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  1. Try United City Ice Cube Co. on 45th and 10th ave.
  2. Two months ago a fire caused by a short circuit destroyed the kitchen at Mugaritz. I just found out about it reading some articles in the Spanish press. Somewhat surprised no comment had been made in the Spain forum. There are not a lot of news articles detailing the situation in English, but here's an old link to an Eater story about it. Spain's Lauded Mugaritz Destroyed by Kitchen Fire
  3. Not surprised to see a lot of Simpsons quotes here, who can forget the classic: Homer: Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. Lisa honey, are you saying you're *never* going to eat any animal again? What about bacon? Lisa: No. Homer: Ham? Lisa: No. Homer: Pork chops? Lisa: Dad! Those all come from the same animal! Homer: [Chuckles] Yeah, right Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.
  4. I have been a number of times, and some as a guest some as a non-guest and all the times we have taken the tasting menu. I have never seen anybody in that restaurant order a la carte. As you know, they serve ElBulli dishes from past years. One thing that I would suggest, is that you ask that they give you as many recent dishes as possible. In my last visit, they gave us something from the 80s that even though it was not bad, it lacked the creativity that the restaurant is known for. We were pretty disappointed.
  5. Hmmm... pretty sure I've seen this restaurant mentioned in some other thread. Basically you can order a la carte or you can get the tasting menu. Everybody winds up just getting the tasting menu because the a la carte prices are pretty outrageous. They will ask you if you have any allergies and/or things you don't eat. The "official" tasting is pretty long, over 20 courses (most very small). You can order additional things to add to your tasting menu, but did not hear about a "special" tasting menu. The normal tasting menu as it is, is a pretty serious amount of food.
  6. Indeed they carry them from time to time in the Chelsea Market. I bought some there, sadly, they weren't very good.
  7. Scott Bryan's new spot, 10 Downing. There was a lot of buzz last summer but I haven't heard a thing since... I don't even know if it's still going to happen.
  8. ASM NY

    Le Bernardin

    We ate there recently and debated whether to go with the Chef's tasting menu as well. In the end we opted for ordering a la carte since many of the items in the tasting menu were available a la carte and we could be more specific as to which ones to order. A la carte you order 3 dishes + dessert, so we opted for that and ordered an additional two dishes to try them out. It worked well for us, but I will not disagree with you. The Chef's menu does indeed look interesting.
  9. As we saw it, Adour was charging three-star prices for very boring food. I have only one data point to go on, but at this point I would recommend any other three-star restaurant in town—Eleven Madison Park, for instance. ← Marc, am surprised that you didn't like it as much. As mentioned earlier, the food is not particularly creative, but I haven't seen or expected that at other AD restaurants. We had the truffle tasting menu, so maybe it was representative of the rest of the a la carte menu. We left with the impression that the restaurant is positioning itself as a competitor to an Atelier of JR, but at a lower price point. Especially taking into account the price of wine at both places.
  10. We were there on Saturday night. The room was maybe 70-80% full.
  11. Interesting you mention this. My parents just did the same 4, and came to the exact same conclusion. They used to be big MB fans, but the last two times they went (including one I went with them), found it to be disappointing.
  12. ASM NY

    Le Bernardin

    Ate there last night, the City Harvest menu was not being offered.
  13. ASM NY

    BLT Fish

    Went there last weekend upstairs. For starters we had the spicy tuna, the octopus and the rock shrimp risotto. We also found the spicy tuna to be a little bit weak, but the octopus and the risotto were both very good. For the main courses we passed on the fish by the pound, as it seemed highway robbery. We went with the scallops, cod with honey, and the tuna with bbq sauce. The Cod was the best dish here, well prepared, nice and flaky. The tuna and the scallops were ok. We also orderered two sides: spinach and hen of the woods mushrooms. We sent both back, as they were poorly seasoned. For dessert we went with the cheesecake brulee, which was ok, but sounded better than it was. Overall we thought the meal was pretty good. Would consider going back.
  14. ASM NY


    We went last Friday, and I have to say we were pretty happy over all with the experience. I was a little surprised that we got an 8pm reservation for 4 people last minute and that the place was not 100% on a Friday night. We had the 4 course tasting menu for $65pp (four courses not including dessert), which I thought was very fairly priced. And for the most part the food was pretty solid. The only negative I have to say (not that the following is in any way insignificant), is that in one of our main courses there was a decent-sized piece of dirty steel-wool fiber (as in brillo pad) which she didn't notice until she had chewed a couple of times. As expected they were incredibly apologetic, they comped dessert and a bottle of wine. It was a little surprising that it happened to begin with in a place of this caliber. In spite of that, I would totally see myself going back.
  15. My understanding was that the place recently opened. Has anyone been there yet?
  16. I would suggest taking a look at Richard Sandoval's Modern Mexican Flavors (chef at Maya and Pampano in NYC in case you know them). It gives a modern take and technique on a lot of traditional dishes/flavors. I think it would complement well any other book that focuses on more traditional recipes. I am a big fan of this book.
  17. ASM NY

    Hill Country

    We went to Hill Country a couple of weeks ago and we were left with mixed feelings. We very much enjoyed much of the meat (loved the ribs and the brisket), but we were also disappointed with the Prime Rib, it was lacking in depth of flavor in our opinion. We also liked the sides, but we weren't crazy about them. What we didn't like was the whole setup of the place. It was just painful waiting in line to get the meat, and then waiting in line to get the sides. It wasn't a big deal the fact that they serve it in paper, but having to get up from your table and spend a considerable amount of time getting the food is not fun, especially when it's just a couple.
  18. I am Mexican, and I lived in Mexico City for the first 20 years of my life. The last thing I would be interested in doing is slandering my own country or encouraging people not to go. To the contrary, as a tourist and culinary destination, I think that few destinations rival Mexico City. With that said, I would encourage people to use their judgement and be careful, the same way they would be in any large city (I do find New York to be a much safer city). As nickarte mentioned above, even the most expensive taxi service is cheap compared to the US, so why not take advantage of that?
  19. Crime statistics are not reliable, as the vast majority of crimes go unreported. WIth that said, I have felt the safety situation in Mexico city improve slightly over the last couple of years. Don't get me wrong, the city can still be a very unsafe place, but at the end of the day, you just need to use some common sense, as you would in any large city. More specifically, I would advise against using public transportation like the subway and the buses, which are notoriously unsafe. I would also stay clear from flagging cabs down in the street, and would instead use a car service or go to a taxi "sitio" (taxi stops) which are located all around the city.
  20. ASM NY

    Tea Shopping

    Also worth checking out: Ito En
  21. That was awesome! Thanks for a great post Doc... Rest assured that none of us are jealous at all...
  22. ASM NY

    Dennis Foy

    I believe that it was in the New York Sun....
  23. Yes great! Thanks Podolski. I think the roundtable with Harold MacGee and Heston Blumenthal is particularly interesting. All the videos are available in English, Spanish and French.
  24. Looking forward to it as well. I was unable to see anything in the "webcast" that took place. Received earlier today an email from Andoni mentioning there were 57,350 people that participated online. I am curious on whether they will keep the webcasts on file.
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