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  1. Hi guys, One year in the new house and I already had to repair this fridge twice (compressor problem) but the technician already warned me, next time you might have to replace the motherboard, he told me! I can already see ice building up in freezer. I am starting looking for a new refrigerator.  Problem is the dimensions. This is a LG lsxs22423s (width 32.8, depth 35.6 and height 66.5), obviously I am thinking of another brand. I am having an hard time looking for a replacement. I like the ice maker and water function. Freezer capacity is also important as now, living on an island, it more difficult to go shopping. Any suggestions? Thanks 


  2. On 7/12/2021 at 7:34 AM, Mjx said:

    You have Serenissima and Eterna, how about Superba, Magica, Dotta/Grassa/Rossa, and Nobile?

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, at the end they are going with this option. My friend was grateful for your help, @JoNorvelleWalker I will definitely get a link to the lines when they will released them. 

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  3. Hi there. I have an Italian friend which produces pans. They are launching 6 new lines of pans and they are looking for names for the new lines. We  were talking about this among friends in an Italian cooking forum and I thought it would be great to  ask you as well. Using Italian famous cities has been overused, so the idea was to use an adjective or name that could be associated with the most important cities. Like Rome is Eterna, Venice is Serenissima and so on. Other people made other suggestions but names of famous people for example is out of question for reason of copyrights. 

    Any suggestion? Or thoughts? 


  4. @Shelby you can borrow the kids whenever you want. It was great they cooked as I was not in the mood

    myself 😉 I hope they feel

    the need more often 😂.


    Tonight the husband did an awesome job grilling a ribeye cap. Some Bineshii on the side and a couple vegetables and a sliced pepino melon.  
    I couldn’t resist adding a picture from the window.





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  5. On 6/30/2021 at 4:24 PM, dcarch said:


    There is a law against child-labor. But I will not report you. 


    Wow! He is a tall boy! He can reach in the cabinet just like that.



    He is going to be 14 in a week 😅 amazing growth this year!  He already passed me, not a difficult task though as I am so petite. Cabinets in this house, luckily for me are not as tall as in my previous house. 

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  6. Despite being from Puglia my orecchiette skills are mediocre. It takes a lot of practice to make something acceptable, because it’s all in how you hold the knife, the angle and the pressure exercised. They need to come uniform, thin, no holes, not super thick hedges. I often cheat and use a cavatelli machine (on the flat side, no ridges) and open one by one to get something similar to strascinati. This seems tedious but I can assure you it is still less tedious than trying to make 4 people portions when you don’t have the hand for it. I learned to make acceptable orecchiette when I went to university and I wanted the fresh taste. Nowadays you can buy packaged fresh orecchiette in the refrigerated section of any supermarket in Italy. Still not as good as the properly made one.

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  7. 40 minutes ago, KennethT said:

    Nice!!  I just got a shipment of tree ripened nam doc mai mangoes from a grower in Homestead, FL.  He also threw in a few mahachanok mangoes for free since this is now the third time I've bought from him this month!  The mahas are small but unbelievably sweet and fragrant.  The nam doc mai remind me of what I used to have when on vacation in Thailand... so good. Sweet, a bit of acidity for balance, perfect.


    I just checked, also these guys have the mahachanok mango…I saw I can get the mix box, 6-8 pounds for $30. I will get next week. I am all happy now, at least fruit wise. The owner told me that they sell more vegetables in the fall. For now I got zucchini and butternut squash. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:


    You don't think I doubt that, do you?


    Other than eventually sinking into the ocean, FL is a hellhole. Without state income tax.


    Not at all, unfortunately I am stuck here for a while. 


    55 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    How do we go about reprogramming your husband?    Is there a possible compromise between Florida and Brooklyn?     San Francisco?      


    Not now that he has found the perfect solution for the kids school. But hopefully travel is becoming easier and I can finally escape 🤣

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  9. 35 minutes ago, KennethT said:

    Since you're so close (I don't know how far it is to their farms though) you might be able to PM some of the sellers to get better pricing since you don't need the Next Day Air shipping which is a lot of the cost.  I used Tai Duong for the 2 shipments and he is great - really responsive, fast shipping and really high quality fruit.  Everyone in that group raves about him.

    Good to know! Thank you, KennethT. 

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    1 hour ago, weinoo said:

    Also, face it Franci - you're in Florida and Florida pretty much sucks.


    Come back to Brooklyn - all is forgiven!!


    🤣 I honestly wish but my husband is all determined to stay here, let’s say that I prefer the dirty streets of Brooklyn to my tropical island, might sound crazy to some but it’s true 😁

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  11. 10 minutes ago, KennethT said:

    @FranciI belong to a Facebook group dedicated to buying fruit - mostly tropical fruit.  The vast majority of the sellers are in Florida - many of them in Homestead.  I recently bought 2 boxes of green Thai mangoes that have been awesome so far.  The group name is "fruit 4 sale" - if you have a problem joining it, PM me with your facebook name and I can invite you into it.

     Awesome, thank you @Kenneth. Edit to add: thanks again @KennethT just joined, very interesting. 

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