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  1. Hum, this was an eye opener...about 35% for me... I just culled a bunch (however, I've also just bought a few more... ) Time has come to use more of those books!!
  2. Put mine in the recycle bin. Didn't even bother to bring it to the used book store....
  3. I, too, am a "clipper"...some I post on the fridge with a magnet...they sometimes yellow and curl and then go to the recycle bin, but many others I do try out. Because most of them are seasonal, the ingredients are often on hand and that's what makes me try a recipe.
  4. My thoughts too. It is a sad event in the cooking world that the Gourmet mag is being shut down at a time when "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" is on the top of the charts. To me, both go hand in hand.
  5. Excellent blog!!! Thank you, thank you Kathleen!!!
  6. Oh Kathleen!!! The shops...the cheeses....oh!!!! Easy to understand why you decided to stay...and congratulations on being brave enough to follow your heart! I have always enjoyed your blogs but this one is really cool....
  7. Exactly!!! I then politely look at them and ask if they want to pay for my order. It usually works...they back off.
  8. Oh, this sounds so exciting!! I've added your reno blog to my favorites! Looking forward to peeking in regularly!
  9. Wonderful!!! I was in dire need of a "holiday"...this will be it! I'm ready!
  10. The kitchen is kickass funky! Now, confess...what kind of background do you have (or good genes???) that you could whip up a kitchen of this caliber...
  11. mayo with a bit of curry powder mixed in
  12. Oh Wow!! The scenery, the food!!!!!! I see pavement and buildings from most restaurants here!
  13. Oh Swisskaese, Am so happy you're blogging! I just LOVE this armchair traveling....last week in Moscow and this week with you! I'm all eyes! (and yes, I'm already drooling!)
  14. It's yours! I'll mail it Monday!!!
  15. Needs a home: The Best Recipes in the World by Mark Bittman. I'm in Canada but will gladly mail Canada /US.
  16. This is an addiction!!!!!!!! Two more for me: Apples for Jam, by Tessa Kiros and one that is definitely not for this season but oh, soooo beautiful: roast figs suar snow by Diana Henry
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