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  1. D'oh! Thanks for giving me another reason to go to Japan!
  2. If you're in Manhattan, go to Ping's for dimsum. Otherwise, take a weekend, come out to Flushing and you'll see where the good dimsum is now in NY. Sad, but true. But damn, Manhattan has Egg Custard King, Mei Lah Wah and Great NY Noodletown...AND Congee Village....
  3. Ohmygoodnessholymoly. Thanks for the insight, raji. Where do I get that and how much is it? <drools>
  4. It was BAD. As in, "I don't care if you punish me with the gai mo sow, I'm not gonna eat this because I'd rather take the beating instead" bad. Well, my mom's friend grew hers in her backyard. By the garage. Oy.
  5. You'll be hard pressed to find good service in Chinatown. Hell, service in general doesn't exist. Since you're in the area, definitely try Mei Lai Wah and Egg Custard King for fresh roast pork buns and egg custards in the morning. You're lucky to be living close by to C-town. Cheap, yummy eats!
  6. Welcome, toisangirl! I think I've had that before as well. The ones my mom got were from someone's backyard and they were growing from a wooden bush. No berries to be had, though. Good gravy that was horrible tasting. It was *SO* bitter & acrid. Worse than fu gwah. My mom loves it though.
  7. Oooh, Rothman's sounds interesting. I know the decor there is more date-like than PL's. Thoughts on Rothman's? Thanks, oakapple. Mmm...steak fat...crispy steak fat....
  8. LOL! "Go to PL already!" Such a classic NYC statement. =) Thanks for the tip, LPShanet. PS: What's the difference between a rib chop and a porterhouse? Wow, totally showing my noob-ness here...
  9. Gastro888


    We had the cha-syu-men & the cha-syu tsuke-men and did the splitting bit. I appreciated the complexity of the ramen broth but again, the dry cha-syu was a pain. The fat was glorious. Too bad you can't request just pork belly in your ramen. Oh yeah...
  10. Thanks for the tips, raji. That sounds like a good game plan. I'm going to contact the restaurant and see what they have. I'm not paying $100 for 12oz of upgraded Prime. I would like to have something that's really Wagyu. Marlene: yes, I want a "date" place but I also want good food. Recall: I want a GREAT steak. Seems like those two are mutually exclusive I guess. Side note: We went to JG for lunch and while the food was good (albeit heavy for us...we're not used to the butter, foie, and cream) and the atmosphere lovely, we felt like we couldn't relax and enjoy ourselves. I know, I know...we're strange...
  11. Hmm. I don't mind paying $100 for a Kobe Ribeye or Strip *if* it's top grade Wagyu or Kobe. How do I make sure that it's the real deal? Considering that their 48oz porterhouse is $80+, I wouldn't mind paying $100 for Kobe. We'd just have to eat another steak to fill us up (non-Kobe). FG, good to know that there are others out there who like to gnaw on the T-bone. Growing up, I thought I was the only one who did this as I never met anyone else who gnawed on T-bones. OK, this is tough! I gotta make up my bloody mind soon... Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and contributions!
  12. Ponzu? (OK, not Chinese but admit it that it would be nice.)
  13. Oh, thanks jon777. Good to know. Wouldn't want to be gauche gnawing on a bone in public. Although that would be kinda funny to do if you were on a really bad date...just to make things fun. So. Thus far it's: PL QM BLT Prime (go cheese popovers!) Striphouse (goosefat...goosefat...goosefat) Porter House (mayyyyybe)
  14. Apparently Uncle Jack's serves Kobe beef. They don't mention how big the serving size is but it's listed as $100. I like how they mention the beef is massaged with Sake for tenderness. Hello, WHILE IT'S STILL FREAKING ALIVE MAYBE...oh well...
  15. Well, I'll have to see what Uncle Bill's sells in Queens - geniune Kobe or top-grade American Wagyu. That might make a difference in my decision. Nathan: To tell the truth, I love Chef Frank Ruta's Kobe-style beef truffle cheeseburger on homemade toasted bun at Palena restaurant in Washington, DC. Granted, I order it knowing full well it ain't the top grade and that it's not the proper way to eat Kobe-style/Wagyu/Kobe beef. But for $10, I'm happy. However, I will not pay $60 for some friggin' burger. What the hell? No way.
  16. Ah. Thanks for the info, guys. Interesting. OK, so if given a choice between a PL porterhouse and some Wagyu rib-eye or strip, what would you go for? Also, just wondering - what's the rule for gnawing on the T-bone at the steakhouse? I'd suppose you'd take it home and do it in private but damn, you're missing out. (OK, don't worry - I'd never do this in public but I am just curious)
  17. To be honest, I've never had steaks as charred as they are at PL's. (From what I could tell when I saw them passing by, that is.) What do I want in a steak? I want flavor. I want that porterhouse to jump up and smack me in the kisser with intense meatiness that makes me glad I'm not a vegetarian.
  18. Thanks for the PL breakdown, FG. So no mashed. German fried potatoes looked interesting when we were there for lunch. Their fries were alright when we had them with our burger. The bacon was interesting, though. Not meant to be on top of a burger, that's for sure. For some reason when I was eating it, I really wanted to have a bowl of rice and some seaweed on the side. It'd probably make the best onirgri this side of the planet...
  19. Hey, thanks for the comprehensive reviews, oakapple! That's a great breakdown. I know I'm odd for my disinterest in the winelist and desire to have a conversation in a steakhouse. The +1 loves meat (as do I) so that's why we're going to a steakhouse for our special date. We will suffer through poor atmosphere for food but I'd like to be able to hear our conversation. I previously mentioned, the food at the Modern's Bar Room was wonderful - the din made is less so. (Strange but true) So it seems as if the steakhouses in NYC fall into several categories: -PL -PL clones -"it's not JUST about the steak" -only if someone else is paying for it Correct me if I'm off my rocker here. PS: I must admit the fried marrow at craftsteak and the cheese popovers at BLT are rather tempting...
  20. NY Times wrote a blurb on Benjamin's Steakhouse - one of the "childern" of the PL legacy. Anyone been?
  21. Isn't Capital Grille a chain? If yes, I've been to the one in Tyson's Corner, VA and it was bleah. Nothing to write home about. I heard that Wolfgang's was overpriced and mediocre. True?
  22. Keen's, Striphouse and Captain Jack's? OK, thanks! Anyone ever heard of Uncle Bill's in Queens? Apparently they do Kobe beef. ( Or would that be "Kobe" style?) God, I just might go to Striphouse and try the goosefat potatoes on my own. Are there cracklin's involved with these potatoes? PL's still lookin' like a contender...but why no mashed?
  23. On second thought, they're goosefat potatoes. Regardless, they're delicious. Also, I know there are other people on here who love Strip House, but they're being awfully quiet. ← GOOSEFAT? Even better!!!! Keen's v. Striphouse...thoughts? PL's still poking its head as a potential...gotta really think this through. Hmm.
  24. The last two times I was there for lunch there was no sawdust on the floor. We ordered the burgers and got the multi-layered crepe-like dessert. (Apologies, I forgot the name). No gigantic bowl of whipped cream to be found. Ah, home fries. A plate of good home fries is a joy. Now, if they were cooked in duck fat...with cracklin's...
  25. We don't drink so winelists are completely unimportant to us. (I know, I know...) Duck fat potatoes?!?! Hello, baby! Please do tell me more... Anyone have more opinions on the Striphouse? It's sad that I get so easily excited by duck fat potatoes...
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