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  1. The only appeal that P.F. Chang's has for me is that they have a reputation of accommodating guests with food allergies. It's most likely the only "Chinese" restaurant my 10 year old could get a meal at. He's shellfish, squid, peanut, tree nut and sesame allergic, which rules out all of the little Chinese restaurants that I love.
  2. I'd be inclined to argue the tacked on 20% gratuity too, if it wasn't clearly stated on the menu. For that level of service, there is no way in heck I'd be tipping 20%.
  3. As far as I know, you can still get ice cream like that, can't you? ← You can, but the lids aren't on the lids anymore, they come wrapped in paper in the bags that they're sold in... typically 6-8 to a bag, in vanilla, vanilla with chocolate sauce, vanilla with strawberry sauce, and vanilla with an orange sherbet swirl. I miss Zotz, which are hard candies with fizzy stuff inside. I still see lots of the candies that are being remembered in the grocery stores and Target.
  4. I love the dried squid, but it's one of those things that I don't eat when other people than my hubby are around. It's not a pleasant smell.
  5. I'm a no good, dirty cheater. The next city over from me has a large population of Mexican immigrants. One of the Mexican markets has fresh corn tortillas daily. Time to time, I also get marinated pork or beef for tacos. I'm so in for this one.
  6. Not speaking for Peter, but I know that most people in places like the US and Canada are far removed from the fact that our meat was once part of a living animal. It is just a fact of life, but it still makes some people queasy or uneasy.
  7. My 10 year old is allergic to crustaceans and cephalopods... we've been avoiding mollusks just to be on the safe side. He's also allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and coconut, so yeah, we carry epi-pens and benadryl. He's not allergic to fish or iodine though... go figure. I agree with the "go get allergy testing done" group. Really, getting skin testing done takes maybe a half hour tops. If my 5 year old drama queen daughter can handle it, any adult should.
  8. I can't believe I'm resurrecting this old thread. I'm a SoCal native who has been transplanted into the Bay Area. I've been living in the East Bay for 10 years now. I lived in the San Gabriel Valley for the first 21 years of my life, and still visit frequently. I never noticed a shortage of produce stores in the area of the SGV I lived in... but they are/were either fairly small, or ethnic. We definitely didn't have anything like Monterey Market out there... the one thing that I noticed when I first moved up to the Bay Area is how much more "foodie" it is up here. The area of the SGV I was in had just a few Trader Joe's at the time, nothing like Whole Foods Market... for higher end grocery stores, we had to head out towards Claremont, Pasadena or the OC. We had to drive to Industry Hills for the nearest Japanese market. We did have access to very fresh strawberries though. Mom almost always bought her berries straight from a strawberry field... she loves the ones from Starberry Farms in Glendora. I've been to Monterey Market many times (my kids particularly like to go near Halloween)... my husband worked there as a teenager. I can't say that I've ever been to Berkeley Bowl though. People's descriptions of the parking/crowding there has kind of scared me away. I live a little farther east of Berkeley now, and I honestly can't say that there's any big produce stores around here either... but pretty much every city in my area has at least 1 farmers market a week, which I can't say for the SGV.
  9. Is it terrible that I have 2 cans of that very DH frosting in my pantry? My frosting making skills are dismal.
  10. This is probably too late for you, but I'll put my 2 cents in anyway. I've been to Vintage Press, twice, for family celebrations (hubby's grandparents live in Visalia).... once for lunch and once for brunch. I liked the food, and it's a very attractive restaurant. There's a Japanese restaurant called Tachibana's which is very good too. My husband's grandparents eat there frequently. I think I've been there almost every time we've gone to visit them matter of fact.
  11. Cat Cora was a local celebrity here in the Bay Area well before her ICA days. While she was still at Postino, she was a frequent guest columnist in the Food section of the Contra Costa Times.
  12. A quick search on Nabana in google tells me that it's a type of flowering Chinese cabbage.
  13. Lamb is easy to find where I live. Whole Foods carries some, and a smaller local chain (Lunardi's) does as well. I don't know prices, because I'm really not a big fan of lamb.
  14. We'll but in San Francisco in the end of April and we enjoy "good dives" and "Taco trucks." Any specifics?? ← I'm quite fond of El Farolito (sp?). I go to one of the East Bay locations but they also have at least 1 location in the Mission district.
  15. My husband's grandfather is type 2 diabetic. Japanese, barely 5'2" at his tallest, and very little fat on him. Very active until fairly recently, eats well (not a lot of junk). My 5 year old daughter eats about as much rice as he does. His only son, OTOH, is also type 2 diabetic and obese.
  16. Looks good! Not a bad price for burger + onion rings, even by American standards.
  17. here's a neuroses for you, rather than just an aversion... It bothers me when I go to a restaurant for breakfast and they serve the pancakes on the same plate as my eggs. While I love dipping my sausage in maple syrup, the thought of syrup on my eggs just grosses me out. I usually have to eat the eggs first to avoid the syrup thing.
  18. I'm not exactly a foodie... I enjoy cooking, but I don't have the time or the money to go the extent that most foodies do. With 4 kids, fine dining isn't something I do often. That said, they've all dined in Zagat and Michelin rated restaurants. I don't even really like wine. The appeal of alcohol frankly baffles me. I have a nearly lifelong hobby of watching cooking shows and collecting and reading cookbooks. I love going through farmers markets, exploring ethnic markets, and eating at hole in the wall taquerias, pho restaurants and Chinese restaurants. I grew up in a multicultural family, in multicultural neighborhoods...
  19. As a pre-FN Iron Chef fan, I find the "not so foodie" judges remind me very much of the vacant actresses and singers that appeared as judges on the the original version. I miss the old FN too, but I really don't like the tone of the OP that makes it seem like the old FN was for serious food professionals. I'm just a housewife, but since I was a preteen, I'd sit in front of the TV on weekends watching cooking shows on PBS... it was a "mother/daughter" moment for Mom and I. We still both read cookbooks the way some women read fashion magazines or celebrity rags. Since when did foodie = food snob? There are FN shows that I think are appealing. I still love Good Eats, still enjoy Essence of Emeril. I like Everyday Italian, and occasionally watch 30 Minute Meals and Paula's Home Cooking. Ok... and I'll own up to liking "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" I skip the crap like The Next Iron Chef, The Next Food Network Star, and most of the challenge shows. I don't watch much reality TV at all...
  20. The Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas and the Lemongrass Chicken Stix are 2 items that I buy almost every time.
  21. In-N-Out fries, well done, are my favorite. McDonalds are my least favorite... once they start to cool down, they get this weird soapy flavor/feeling in my mouth.
  22. I won't eat cottage cheese. The texture of the curd is just not for me.
  23. I don't have any pictures, but I've got a galley style kitchen. Any more than 2 adults in it at the same time is a tight squeeze. We store quite a bit of our kitchen stuff in the small dining area.
  24. I've done it before in a slow cooker, but never an oven. Definitely looks like it's worth trying though, as I'm terrible about remembering to move things to the fridge to thaw.
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