I did not observe dessert at any of the tables during our visit, but the menu list Bablava ($2.00). Tabboule may just earn a speed dial number on the telephone...they deliver!
  14. I have a board Meeting the night of the dinner, I really will make it to one of the dinners! I took my husband's first wife...to American Grill for her birthday, the night was perfect- even an out of nowhere snow fall... SO I promised my husband he was next ...and we have tickets for a David Bromberg Concert...I'm counting on time for one more drink Lou, and then the 8 minute drive! Jan
  15. I am coming back too!!! April 24th - it will be early, I will be on route to : The Tabernacle (8:00 PM Show) -- Mt. Tabor, NJ and according to Mapquest that's 17 minuts away! I'll call for a reservation (of course) but may I shamelessly pander for special treatment! (and preorder those amazing mussles! Jan
  16. The Swiss Pork Store in the Radburn Section of Fair Lawn - Fair Lawn Avenue. Beautiful selections beef and pork - old time service, fair prices. There has been a lot of talk about the German butcher from the former Tices Farm coming to Ridgewood, but nothing beats the service and attention to detail at the Swiss Pork Store.
  17. Knowing I could not commit to the 21st, I took a friend last night for her b-day celebration. The evening could not have been more perfect! I started with Mussels and Clams in a to die for broth...I am lying, I started with the bread basket... and moved onto the clams/mussels after a warm up of cherry tomatoes, olives, and a toasted/grilled bread hiding under a ragot (perhaps)... The birthday gril had the shrimp risotto to start. Bar-b-q swordfish for me, and a salmon (hard to remember which one and it was from a hard to narrow choice)... heaven was reinvented. of course there was dessert...cinnamon icecream cake and a flan (I think...it disappared so fast)...restock the chocolate chip mint icecream cake! Service as professional and warm as a dream come true on an icy snowy night that took me out from Ridgewood (Birthday lady lives in Rockaway). My heart will be with thee all on the 21st! PS: Cosmos with the bread basket made for a perfect start! Jan
  18. What I have heard is: the former (Glen Rock) Chef is the new owner & Chef! From friends who were there during the holidays, nothing special.
  19. Has a Fondu restaurant opened in Westwood? -- 250 Center Ave. Westwood, was the address I saw listed, for, "The Melting POt" has anyone been???
  20. Sunrays - formally of Paterson, now located just about on the train tracks in Little Falls (off Rt. 23) best sicilian pie!
  21. jtphjl


    SMOKEJACKS!!! Just back from Vermont, and can't get Smokejacks off my mind. We began with a pink vodka something (for me) and a local beer for my husband...moved into sparkling wine with dinner - but not before feasting on a cheese plate from heaven that included a local bleu, plump apricots, and candied hazlenuts... did I mention the perfection is the crusty fresh bread... we also shared a mesclun salad with goatmilk mozerella. My husband had the duck (my fork never had a chance) which was fine since my salmon planted memories of an outstanding evening, an outstanding dinner and the finest of service (Stacey). Our only regeret we did not save room for dessert, and Smokejacks is about a 7 hour drive from Northern New Jersey. Dinner $83.00 not including tip - Following eGullet advice, we waddled out of Pennyclues one morning for breakfast, and as warned, found disappointment at the Culinary Institute (Market) our first evening for dinner. On route home, via the Berkshires we stayed at the Red Lion, the accomodations were fine, but we both had this urge to free the chef ! The next night we found our way to Cafe Lucia, caesar sald, crisp and fresh, a cold peach and mint soup made the perfect start for a perfection cooked swordfish, absolutely delicious, my husband opted for a pasta dish and we both can't recall any of the details. (hmmm) wonderful fresh rolls, were presented prior to the first course, however the basket and server disappeared for the entire evening. Despite an owner/host who had little to do with the non locals, and seemed partial to servers (ours not being one of them) one step up on the creative ranking then the Red Lion.
  22. My 2nd visit to After Athens was about 2 weeks ag0 - as mentioned it is in the basement of an active bakery, and open Wed-Sunday. The first time Iwent, we did not have reservations, arrived at 5:30 (mid week) and had no problems being seated - 2nd visit, made reservations, (Fri. eve) 7:00 pm and needed them! The Greek salad was in the tradition that I remembered, living in Greece a life time ago - lettuce was not an option, and a mound of tart fresh feta arrived with perfect tomatoes, oil dripping olives and lots of cucumbers. Main courses : one order of the night's special lamb chops (could have fed a small village), tender, grilled with oragano, black pepper, olive oil, my favorite is the calamari platter, grilled, fried, stuffed and baked - a main course ordered from the appetizer menu, large enough for 4 (ate it all myself) and I am drawing a blank on what the 3rd of our party had -- every thing was delicious, service was professional/friendly, the setting is like a small village on Crete, and @ 9:00 pm live music! Total price for 3 including dessert, was around $75.00
  23. we had a change in party members, and put off Village Green, went to LaTours instead -
  24. Tommy! good to know, I am going this Sat. I have only been there in recent years, for lunch, what do you recommend?
  25. Kalish has been here for close to a decade. It's small, most Ridgewood Restaurants are... service has always been outstanding, and as others have mentioned regarding heat, tell them what you expect. The menu is split one half (2-3 pages) Indian, and one hlaf (back 2-3 pages to center) Thai.
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