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W.K. Leung ("hzrt8w”), or as he prefers to be called “Ah Leung”, is a native Chinese who grew up in Hong Kong. His online moniker, “hzrt8w”, has absolutely no particular meaning. It happened to be a computer login name he was assigned at a company he used to work for long time ago. It was so unique that he just uses it to sign up for accounts everywhere he goes. He was taught how to cook by his father, a self-taught home cook, at the age of 10. Because of his upbringing, most of Leung’s cooking is classical Cantonese style. He used to cook for his Boy Scout teammates and his college roommates and from whom, along with many professional Chinese restaurant chefs Leung used to work with, he learned the essence of Chinese cooking, from home-made to restaurant-style. No, Leung does not cook for a living. He loves computer programming and tinkering with the latest techno-gizmos. He is a computer consultant by trade. But between reading lines of C++ or ASP.NET codes, he loves to surf the internet for online Chinese food recipes or read old-fashioned cookbooks. And, time-permitting, he finds the next culinary attempts to satisfy his gastronomical quests.