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  1. Dave versus Kevin - I'm chuffed that I picked out those two as the finalists during the second or third show. If Dave can do all that with one hand, he'll have no problems when he gets to the Araxi! It's an entertaining show and I enjoy seeing things from the kitchen's point of view, albeit a very unusual one.
  2. I won't say "both" because I like to play by the rules. Having said that, it depends entirely on the flavours involved. Chocolate meringue pie trumps carrot cake. Chocolate cake trumps chess pie. If neither option was chocolate, I'd go for the pie. Okay, I admit, that's sort of both, but leaning toward pie.
  3. Hmmm, unless I'm having an aperitif, which I shall consume before the first course arrives, I can't imagine having wine with the first course. It seems odd to me somehow. Wine with soup -- yes, v. odd. Perhaps if one has a special wine pairing but otherwise?
  4. Saw the movie and agree with those critics who said that one spends the "Julie" part of the movie waiting for it to be about "Julia" again. Meryl Streep was dead brill as Julia. Her voice was pitch perfect!!! Now I want to know so much more about Julia Child! (And much less about Julie Powell -- she struck me as meh.)
  5. There was a great article about them in the Washington Post magazine over Labor Day weekend - very fun! No Cakewalk I'd like to visit sometime.
  6. Yes, any news on the status of The Fat Duck? I have a friend who is going to France with her husband to eat marvelous food for a few weeks. They planned a detour to the UK for the sole purpose of eating at Tthe Fat Duck. Of course, they made their reservations about 7 weeks ago. They leave at the end of the week and have heard nothing from the restaurant, which under the circumstances seems a bit strange.
  7. A fascinating discussion! Fortunately for me I have found my 1/4 cup measure, hence making my question personally redundant.
  8. Weighing. Really. Much more accurate. ← I agree that this is the most accurate. Unfortunately, my recipes aren't set up that way and I have neither the patience nor the brain power to convert every recipe I have or want to try.
  9. Today I came across a jar of sour cherries from Trader Joe's lurking in the back of the fridge and as I am doing the "eat from your fridge/freezer thing," I decided to try my hand at a very old-fashioned dessert - Pennsylvania Dutch cherry flip cake. Yummy! I could have done with about 2 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream alongside but as that wasn't in the freezer, I gave it a miss.
  10. Yes, yes, yes -- Abbaye de Cîteaux is absolutely my favourite cheese! For those in the US, be aware that while you can purchase it from Murray's or at some Dean & Deluca stores, it will not taste quite the same because it must be aged for an additional 60 days.
  11. Definitely pots! Particularly if I can stretch the definition to include all of my enamel-covered cast iron pieces. Couldn't go back into the kitchen without them! Of course, I would rely on my husband (who is definitely a knife guy!) to grab his knives going out the door. Best of both worlds!
  12. I think I'm looking for old-fashioned measures myself but I recall reading an article sometime in the last few years that there can be big differences in "tablespoons" and "1/2 cups" depending on which measuring set you buy. That's got me worried so I thought I'd throw out the question and learn from others about what's accurate.
  13. And just to clarify, I'm talking about dry measures. Thanks!
  14. I'm not a collector of measuring cups and now that I have inexplicably lost my 1/4 cup, I've got to buy a new set of measuring cups. Would anyone like to make the case for the best brand? Metal v. plastic? Solid v. collapsible? Many thanks!!
  15. I can suggest a great cookbook for just this time of year -- When You Fast... Recipes for Lenten Seasons by Catherine Mandell. It's published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press and comes out of the Orthodox tradition which is much more strict when it comes to fasting than my own Catholic tradition.
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