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  1. We went to Teresa's several weeks ago and had a nice experience. It's a great mom & pop, homestyle restaurant that I wish I had over the bridge. The food was tick to your ribs yummy and I would recommend it to anyone. (Who isn't dieting.) Good food, good value, decent service.
  2. Actually, instead of dinner, we ended up eating some gelato at Grom. Big, big, big - HUGE - mistake. Two cups of gelato (medium & large) were almost $14. That wouldn't be a problem if the gelato was stellar and the service was good. No dice. The gelato was good but it wasn't knock your socks off, oh-wow-it's-just-like-the-real-deal good. The service was awful. Not one person working there was capable of doing anything right. While we were waiting, one couple never got their gelato after paying for it and our experience was so bad we're never going there again. The girl who scooped our gelato didn't know anything about the flavors. The cashier walked off as we were about to pay. Then the cashier (another one) gave me $5.96 and was telling me it was my $6.46 in change. It took me a good ten minute to get the correct change. While my gelato melted everywhere. Idiots. If the food's awesome, I'll grin and bear bad service but this was ridiculous. il lab was my favorite and now has my vote over Grom for sure! (although I must try Otto) Grom. Don't bother. Hype, all hype.
  3. When you say "non-professionals", are you implying that there is a way for people not in the trade to attend this show? If so, give us Eg-ers a heads-up! ← People get in through various means - friends of people exhibiting/attending the show, registering online early (when they don't check creds), etc. You can get in, but I don't know the other ways besides those two.
  4. So I can eat some "fauh gnap" (Cantonese roast duck) to counteract the yeet hay? Seriously? Sweet!
  5. "Yeet hay" = Cantonese for "hot air/breath", so I guess heat chi from foods? I could be wrong. According to my mom, this manifests itself as sudden acne, canker sores and a general sluggish or "hot" feeling. Overexposure to sun does this to you, too. I need to make some jook jeh sui to counteract our exposure to this hot weather & my overconsumption of mangoes. (Up to 8 mangoes in the past two days now)
  6. Durian is quite yeet hay from what I understand. Luckily I don't eat those. What should we eat to counterbalance it?
  7. Details, please? Don't tell me there's mashed potatoes as filler for these cakes...
  8. Thanks, Megan Blocker and Vinotas! I'll be able to go east or west on the 70's. Great, it's the most expensive area in NYC? Ugh. Seriously? Since there's no ramen shops in the UES maybe I should open one. You never know...
  9. Anyone ever eaten at Kinoko?
  10. Oh dear God, no. And I dislike the Chinatown Viet places. They pale compared to what I've had in the past. They use lean pork in their broken rice dishes for cryin' out loud! What the hell is that?!
  11. Try to get a hold of the old Time-Life Foods of the World Series and get the book, "The Cooking of China". It's an excellent primer and it's very well written. I love those books! Of course anything by Grace Young is a good addition.
  12. Thank you, phaelon56! Actually, I live near a Pio Pio so I've had the chance to try their food which is yummy. I've noticed that NY's Vietnamese is kinda lacking compared to all the other cuisines we have here. I haven't found that stellar Viet place here just yet. Then again, I'm constantly comparing any Vietnamese place to Eden Center in VA which really isn't fair but I digress. I'm going to be near the 70's and 5th Ave/B'way. Anything there? Not that I'm not willing to walk but damn, it is HOT today!
  13. Thanks for the list, Vinotas! Yes, we're not going to have wine or drinks. Maybe a starter and 2 entrees or a dessert and 2 entrees. A Pepe Rosso to Go would be perfect for us, but alas, that's allll the way downtown!
  14. Gastro888

    Empanada Crusts

    I've had room temp empanadas and they were fine. I think beef tastes better at room temp - *if* it's been highly seasoned.
  15. Oh, interesting! Thanks, SheenaGreena! So what am I to do with items that are not served with rice? Like pajun? Do I eat bites of that with rice to prevent an od of salt? Are the nyangmun noodles the same as the jap che noodles?
  16. Anyone know of any good cheap eats on the UES? Any type of cuisine, entrees under $20 with good food. Think dinner for two under $40. Is this possible or am I just stuck with Grey's Papaya? Also, are there any good ramen places in the nabe? Thanks for your help!
  17. What about mangoes? Aren't they yeet hay, too? I am breaking out after eating 5 over the course of two days. Or I'm just stressed...
  18. I like seollangtang (thanks for the info) but I agree - it was weird drinking that on a hot summer's night. Damn tasty but weird. How do you make seollangtang? Hmm. I wonder why the naengmyun broth was so salty. It did have chili flakes in it and wasn't completely clear like what I've had before. I would've preferred more Korean pear in my bowl of noodles. It's a nice contrast to the chewiness of the noodles and the tang of the broth. I was bloated for the next two days because of it. Good stuff but damn, it made me feel like a blimp. Does Korean food normally have alot of sodium?
  19. ...thanks... There could be more changes to the restaurant than just the name, which is why I'm asking if anyone's been there. I heard the sous chef in the main restaurant was replaced so I'm wondering if anything's changed. I'm debating between this place and the Modern. Based on hilodesign and ling's reviews, GR looked pretty good but I've always heard good things about the Modern as well. Since I'm going to EMP for lunch that day, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do two restaurants from the same group or branch out.
  20. Go to Flushing instead. Gum Fung, Gala Manor & Ti Yung do seafood well. That being said, I'd kill for decent crabcakes.
  21. Um, okay...thanks.... Has anyone else been to maze and tried their menu?
  22. Sorry to correct you but they have opened a maze in NY: Gordon Ramsay's maze 151 W. 54th St. 212-468-8889 It looks like a "small plates" type of restaurant. I'm trying to decide between going to GR or the Modern. Thoughts?
  23. I've never been but would like to know what's the word on the street about this place. I heard good things about the main dining room but not maze. Any opinions are appreciated, thanks.
  24. Wow, thanks for the information, SheenaGreena! I really appreciate it. So how would you make this from scratch if you didn't want to buy the bags of nang myun broth? Is it very time consuming? The mul nangmyun we had this weekend was from You-Chun Korean restaurant in Flushing, NY. It was plain nangmyun with no beef. Just the arrowroot noodles (chewy! yum!), Kerby pickles, regular pickles and white radish. No egg, though. It was good but damn, it was super salty. Is nangmyun supposed to be very salty? I've had some before that weren't so much. It was served with beef marrow soup - the milky white soup that you find in some Korean restaurants. Needless to say, that was tasty but not what I was looking for on a hot day. I wanted some iced boricha! Thanks for your help!
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