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  1. Best thing to do, I think, is convert to grams. Gourmet (I think it was) did a comparison of a whole bunch of measuring spoons a while back, and they were all different. In fact, I think we've discussed this here before. I'm sorry, I don't have time right now to find it. Try this: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/gram_calc.htm
  2. Mmmmm, especially if there's also one last beer hidden in the back.
  3. So the bacon craze continues, at least in Seattle: What do you think? Would you try it? Would you make it yourself or buy it?
  4. Oh! Cool! That sounds like a neat gift item. Thanks.
  5. Metal balls?? Wow. I can see using rubber balls, maybe like those spiked things they sell for washing machines, but metal? I'd crack the decanter for sure.
  6. There are special brushes, but I just put mine in the dishwasher (mine's one of the smaller upright ones, though, not the fat round one).
  7. It was always a main dish for us (from Atlanta and Nashville), but then we didn't have a lot of money and often skipped meat (we were vegetarians before vegetarianism was cool). We never had it for company, who would definitely have been looking around for the "something barbequed or deep fat fried." I still consider it a main dish, but I usually do add a bit of meat (so I no longer associate it with being poor).
  8. Oh, my favorite kind of book! This does look good - thanks for the rec.
  9. Hahaha I have always wondered about that myself! ← You can knock those built-outs out and store things like large bowls, plants, etc. up there. If there is no venting, etc., why not? It's not a difficult job - we (two total amateurs) did it in our last house and it was fine. My stinker is the "cabinets" next to the fridge. Two lovely cabinet doors, one on top of the other, floor to almost-ceiling. You look at it and think, (as I did when we were househunting) "Oh, boy, storage space!" until you open the doors and see that they're just affixed to the heater chimney! There's enough space to store spices, etc., in there, but when the heat's on they get hot! I guess it was just for looks, and I don't know, maybe it's a clever use of the very limited space, but it bugs me. Also, I really mind the lack of a desk area in the kitchen. The last house had one, and I took the doors off the cabinets above it and stored my most-used cookbooks there. I had room for the computer, a bulletin board, etc. - it made a really nice "command center" and I miss it.
  10. How come we roast chickens but bake hams?
  11. Yes, I do! My husband teaches high school chemistry, and I've been after him for years to incorporate a little cooking into the curriculum. I guess the kids in the food science class do get this, but I think the mainstream chem classes would benefit, too. Thanks for the article.
  12. I'll admit, for me it's just the coolness factor. I think I'm going to get one and play with it. gfron1, that's a pretty cool trick! I like Richard Huff's idea of using it for fajitas: http://www.richardhuff.com/archives/100-Co...-Salt-Slab.html
  13. I was taught (by Chef Regis Bernard at Seattle Culinary Academy, SCCC) to use several thin layers of sugar, burning in between layers. Crunchy deliciousness! And definitely don't mess around with the cute little culinary torches - get a standard one from the hardware store - cheaper and won't run out of fuel so quickly, and, to me anyway, easier to handle.
  14. Now I have to clean the diet coke out of the keyboard.
  15. Thank you, SLKinsey - next time I'll do a site search before I post.
  16. In this week's NYT food section there was a short piece about the Himalayan Salt Plate sold by Sur la Table: http://www.surlatable.com/product/kitchen+...urPicks&page=1a Too cool - be the first on your block! Apologies if this doesn't work or isn't allowed. Edited to say: Sorry, the link doesn't go directly there - just search for Himalayan Salt Plate.
  17. Yes! Even though it sounds like a high-end breakfast cereal. ← My husband is now known as "Lord Cheerio."
  18. How about "Marshmallow Heaven - and Chocolates, Too!"
  19. I apologize - I should have said that I checked elsewhere, too. I'm thinking someone hacked into Amazon and "corrected" all references to Bourdain. I think this is a fairly recent development. May I be Lady K, please?
  20. I wasn't sure where to ask this . . . why are all of Anthony Bourdain's books in Amazon.com listed with "Lord Anthony Bourdain" as author? Did I miss something?
  21. He piles half the contents of the refrigerator on a pizza. I mean, the thing is a casserole when he's finished with it!
  22. Well, I don't know . . . maybe they do need to know that. Just as they need to know that the vast majority of their peers who spend all their time in sports instead of doing their homework will not have pro-sports careers no matter how good they think they are. There are only a certain number of teams and there are a lot of people out there with the same dream. Similarly, there are only so many celebrity/rich chefs, and a whole heck of a lot of struggling, burnt-out thought-they'd-be's. Yes, do tell them about the good stuff, but don't omit the realities. They need to make an informed decision. You'll be great - I'm sure of it because you obviously care about this. I bet you'll be surprised at the astute questions some of the kids will ask. Edited for clarity.
  23. Oops. I must correct myself. Upon closer (and perhaps more sober) inspection, I see that this glass "cork" in fact does have a little clear plastic collar. And it turns out it doesn't make a seal with other wine bottles.
  24. We just opened a gift bottle of Burrell School "Old School" cab (2006) last night and it had a glass mushroom-shaped stopper - no o-ring or gasket at all. Cute little thing. We had no need of it, since we finished the bottle, but we kept it to see if it would work in another bottle. I'd heard of glass stoppers, but this was the first time I've seen one. I checked their website and found the wine, but there was no mention of the stopper - other Burrell School wines we've had have had regular cork stoppers. Interesting.
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